nate chandler

Exotic Pet He Buys You (Omaha Squad)


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Babe.” Nate taps your shoulder, you groan, not wanting to wake up. “Yeah?” You mumble, rubbing your eyes, pretending like you didn’t know he was about to give you some expensive present for your birthday. 

You feel something hit your legs and you hear him laugh, “Happy birthday, babe!” He exclaims. 

You sit up and cover your mouth. “You didn’t!” You exclaim, smiling. “I did.” He smiles, you ‘Aw’ and pick up your new baby lion. 

“What are you gonna name him?” Nate asks, smiling. “Chandler.” You smile. 


When Jack texted you and told you he had something for you, you were kinda excited, the last time he texted you that, you hadn’t walked for a week. You watched TV, really antsy and anxious for what he’d bring home today. 

“Babe.” You hear him yell, slamming the door, you jumped up and sprinted downstairs. “Hey Jack.” You say, kissing his cheek. 

“So, you wanna see what I got you?” He asks, you nod. He points to the balcony and you turn around. “Oh my gosh! Aw!” You exclaim, running over to pick up a baby deer. 

“I remember you talking about how much you wanted a deer and how you’d name it Bella and buy a leash and take it on walks. So, I found this website where I can buy one.”


Babe!” Sammy says, standing up, and running towards the door, as you open it. You smile, shutting the door. 

“Okay, don’t be mad…” Sammy trails off. “Oh gosh, this isn’t starting out good…” You reply. 

“I got the most exotic animal, come look.” He grabs your hand and takes you to the living room. 

“Aw! Caleb!” You smile, looking at your baby boy dressed up as a bear. “He’s a wild one, isn’t he?” Sammy asks, smiling. 

“You scared me when you started with, I got an exotic pet.” You look up, then gasp, when a baby bear runs up to the couch. 

“Surprise!” Sammy smiles. “His name is Henry.”


Jack had just gotten back from tour and you were super excited, because you missed Jack so much. 

You two were sitting watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians, when he finally spoke, sitting up, “Babe, you know how you said you missed me and how you said you were lonely.” You nod. “Well, I got you something, so you’d never be lonely.” Jack says.

The door opens and Sammy walks in with a baby kangaroo. 

You and Jack decided on the name: Koby.