nate berry

[Oh my gosh.
Oh my God.
Grape horse. That’s an easy one.
Grape horse. Obviously.
Grape. Horse. Grape horse.
Uh… cherrypick? Cherry… horse? Cherry… cherry?
Running. Grape running.
They’re not grapes?
They are… delicious?
Stallion! Colt! Mustang!
Running? Trotting? Cantering? Loping?
Grape trot?
I’m looking at grapes. Like…
Berry trot!
Barry Trotz
…a grapes’s not a berry.
Barry Trotz.
(assorted giggling)]

Tom is disgruntled that there were no eggplants.



Matisse: Crystal… give me a minute, will you? I’m so nervous. Okay. Now that we’re partners and are going to become parents soon, which still feels like a dream come true, I have to do this. I really want to spend my whole life with you, Crystal Heart Glitter, this dawned on me today and I’m proudly asking you to be my wife. The most amazing feeling in the world is to be married to your best friend, and I would like to experience this more than anything else. I can’t love anyone more than I love you.

Crystal Heart: Oh dear lord! You thought I’d reject this lovely speech and your puppy eyes? My answer is yes! And…

Coaster Fun

| hey muchachos it’s chelsea :D | so, i haven’t written a sammy imagine in a quite a while so here’s one. Requests are open! don’t soil your panties bitches and adjust your bust before it combusts.

“Welcome to Knotts Berry Farm Amusemt Park!” the snoopy mascot greets me and Sam.

Sam, in return, gives his smile that could launch a thousand ships, which i couldn’t help but stare at him. He then catches me staring and stops smiling

“What babe?” he asked me raising his eyebrows.

“Nothing.” i replied with a side smile.

“C’mon, just tell me.” he said with his puppy dog eyes.

“Nothing, it’s just you’re so adorable.” i squeezed his cheeks which caused me to let out a small giggle.

“Well, you’re adorable too.” he siad planting a kiss on my cheek.

“Okay, so which ride first?” he asked looking at the map he was holding.

“You decide.” i replied.

“What about the Sidewinder?” i added.

“Nah, too chill.” he said still looking at his map.

“I’ve got something in mind.” he gave me an evil smirk and pulled my by the arm and dragged me with him.

“Woah, SAM! Slow down, big boy.” i said barely looking where he was taking me,

“SAMUEL!” i shouted.

“Hold on, we’re almost there.” he said still holding on to my arm.

He was holding on to my arm so tight that it left a mark afterwards. We stopped in front of a rollercoaster. The cart went so fast you can barely see the people in it, and that the fact that ther was a 360 degree loop terrified me.

“No, Sam, we-we are not riding this. No way, nuh-uh.” i muttered nodding my head over and over again.

“COME ON, BABE! It’ll be fun!” he said.

“Fun? Yeah, there’s no fun throwing up.” i said raising my eyebrows at him.

“Just this one time, please, just once, then no more.” he pleaded with his irresistible smile which i just couldn’t resist.

“Errrrrr, fine.” i said while rolling my eyes.

“YES! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!” he said while jumping which practically made him look like a little kid who got candy.

We walked over to the entrance of the ride. At the gates it said, The Silver Bullet. Oh boy, i knew what i put myself in. Surprisingly, the ride didn;t have a line. We walked up the stairs to the carts.

“Please keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times.” said the lady.

“Oh jeez, i’m not ready for this. SOMEONE GET ME OUT OF HERE!” i shouted which made everyone look at me.

“Babe, you’ll be fine.” Sam whispered and gave me kiss and a wink.

The carts trembled and made it’s way to the top of the slope.

“OH NO! OH NO! SAM!” I shouted at the top of my voice.

“AHHHHHHHHH” he shouted.

The ride felt like it never came to an end. In the middle of the ride, i reached over to Sam’s hand with all my effort and interwined my fingers with his.

“I wanna get off this ride!” i said to him.

“Just hold on, babe! You’ll be fine! I LOVE YOU!” he shouted without looking at me.

A few seconds later, the ride came to an end.

“Are you okay babe?” he asked me.

“Uhhh, HELL YEAH!” i said to him.

“See? It wasn’t as bad as it was.” he replied while putting his arms around me and bringing me to his chest.

“Nah, i’m kidding, i was terrified for my life.” i said looking up at his hazel eyes.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of as long as i’m here.” he said looking down at me.

“You know that, right?” he added.

I stared at his beautiful featured for a while and answered him: “Of course, babe.”

“I know that.” I added and smiled at him.

“I. Love. You.” he said to me in between kisses.

“I love you, too.” i replied