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Finally got around to drawing some of the relationships in town! I still have yet to see enough interactions between Molly or Apollo, but these are the ones I’ve noticed so far:

 - Agnes and Kyle, my closest neighbors in the game, seem to be really chummy! They constantly send presents to one another and seem to have a lot in common.
 - Pierce and Sprinkle! They live farthest away from one another, but Pierce seems to have a HUGE crush on Sprinkle. It’s really cute actually!
- Of course I had to draw the bear boyfriends Nate and Groucho–these two are nearly inseparable and they’re constantly having me deliver things to one another; usually clothes. Wonder why Nate keeps “forgetting” clothes over at his house?
- Gigi and Agnes have the funnest rivalry in town! Without exception, every time one of them changes clothes, the other does the same. Whenever they talk, however, Agnes goes away being angry and Gigi goes away happy. Wonder why they fight so much? 


idk if anybody’s seen this but i had to share


My Hero!

Nate Ebner and His Mates On USA Eagles Have Done More For Rugby In The USA Than Any Other Men!

You Are A True Sport Stud, Sir! And so Are Your Mates!!

Woof, Baby!

Fisher, not Drake.

So what I love about the fact that Elena kept her last name instead of adopting Drake is because it shows that she was, and is, still famous in her own right within her field of work. 

Nate’s last name bears a helluva lot of significance in its own right, but it doesn’t affect Elena like it does him, and that’s why it’s so important that Elena remains successful in her own right, and then comes together to join Nate with his. 

Like, Rafe was spouting off all these things about ‘Nathan Drake is a legend’ and all his past adventures, but when he refers to Elena as a ‘washed up journalist’ I can only assume that means her name holds some weight in her own community and it’s just one of those micro-analytical things that gets me going about how Elena must have been naturally attracted to adventure and treasures but Nate just happened to drag her into her first real dance with it and she is just such a treasure I’m about to drop a huge fucking essay~

In their house(s) we can see awards she’s received, she has her own dark room to develop photos, she has post-it notes to remind herself to call back the editor to the freaking NY Times and develop photos from a recent trip to India. These are powerful suggestions that the game just doesn’t have time to delve into the fact that Elena is an excellent writer, journalist, and all-around go-getter. 

Because Elena was this plucky blonde host to a history show who could pass as looking cute in front of a camera but she wanted so much more than just being a pretty face. She was adventurous, she was bold, she went on an excavation dive with this handsome, shady dude off the coast of Panama to provide juicy content for her show, and proved she was more than capable of taking care of herself, and her allies as well. 

And then she fell in love with the action, the adventure, the danger, the guy. It bled into her work life because after her and Nate parted ways between the first and second games, her work had evolved into more serious and mature investigative journalism, shadowing a war criminal through a developing country armed with a pistol and a somewhat goofy ‘Diet Nathan Drake’ cameraman. 

When we finally see her in Drake’s Deception, her braininess is still apparent, she’s freaking multi-lingual (able to speak Tibetan to the villagers in Nepal and Arabic to police in Yemen), and living as some kind of contact/ambassador/world news associate(?) as though she threw herself into her work after Nate walked away from whatever situation they were in after the ending to Among Thieves. 

So OF COURSE she’s going to be bored AF when writing articles about tourism in Bangkok, after she’s seen what Nate has, defended her life like him; she’s been along on every single freaking journey and maybe a few of her own that we just don’t know about for her history show, or getting the scoop on warlords, or finding minor archeological discoveries. She loves all of this as much as Nate does, but she understands the sacrifice and the weight of danger, where Nate will turn a blind eye from obsession and compulsive behavior. 

Then there’s that amazing ‘D&F Fortunes,’ the perfect combination of Nate and Elena and the fruits of their labor coming together under one adventure family name. Maybe if Elena had been successful in capturing some of their story on camera, and the accolades and the money would role in, her and Nate might have started that lifestyle a whole lot sooner, but they wouldn’t have learned as much as they did about each other along the way. 

Anyway you all can meet me in the pit because I love Elena Fisher and fight me if she’s not one of the most evolved video game characters you’ve ever laid eyes on. 


Nate & Bear Chalk Bags

Nate and I have always had big mountain dreams. While Nate is beyond rad at mountaineering and rock climbing, I still flail around a little at the rock climbing … but he always insists I’ll get there. And because we all know pretty colors and designs are always the thing to push me forward (it’s true, I climb better in bright colors :P), he made me a special chalk bag with my favorite fabric we gathered in Ecuador. We started making a few more and quickly fell in love with them! So we decided to start selling them to support our climbing dreams! Thanks to all your support so far, we’re headed back home to Washington for some great Cascades climbing this summer and I’m headed to NOLS! We can’t thank you enough - so we’ve brought more great bags to you!

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

You can find one here.

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New Pledge Levels Unlocked on the Sherbet Kickstarter


Seeing as we’re right in the middle of our pledge period, we’ve decided to unlock some new pledge levels. Rodney Ramos (Transmetropolitan, Green Lantern, Toe Tags) and Nate Bear (Three Armed Squid, Bear Brains) have kindly agreed to offer up some pretty bad-ass original art rewards for any bastard interested in upgrading their pledge. Both come with everything in the $25 Bastard Book Itself tier and these are limited to one backer each. If you want one, you can claim it by going to the main page and upgrading to your pledge to the desired tier. 

Pledge $125 or more

BEAR-BRAINED BASTARD - Do you love NATE BEAR’S art as much as we do? (Hint; we love it a lot). For $125, Nate Bear will draw an original Sherbet Lock image just for you, and we’ll mail it over along with a signed copy of our TPB. Also; PDFs galore!

Pledge $150 or more *

NIGHT OF THE LIVING BASTARDS - Friend of the book and acclaimed inker of… let’s face it, everything you love; RODNEY RAMOS has offered to do an 11x17 convention-style commission of any character you want him to draw. He’s also throwing in a signed copy of TOE TAGS, the comic he worked on with George A. Romero and Tommy Castillo. (I’m sure it goes without saying that you’ll also get a signed copy of our TPB and the PDFs).

*Great for ZOMBIE fans. 
Lots o’ love,