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Summary: Bucky needs to get away from the city and The Avengers. The one person he knows can help is Clint. \

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“Bucky? W-what are you doing here?” Laura asked with a hint of shock. Her brown hair was frizzy from the humidity of the warm spring day in the country.

“Clint said I should come.” I murmured, my shoulders hunched. “But I can go if it’s not a good time.” I added in a mumbled rush. She put two fingers under my chin and lifted my head, my eyes meeting hers. I knew what she saw when her eyes went wide. She saw my reddened eyes and the heavy bags from stress and sleep deprivation.

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Just A Little Way From Home

Let Me Have Your Heart: One Shot Series - #16

Past One Shots


‘Baby relax’ Harry reassured as you hastily made your way to the door, bags on each shoulder and suitcase on the floor. You whimpered and looked around for your phone.  ‘Baby, baby, baby’ Harry let out rushed. He placed both hands on your shoulders and forced you to look at him. ‘Relax’ he whispered. You let out a sigh and closed your eyes. ‘I’m gunna miss my boys and Darce so much…’ you whimpered. ‘Do I have to go? I think It’ll be fine, I can go some other time…right?’ you begged.

Harry chuckled and kissed your temple before bringing you into his arms. ‘No, your going to go with Alice, and you two are going to relax and have fun. Baby it’s for two days’ he chuckled, rubbing your back. You sighed against his chest and closed your eyes. ‘You sure you’ll be okay with the boys? Darcy?’ you questioned looking up at him.

He scoffed playfully and chuckled. ‘I got them darling, now go the taxi is here’ he smiled. ‘Your trying to get rid of you’ you pouted. He chuckled before shaking his head and bringing you close. ‘No, I just want you to go so you can get there faster and have fun’ he reassured. You sighed with a nod and pressed your forehead against his. 

‘I’m gunna miss you a lot baby’ you whimpered. ‘I’ll miss you too, call me when you land safely?’ he checked. You nodded with a pout and he brought his lips close to your and pressed a sweet passionate kiss that lasted for about 2 minutes.

You couldn’t let go. You were going to miss him so much. This was the first time you’d properly be away from him and all the kids for this long. Two days didn’t seem like much to the outside person but for you, it felt like ages.

He opened the door and you grabbed your suitcase and gave him one quick last kiss before making your way to the taxi and waving good bye to Harry.


He looked up from the laptop on his lap to the baby monitor on his night side table to see the boys slowly waking up. He smiled, putting his laptop on your empty side of the bed and making his way down the hall. He stopped first at Darcy’s room to check up on her and there she was, cuddled up with her teddy fast asleep. He smiled to himself before quietly closing the door and making his way to the boys’ room.

‘Hey boys!’ Harry cheered with a soft smile as he walked into the twins’ nursery and closed the door behind him. ‘How’d my boys sleep?’ he smiled. ‘Dada’ Noah smiled. Harry lifted Noah up and pressed a kiss to his forehead. ‘I smell a stinky diaper’ Harry cringed looking at Noah with a smirk and Noah giggled. ‘Poopy’ he cackled. ‘Yeah, poopy’ Harry groaned with a chuckle placing him on the floor.

‘Hey Nate’ Harry smiled, picking him up and kissing his nose. ‘Sleep good buddy?’ he questioned, running his fingers through his curls. ‘Mama’ he sniffled, putting his head on Harry’s shoulder. Harry sadly pouted and kissed his forehead. ‘I know bub, she’ll be home after tomorrow. For now you have daddy, your brother and big sister. Speaking of big sister! We gotta change Noah’s diaper, and we’re going to wake sister up!’ Harry smiled.

Nate’s face went from sadness to complete excitement. Nathan and Darcy had a unique relationship. When the twins were born, Darcy only being about 3 she gravitated naturally towards Nathan and ever since then they were inseperable. Darcy liked to think that being a big sister was a huge role, and don’t get me wrong it was. She took everything very seriously when it came to her baby brothers and Harry found that more than beautiful.

He quickly changed Noah’s diaper as Nate babbled to his teddy. Harry zipped up Noah’s onesie and set him down. ‘Alright boys, let’s go’ Harry ushered. Both boys squealed, and got up, running as fast as their tiny legs let them and headed towards Darcy’s room. Harry opened the door and they both scrambled in. ‘Darcy’ Harry spoke up as he made his way over with the twins to her bed. ‘Hey baby, time to wake up.’ Harry whispered, shaking her softly. She didn’t move until Nate let out a high pitched squeal and she opened her eyes. ‘Hey baby’ Harry chuckled.

Darcy rubbed her eyes and mumbled a soft “hello” before looking down to see the boys. ‘Hey Nate’ she whispered, pressing a kiss to his forehead along with Noah’s after. Harry smiled, watching his kids interact and he could have sworn he’d never felt his heart flutter like it just did.


‘Alright crazy kids’ Harry chuckled. ‘Who’s ready to meet uncle Niall at the park?’ he cheered, buckling his seat belt and looking into the front mirror in the car. The twins kicked their feets as they clapped their hands and Darcy simply smiled with a small blush. She had developed a little “crush” on uncle Niall as you liked to say.

‘Daddy?’ Darcy questioned. ‘Yes bubba?’ Harry replied, fingers tapping aimlessly against the steering wheel to the music playing in the back. ‘Do you know when mummy is coming home?’ she continued. ‘I miss her’ she pouted. Harry stopped at a red light and turned his head to look at her. ‘After tomorrow baby. Her plane should have landed so she’ll call us soon and you can talk to her’ he smiled. She sighed and looked out the window with a nod.


‘Uncle Niall!’ Darcy screamed, running towards him. Niall caught her right before he could stumble backwards. ‘Hey munchkin, are you ye’?’ he smiled. ‘I’m great. Mummy left to go on vacation with her friend so we’re spending lotsa time with daddy’ she smiled. Harry could hear their distinct conversation as he walked with the boys to the field with the picnic stuff with him. ‘Alright boys, wait here’ he chuckled as they tried to scramble away.

Niall put Darcy down as she ran to the playground and played around with kids her age. Harry put down the blanket and brought out the boys’ snacks and they automatically ran over and sat down, slowly munching away.

‘So how is it with the little ones?’ Niall chuckled, taking a bite of the sandwich Harry had made. ‘It’s hard mate…’ Harry chuckled. ‘Especially since this is the first time she’s left. I mean I know it’s hard for the kids, I can’t imagine but it takes a toll on me too. It reminds me of when we use to go on tour all the time. I don’t know how she did it mate’ Harry sadly sighed, picking at his salad.

‘I’m going to admit mate, she’s a good one you got. Not many can hold on like she did. She pushed through a lot for you…man, and the things she does for your kids…’ he breathily chuckled. ‘You’re a lucky guy’ he smiled.

Harry smiled to himself and looked up at one of his best mates. ‘I am…’ he smiled. ‘those kids of yours too mate, their special too. Maybe I can have one of em’’? he smirked. ‘Forget about it’ Harry smirked, slapping his arm with a laugh.


They were all done with their baths, as they all snuggled up in Harry and yours bedroom under the covers. The twins at each side of Harry and Darcy between his legs. His laptop started ringing notifying him of the skype call that was coming through.

Harry placed the laptop in front of Darcy so everyone can see and accepted the call. Seconds later your face appeared and all the kids squealed due to your arrival on the screen.

‘Hey bubs’ you smiled. Darcy smiled widely as she waved to you. ‘Hi mumma! I miss you!’ she automatically started. ‘I miss you too my love. How are you and the boys treating daddy? All playing nicely I hope?’ you sent a serious smirk but then laughed. ‘Yes mumma. Me, Noah and Nate and daddy all went to the park today with Uncle Niall! We had a picnic!’ she cheered. You gasped. ‘A picnic?! What did you guys have to eat?’ you questioned with curiosity.

‘Daddy made us all yummy sandwiches’ she smiled. ‘Oh I bet he did’ you smiled. ‘Where is daddy?’ you questioned. ‘Right here!’ Harry called muffled as the twins were crawling all over him. The twins cackled at each other and finally got off Harry and began waving to you babbling ‘mama’ repeatively.

‘How are they baby, treating you well? Still alive?’ you smirked. ‘Doing great’ he dryly laughed. ‘How’s California?’ he questioned. ‘That spa that you went to today, how’d it go?’ he questioned as he handed the boys their milk bottles and the laid beside him.

‘Oh it was amazing baby. It was so relaxing. An hour and a half’ you let out a relaxed sigh. ‘We need to come here sometime with the kids and you and me can get a romantic couples massage’ you smiled at him through the screen. ‘That does sound amazing baby’ Harry grinned, stroking Darcy’s hair as she played on the iPad.

‘Just less than 48 hours till you get home’ Harry chuckled. ‘Yeah I can’t wait to see you guys.  I miss you loads’ you pouted. ‘Oh believe me, we miss you too’ Harry let out.


The commotion started when he heard the door open at exactly 7:45. Dinner being done a while ago and bath time being just finished. All the kids looked up from what they were doing and squealed happily when they noticed it was you.

‘Mommy!’ Darcy screamed, dropping the iPad on the couch and running towards you. You dropped your bags and caught her wrapping her up tightly in your arms and pressing kisses to the top of her head. ‘Oh darling I miss you so much’ you hummed against her hair. ‘I missed you too mumma’ she smiled, pulling away and giving you a kiss.

Their moment was pulled apart when 4 pairs of feet were pittering and pattering against the hard wood floor. ‘My boys!’ you cooed with a wet smile. They smiled widely as they crashed into your arms. ‘Oh my baby boys’ you cooed, rubbing away at your wet eyes. You kissed them all over their faces as they snuggled close to you.

‘Oh I’m never leaving you for that long ever again’ you hummed against their milky sweet scent. You finally got up, after a nice long cuddle with all the kids infront of the front door and finally saw Harry.

The man, that truth be told, you missed just as much as the kids. Dressed in grey sweats with a plain t-shirt on he smiled and you ran towards him. He caught you before he could stumble back and swayed side to side.

‘Hey baby’ he whispered against your hair stroking your back. ‘Hi’ you whispered happily. You pulled back with a smile and pressed a long kiss to his lips. ‘I swear, I’m never leaving again. I miss all of you to much’ you smiled.


You were all sat on the couch, the twins and Darcy smushed between the both of you, Frozen playing on the TV as the kids were dozed off. You stroked Noah’s curls and smiled. ‘I really did miss you guys..i feel like they grew up on me’ you chuckled sadly. Harry smiled before leaning over the kids and pressing a kiss to your lips. ‘I’m never leaving again’ you whispered. ‘Good. I like it when you’re here’ he smiled.

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