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Taylor Swift, Entering a New Era, Sticks to a Safe Space: Tumblr

For a megastar approaching the release of her latest blockbuster, Taylor Swift, the human, has been eerily quiet.

Yes, she’s put out four songs and two music videos from “Reputation,” her sixth album, out Friday, and her visage currently adorns a racecar and a promotional fleet of UPS trucks. But Ms. Swift hasn’t given an interview in 18 months, and she has performed in public only once this year, at a pre-Super Bowl event for a corporate partner. (She will be the musical guest on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend.)

Judging by the relatively reserved rollout for “Reputation,” it’s easy to assume that Ms. Swift is pulling a Beyoncé — communicating only strategically, if at all, and mostly letting the work speak for itself. That is, unless you know where to look.

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Dear Tumblr,

You never cease to amaze me with how much you nurture and support this community and its members. The connections I’ve made here have brightened my life both personally, and professionally. I have made friends around the world because of you, and I’ve been lucky enough to meet a bunch of you IRL too!

Thank you, Nate Auerbach, a.k.a. @music and @autoreverse – he is the genius behind and creator of @irlirl! Thank you Sarah Won a.k.a. @swon, for literally EVERYTHING, and Amandalyn Ferri a.k.a. @amandalynferri, and Fabiola Lara… And Lea Orlando a.k.a. @alwayssunnyinorlando, you made it all happen! You really are the dream team, and it’s inspiring to see such amazing teamwork.

@rjprevails, @liquorinthefront, @queersilver, @tomkinsonphoto  – was so awesome to meet you over the weekend!!! @vomitbunny – so happy to meet you too, and your drawing of Mickey and Holiday RULED, it was THE BEST to see Sara put it onstage!! It’s hard for me to remember all the handles and real names, but also to Sydney, Erika, Nataliya, Laurel, was so nice to chat – and I apologize for other names I’m forgetting, but drop me a line to stay in touch!

Thank you for making this such a fun, special weekend, this is why I love Tumblr so much. More photos soon! 

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