nate and sully


So I Googeled the Uncharted boys ages and I’m confused by something:Okay so Nate is 34 and Sam is born in 1970/71 and is older by 5 years meaning he’s 39 and then Rafe was born 1985 @ it’s says he died in his 30s but that’s not possible because he’s 15 years younger then Sam so he was 24 not 30 at death

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Random stuff I noticed in Nathan’s Journal.

So.. I’ve been going through Nate’s Journal again because of how goddamn bored I am. I found the fact he mentioned Elena and wondered if she’d let him get a pet lemur is cute as hell.

Plus: Nathan took the time to sketch a lemur that looks like Sully. He didn’t leave any details behind either (drew his mustache and cigar, he also made him wear one of those ugly ass shirts).