nate and sophie like it rough

One more thing to love about Leverage (because I have a shortage here, mind you) is how not-commonly attractive the team members are.
I mean, something that’s considered to be commonly attractive appearence usually consists of two parts:
- basic looks, aka face features, skin and body shape;
- attire, aka make up, outfit, hair style, etc.

Now look. We have Nate, who looks like a thrift store version of Mark Ruffalo and doesn’t really bother with attire.

We have Sophie, who cares about her looks very much, both professionally and personally, and she pays a lot of attention to her attire. And she’s really beautiful! But it’s not typical all-American beauty. Sophie has pretty big nose, her features are more impressive than delicate. She charms with her behavior and attire, and, more than anything, her self-confidence.

Eliot. Eliot, you guys. Eliot looks like a lost royal heir who was raised by the rough crowd.
(Oh my god, Eliot looks like Aragorn!)
Eliot surely doesn’t look like a Common Handsome White male. He has no glass-sharp jawline. He doesn’t dress to show off his pectorals and/or deep color of his eyes.

Parker absolutely can look commonly attractive. She does it for jobs, she does it well. She’s stunning when she wants to play a stunning woman.
For herself? Pfffft. Nah. Jumping from the top of the building is much more interesting.
So she has basic looks, but attire is just a tool fo her.

Hardison is the most commonly attractive one of them. His scarves (!), his henleys. His, well, everything.
And guys. He’s, you know, black.

Compare Parker and Sophie to Maggie, Tara and italien woman. Compare Nate, Hardison and Eliot, to, idk, Oliver Quinn. Or any other male lead with stubble and cheekbones.

Yeah, Leverage is awesome.