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Watching Leverage (again) and I’m struck (again) by how much I love that they didn’t do the “evil ex-wife” thing with Maggie. And the writers definitely could have; the option was there. They could have had Maggie come in as a romantic rival for Sophie or just as someone who wants to see Nate and the team fail. But instead Maggie’s just a genuinely good person that cares about Nate and wants him to be happy/healthy (even if she doesn’t necessarily approve/agree with his illegal activities)

Fuck Boy (Skate Maloley)

Synopsis: After getting invited to Skate’s bedroom, things get a little intense, and you don’t mind. 

“Who’s this?” His dark eyes glaze over your body, stopping just at the right spots before meeting your gaze with his own. 

“This is, Y/N.” Derek Luh answers his question, “Y/N, this is Skate.” The boy was covered in tattoos and smelt highly of alcohol and weed. He had a sense of danger that sent your mind into overdrive. 

You smile at Skate, “nice to meet you,” his gaze meets yours once more and a coy smile appears on his lips. 

“I know, right,” he chuckles, all while checking out your figure, “you should come with me.” He gestures with his head to the bedroom upstairs. Your eyes walk up every step as you contemplate your decision. 

You shrug, “sure,” his arm extends and his hand finds yours, the pair of you climb the stairs leaving Derek Luh at the bottom questioning what had just happened. You enter his bedroom, it was messy, but it looked like the kind of mess that was organised. There were polaroids of girls hung up on his wall, it looked like there was enough for a new girl every day of the year. 

“Another notch on your bed post?” You question at the girls on his wall. 

He shrugs, “maybe one or two,” he was lying, he had slept with every single one of them. They were pretty girls, ranging from all different sizes and ethnicities. He really didn’t have a ‘type’ per say. 

You sigh, fingers drawing over the books on his self, it looked like they were all of the required readings he had to do in high-school as well as a few comic books and music books, “you like to snoop,” he comments, coming up behind you his arms find your waste and his lips find your shoulder. He was highly intoxicated and you were just under the limit. 

“Maybe once or twice,” you breathe, countering his observation, his lips go to work on your neck sucking and nibbling, leaving goosebumps all of your body. His hands travel up to your breasts and he squeezes them in his hand before turning you around and pressing you up against the bookshelf. 

“I think that’s enough small talk,” he whispers against your lips, slowly and surely pressing a kiss to your plump bottom lip. Your fingers tangle in his long hair as you taste the last joint he smoked twenty minutes before the encounter. 

His hands travel to your ass and he squeezes it in the same way that he squeezed your breasts just before, he lifts you up and wraps your legs around his waist, making his way over to his bed with you in his grasp. 

Within a few moments, your clothes were off and on the floor and you were dressed only in your pretty little lingerie. As he kisses you, you feel him reach for his camera on the table beside his bed. 

“What are you doing?” You whisper, wondering how you were okay with this situation but something about it felt so good. 

He chuckles, snaps a picture and smiles at you, “just another notch on my bedpost,” before pressing his body into yours again to escalate the situation. 

This makes Nate look so bad, but I’m kind of digging it tbh. If you want a pt. 2 lemme know! - Bri x


The Zanzibar Marketplace Job

Empty Promises: Jack & Jack Imagine.

Synopsis: You break up with Jack Johnson and when it finally sinks in that he is never coming back Gilinsky turns up to offer you some comfort…but is it the right kind or the right time? 

“I’m sorry, I can’t do this anymore,” his dark eyelashes blink over his deep blue eyes. He was trying to blink away any sign of weakness or hurt, anything that made him look human. Your breath catches in your throat, and you swallow hard. The familiar lump you had felt the past few weeks was more prominent than ever. 

“Don’t cry,” You coax yourself in your mind before speaking, “don’t be sorry, I understand.” You nod, smiling through your sadness. Inside it felt like your whole body was trying to suffocate itself, you were shaking all the way to perfectly manicured nails. 

Jack Johnson, your boyfriend of two years nods, “thank you,” and with one last kiss to the forehead he disappeared. Just like that. Two years of wasted time, two years of wasted dreams.

You couldn’t resent Jack, it was just as much your fault that he fell out of love with you. 

That evening, you sigh, dropping onto your IKEA bed, the same one that came in a flat pack and caused a ten hour argument between you and Jack about how to put it together. There was still a chip on the headboard from you dropping it down the stairs of your house. You remember hating him for hours, but forgiving him instantly when he made you your favourite hot drink and gave you a forehead kiss. 

A small smile appears on your parched lips and the tears don’t hurt so much. The fights were so irrelevant back then. Your finger runs over the chip on your headboard and a sigh escapes your lips as the realisation that he is never coming back kicks in. 

“You okay?” A person appears at the doorway of your bedroom, dressed in grey sweatpants and a black v-neck, smelling freshly of clean laundry, Bulgari cologne, and spearmint toothpaste. Jack Gilinsky. 

You nod pressing the off button on your phone, “yeah, I just think my head has been in the wrong place for quite awhile and my relationships have suffered too much.” You sigh, “what are you doing here?” 

“I live here.” He reminds you with a chuckle, shutting the door behind him afore crawling onto your bed beside you, “roommates remember? I hear you and J bang every night.” 

“Well,” you sigh, “you won’t have to worry about that anymore.” 

Jack’s face softens, his arm extends and he swipes away your tears with his thumb, “I’m sorry.” He cups your cheek and you lean into it, his palm was so soft. His thumb brushes your bottom lip and your lips part pressing a kiss to it. He traces your lips, staring into your gaze, “for what it’s worth, I know your heart was in the right place,” he attempts to make you feel better. 

You laugh, more tears escaping your eyes, “Maybe I should have dated you instead, you seem to understand me,” you jokingly state, but Jack’s face turns serious and a blush of pink, his hand drops and he pushes himself away from you, “sorry I know that was a bad jo-” 

“No, no,” he cuts you off, “I just uh-it’s a bit surreal to hear you say that right about now.” 

“What?” You emphasise, “you wanted to…?” You trail off. 

“Kind of.” Jack shrugs, your breath catches in your throat for the second time today and soon, you don’t feel so alone anymore. You lean forward, one hand pushing his hair back as you place your face closer to his. 

“I can’t promise you anything,” you begin, his hands place on your hips and he draws your body closer to his. 

“I’m all for empty promises,” he begins afore placing his plump lips upon yours, your lips immediately part and you tilt your head to the right sinking into the thoughtless encounter that made you feel so loved even while you were sober. 

You were interrupted by a text. 

“I think I made a mistake - J” 

LET ME KNOW IF YOU’D LIKE A PART 2! I’d love to start writing back on this blog now that I have more time! Please send me in requests! 

Watch Me Burn (Sam Wilkinson ft. Nate Maloley)

Can you write one about Y/N having feelings for Sam but him not returning those feelings? Maybe one day, Y/N is over at Sam and Nate’s place and the Jacks are there as well; she leaves the room momentarily; when she’s on her way back, she hears one of the boys telling Sam that they think Y/N likes him and Sam makes a joke out of it, like he doesn’t take it seriously and that would hurt Y/N’s feelings, so she seeks comfort from another of the boys? Sorry for the long request!

I love long requests! Thank you so much for it, babe! I hope you enjoy it, I worked really hard!

He lit you up like a cigarette just to watch you burn, he would spend days wrapping his arms around you pressing kisses to your neck only to spend the days proceeding acting like none of it happened. The time you spent with Sam was a nightmare, making you feel awful about yourself and wishing that you were somehow someone or something he wanted. Nonetheless, you yearned for more of him. You wanted him. It did not matter how he treated you, or if he reciprocated the feelings, you were infatuated, maybe even in love, and there was nothing more to say. 

It was midday on the weekend in the beginning of August when you were at Sam and Nate’s watching a soccer game, you weren’t all too keen on watching sports but you enjoyed spending time with Sam, Nate and the Jacks. Sam sat beside you, pinky finger massaging the side of your thigh discreetly, as if you wouldn’t notice the repetitive movement. Even the smallest touch caused goosebumps and you hated it. 

“I’ll be back,” you state and flash them a smile before standing up, you walk towards their guest bathroom and open the door locking yourself inside so you can have some time to catch you breath. Your skin was feverish and you began to ponder why you put yourself through this so often. You rake your fingers through your hair and let out a sigh, his dark eyes made your stomach somersault and his touch made your skin burn. It was so petty for you to hold it inside and to expect Sam to make a move, but you were scared and you feared rejection more than spending the rest of your time without him. If you didn’t get a answer, you could always dream because it was forever a possibility. 

Upon getting yourself together you walk out and hear the boys speak your name, “you know, dude, she’s like fucking in love with you.” Johnson speaks with a chuckle. 

“She’s so fucking hot.” Gilinsky adds, and you smile, were they really helping you out? 

Sam chuckles, “I mean, Y/N would be fun to fuck but not to love, that’s like, nah man she’s not dateable.” He jokes, “maybe in her dreams.” Your cheeks heat up, and you gulp back the lump in your throat. Your fingers become sweaty as you rub them on your high-waisted shorts trying to keep yourself composed. 

“Well,” Nate begins, “if you’re not gonna go for it, I sure will.” 

Sam scoffs, “just because I don’t wanna date her doesn’t mean you can, she is my friend first after all.” There’s a noise and you can hear Sam lightly slapping Nate’s shoulder, “keep it in your pants.” 

“You’re such a dick.” Gilinsky announces with a laugh, “so you don’t wanna be with her but we can’t?” 

“Precisely.” Sam groans, “let’s stop talking about this she’s going to come back in like-” you round the corner and the boys shift. You decide not to say anything but instead of taking the seat next to Sam, even when he pats it, you sit next to Nate and rest your hand on his thigh. 

“Hi,” you smile at him, “who’s winning?” 

“I uh,” he gulps, “I haven’t been paying attention.” You purse your lips, before smiling at him once more and let out a flirtatious giggle. Sam wanted you all for himself, but he wasn’t going to give you what you wanted so you may as well find it somewhere else, right? 

You and Sam make eye contact and he gestures with his head for you to come sit beside him again, “nah, fuck you.” You speak jokingly, still hurt by his words, but you weren’t about to let him in on that. 

It was time he found a new cigarette to light, because Nate was going to enjoy you, and Sam was going to find out all about it if you had any say. 

Would you go for Nate or would you pull through for Sam!? Let me know and make sure to request a part two if you’d like one!