nate and jo

my fave nhl duos as house hunters couples

sidney crosby and evgeni malkin: sidney has a list of exactly 87 Must Haves and is not willing to compromise. he tears house number 1 apart, the real estate agent is genuinely scared. geno just likes house number 2 because it’s walking distance from an ice cream shop. they end up picking house number 3, even though it’s out of their budget.

sean monahan and johnny gaudreau: sean keeps repeating that he wants “good water pressure and not a long commute.” the real estate agent keeps trying to get something else out of him, but apparently that’s all he’s concerned with. johnny wants a big kitchen and fridge “for my protein shakes… trying to bulk up, you know.”

morgan rielly and jake gardiner: are actually sickeningly in love. mo keeps saying things like “oh jake would really like that,” and gards keeps saying, “mo that would be really great for you.” they end up getting a place with a pool and like 4 extra rooms “for the kids.” the real estate agent was not aware they had kids. (they don’t have kids. they have rookies.)

patrice bergeron and brad marchand: marchy has a ton of very random demands. bergy just shrugs and says, “we’re just moving so he’ll stop bitching at me about our current house.” marchy wants house number 2 even though it’s way out of their budget. bergy just rolls his eyes and says, “zdeno owes me forty bucks, i knew you’d go over budget.”

dylan larkin and zach werenski: have literally no idea what they’re looking for, so they keep using buzzwords like “open concept” and “granite countertops” and “master bath.” the real estate agent has no fucking clue what they want, so they show them three apartments, because there’s no way these guys are ready for a house, right??? they end up choosing the first place, because when they walked in one wall was painted like an american flag.

nicklas backstrom and alex ovechkin: ovi is adamant about having a walk-in closet and a jacuzzi tub. nicky wants a space for a workout room and a big master bedroom. they both want a large kitchen, despite the fact that neither of them can cook. they end up in a place that has tacky wallpaper all over the walls because ovi is in love.

nate mackinnon and jonathan drouin: everytime nate says something, jo says, “nathan, that’s ridiculous, you’re ridiculous.” the real estate agent doesn’t know whether to listen to nate’s “gotta have a game room,” or jo’s “adults without children don’t have game rooms, nathan,” so she shows them a place with a “multi-purpose room” as a compromise. 

tyler seguin and jamie benn: the amount of times they use the phrase “dog-friendly” is frankly absurd. the real estate agent shows them a place with a hot tub and they both say “duuuuuuude,” for a solid minute. they don’t end up picking that one, though, because house number 3 is right by a golf course and they go nuts over it. they buy a hot tub for the house.

sebastian aho and teuvo teravainen: sebastian only says nice things about the house and shrugs whenever the real estate agent asks him direct questions. teuvo just keeps saying they want a nice bath tub and to be close to the hockey rink. the real estate agent shows them a nice house with a big living room and a pool and neither of them really say anything but they keep poking each other and nodding at the pool or the fireplace and smiling.

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Macdrouin for either can't let you go yet or breathtaking kiss please ❤️ (bet you couldn't have guessed that from my URL lmao)

what’s macdrouin? don’t know her and bet u don’t either

they see each other twice a season, three times if you count the all-star break (which tends not to apply usually, unfortunately) and it’s not enough. it’s never nearly enough, and they’ve been doing this for three years already, and nate doesn’t know how much more he can take.

every time he gets jo in his arms, he can’t bear to let go. he asks himself how he keeps doing this, how he can stand to watch jo walk away time after time after time, and he doesn’t know.

but he has to, every single time, and even when they’re standing at the door of nate’s apartment in denver and jo keeps coming back for more and more, searing kisses pressed to nate’s mouth like he wants to stay there forever, it’s not enough. jo’s lips are on nate’s over and over again, and it’s new and familiar every single time, and nate could really get lost in this the same way he always does. 

he can’t, though. he knows jo needs to go back to florida, as much as that pains him. that’s why he has to be the responsible one and step back, hands slipping down jo’s (toned as fuck) arms until their only point of contact is at their fingertips.

nate attempts a shaky smile. “i’ll see you,” he says softly.

“yeah,” jo responds, but makes no move to leave.

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"Sometimes we got to tie him up to the bed and he'll get better when he's tied down." - a real thing huberdeau said of drouin to a reporter during WJC 2013

I hate that article. Sometimes I can’t believe that Jonathan Drouin is a real life hockey playing boy who goes around kissing boys and being tied to the bed by his roomies so he’ll behave

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A universe where Jo's soulmate is Nate but Nate's soulmate is Tyson. There is much angst on both sides because Jo doesn't want to say anything and ruin Nate's happiness. Eventually Tyson makes a move on Gabe and Nate confesses to Jo that he loves him.

Omg listen I thrive for soulmate AUs where you buck the system like FUCK YES so Nate has Tyson’s name/soulmark/whatever. Jo always knew that he loved Nate but it wasn’t right because Nate isn’t his soulmate, so he quietly pines away, until Tyson is like lmao fuck it and chases after Gabe and Nate is freed from the awkward world where he has to be anything but a good friend to Tyson just bc the universe assigned Tyson to him. And now he can love Jo and all is good!!! Yes

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All I can think of is halifax jo and how sweet & adorable but sometimes sassy he was and Nate driving “precious cargo" all the time and THE SUSHI DATES. THE SUSHI DATESSSSS.

Ahhh lmao yeah Jo is is sweet but that boy is stubborn and mouthy too lol. He gives the most bland media answers possible but when he’s among friends and teammates? The drag master

Gosh he was so adorable though, and the Nate-Jo-Zach friendship? HIGHLIGHT. Plus all the soft adorableness that was Nate and Jo’s “Will you be my Valentine” and “precious cargo” and “he’s my soulmate” LMAO I LOVE TO SUFFER ALWAYS

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You're making me emo about Jo/Nate. I agree with what you said but it's sad

:( This is why I love to live in a fictional world where a relationship works and they are HAPPY and IN LOVE

Screw the real world and the heartache of losing an old, close friend who you’ve grown apart from. Here there is (mostly) only love and friendship and a healthy loving long distance love story with lots of good communication and maybe some silly shenanigans but ultimately a happy ending

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They fight at the All Star game, and Jo hates it but he isn't 19 anymore. He gets Nate's number from Crosby when they play the Pens and all his text says is, "I don't want to fight anymore." It doesn't matter, in the end, who was right or what happened. What matters is Nate's laugh, and his terrible Dad jokes. What matters is the empty spot in Jo's life and in July when he has his Cup day, he spends it with Nate. Just like they promised at 16, naive and scared but so fucking in love.

(That Cup was won with the Lightning right)

Continued from this. Nate finds that Jo has emailed him a plane ticket to Montreal, where Jo is having his Cup day. They’re still newly friends, it’s still fragile between them, but this is a huge step, so Nate goes. And they’re not like they used to be, they’re not dating again right away, but they’re getting to be friends again. They’re still kind of a little in love with each other and they know it, and maybe that’s in their future, trying again, but right now, all that matters it that they’re okay

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hey, wanna give me a mini primer on jo/nate? because i see you post a lot about it and i wanna know more!

Ohhhh man anon okay buckle in. A primer on the history of Jonathan Drouin and Nathan Mackinnon, ex-teammates, best friends, and soulmates.

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I'm so with you on living in an AU world where Nate and Jo are super happy and still just being the best soulmate/friends as they can be. I have several WIP fics where they're just happy and cuddly? Cause I feel like they deserve that and I want them to have it. Nate gives me hope tho when he posts things like #sparksstillthere and Team NA was like old times and it felt like nothing changed with him and jo and I just bawled of course

YES GOOD I hope you finish those fics one day :) I have a dozen TBL!Jo fics that I want to finish up, since I feel extremely uncomfortable writing about the Habs lmao. Happy and cuddly boys is my jam yes. Every time I feel like Nate and Jo’s epic [b]romance is dead, they rekindle my faith :’)

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Steph. Steph no. Nate and Jo have been in a serious, committed long-distance relationship for 4 years. While they have problems, there is no angst here. Both Jo and myself can't handle it. #letthembehappyplease

In most universes yes! They are in a happy, committed long-distance relationship and the first person who texted Jo after his trade was Nate, congratulating him bc he knows how much Jo loves the Habs

But there are a few universes in my head where they’ve been broken up for years and are just friends again, and there’s a universe where Jo loves Nate but Nate moved on, and…yeah. There are some sad ones out there

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Frustrated kitten jo trying to cuddle nate as he sleeps but he keeps rolling away

Jo just wants to cuddle!!! Let! him! cuddle!

Eventually he gets tired of chasing after Nate, since every time Nate rolls away, Jo shuffles across the bed to plaster himself against Nate’s side or back. But when it happens too often Jo curls up in a huff by himself and then wakes up and Nate apologetically kissing his neck and cuddling him properly