Al salir del baño listo para irse a dormir se encontró con aquella imagen de su amiga. Frunció su ceño, si sabía que dormiría en su habitación, debido a quien sabe que problema de chicas había en el edificio, pero no se la esperaba encontrarse de aquella forma. Se veía increíble, pensaba al mismo tiempo que se apresuraba a negar y borrar semejante idea. “¿Qué? ¿vas a dormir así?” Preguntó curioso y apuntándola con gracia. “¿No vas a usar nada más? Digo, ahora viene mi compañero, y va a ser una situación incomoda…” Mintió, en realidad el mismo no aparecería por esa noche a pedido de Nathan pero el británico solo quería jugar con ella.  

this is my fast moving consumer product logo for heinz apple sauce.
it took me ages and i learnt a lot of new things in photoshop that i can be proud of, especially since in the past few months i would never imagine doing anything like this, at all.
now to do the box for it, then tomorrow i can mock it all up and take some photos of it all to show off.
(i’m taking a break from it all, i’m getting hungry and i can start to feel a small headache). 

just got this sent to me. my old course! i went here for two and a bit years (the bit is for my short course) and now it’s going to be knocked down. so many memories in this building. staying at the building till midnight when we got kicked out watching how i met your mother and eating subway, the many deadlines we all freaked out over, the paper plane which never flew properly, but was still epic. the dma rat aka the dead rat down the road, the fail green screen we printed out, PENNYYYYYYY, “THIS STAPLER BELONGS TO UP STAIRS! STOP TAKING OUR STAPLER!”, -knock knock- penny -knock knock- penny, the creepy class pet, short shorts, plants vs. zombies, amy the alcoholic, vocal letters (“dear ben”), when a certain person plagiarized and then failed and got kicked out of class yet she says she left because it wasn’t her thing and we all were happy once she left, ‘i made the girls shirt pink, bitches love pink’, and many many more memories.

and i’ve seemed to ramble on about my old course…woops.