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rules: list 10 of your favorite female characters from 10 different fandoms then tag 10 people! (i need it to be noted that these are in no particular order because how could i ever choose)

  1. rey (star wars)
  2. wonder woman (dc)
  3. jane villanueva (jane the virgin) 
  4. eleven (stranger things)
  5. peggy carter (marvel)
  6. sansa stark (game of thrones)
  7. mulan (disney)
  8. eliza schuyler hamilton (from hamilton the musical only, i know nothing about the real person)
  9. natasha rostova (again, from the great comet only, i know nothing about war and peace)
  10. annalise keating (how to get away with murder)

and listen i was off tumblr for like a year and a half so consider this a hello again to some of my mutuals who probably forgot who i am! 

i tag @calvissian @pilotfinns @fxramir @peauxdameron @santiagosnart @jammeke @waikataititii (hello new mutual) and i can’t think of another person at the moment but literally anyone please do this and tag me in it so i can see lists of awesome ladies!!

i love you all, i love women, feeling good


“As actors and artists, we’re always trying to assign meaning to things and trying to find the relevance of what we’re working on; in the temperament of what’s happening in the world right now, I found that what we’re doing is reminding people that we’re all connected and also reminding people to have joy”


I pretty much always cry on these lines. It’s one of those astonishing Tolstoyian lines, that manages to convey so simply and perplexingly so much of the humor, sadness, naïveté, and profound depth of one of his most beautiful and paradoxical characters.   —Dave Malloy


[7/10 female characters] - natasha rostova, war and peace

Natasha was happy as she had never been in her life. She was at that highest pitch of happiness, when one becomes completely good and kind, and disbelieves in the very possibility of evil, unhappiness, and sorrow.

Great comet, renamed
  • Prologue: hi we're the characters
  • Pierre: Sad Man is Sad (tm)
  • Moscow: Everyone is a little afraid of Marya.mp3
  • The Private and Intimate Life of the House: The In-Laws are messed up
  • Natasha & Bolkonskys: The In-Laws Suck ft. Harmonies from Hell
  • No One Else: I Love Andrey.mp3
  • The Opera: Holy Fuck Gelsey Bell
  • Natasha and Anatole: Say No To This
  • The Duel: Pierre's Plot Point
  • Dust and Ashes: Sad Man is no Longer So Sad But is Still a Little Sad (tm)
  • Sunday Morning: CHURCH.mp3
  • Charming: nineteenth century gay
  • The Ball: Natasha No
  • Letters: Sad Man, Confused Girl, Lesbian, and Thot write letters
  • Sonya and Natasha: Natasha PLEASE
  • Sonya Alone: Sonya Has Sense.mp3
  • Preparations: Anatole Your Thought Process
  • Balaga: this musical is depressing so here's a character who drives recklessly
  • The Abduction: Thot Detected
  • In My House: Everyone Is Afraid of Marya.mp3
  • A Call To Pierre: Thotslayer Summoned
  • Find Anatole: Thot Patrol
  • Pierre and Anatole: Begone Thot ft. PETERSBURG
  • Natasha Very Ill: Look What You Did Anatole
  • Pierre and Andrey: Great Googly Moogly It's All Gone Wrong
  • Pierre and Natasha: You're Sad Well I Love You Don't Be Sad
  • The Great Comet of 1812: Sad Man Is Officially No Longer Sad (tm)

eek i never post but i saw great comet last night and they announced its closing RIGHT before the show started so it was a bit of a weird vibe beginning the show. i sat in the stage right banquettes & the entire show was incredible (no surprise) (also so much lucas eye contact so i melted) but at the end of great comet of 1812/beginning of bows lucas was sitting next to me on the stairs and he was crying which bRoke my heart bc this show was apart of his life for so long so i started sobbing & i guess i sniffled really loud & he turned to me and smiled a lil through the tears. and my heart broke. the majority of the cast was crying through bows but trying to keep a happy face & only a few ppl stage doored which makes sense bc of the emotional night. anyway i love great comet & im v sad now so yay