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Romanogers Artwork!

“Dangerous and Moving”

He can still see the black points caused by the hit but he just tries to focus on hurry up to his old safe house.

Steve carries her running down the stairs of the basement. He doesn’t even recognize the presence of  Clint and Sam. He lays her body on the cold table and looks at her. In his head there is still the fog of the loud explosion until a strong grip on his harm makes him turn around. Steve’s eyes still shocked truing to slowly focus on the person in front of him.

“Is she okey?” It’s Clint. “Yeah… She is knocked out ”. Steve relaxes a bit admitting aloud the condition of his work partner and girlfriend. It should have been a quiet and relaxed first date at an Italian restaurant on a Saturday night. But it turned out that the Enemies never rest for Captain America.

“It’s all over the news. Police and fire department are all over the scene”. Sam looks at the TV on the near wall.  “Yeah. I know. I thought it wasn’t the best idea to stick around and answer questions”. Steve looks down at Natasha’s face caressing with one hand her injured head. “Steve, even an explosion at the place as yours is a coincidence?” Sam looks at him in the eyes making him read what all he thinks.

“Hey, look at this” Clint shows a chip that was tucked in Cap’s bag “It’s a GPS. It was in your bag. How did it happen?” “Looks like they put it on you back at school ” Sam ends saying in an accusing tone. “It was a set up, so they could put that thing on me” “Steve, I know what you are thinking” “No you don’t” “I know this kind of people and I know what’s going on in your head and you are wrong ” Sam says moving near Steve “They put a tracer on me and the only explanation is..” he turns to look at Natasha’s body on the table then at Sam “I lost my focus ”.

A loud deep breath from Natasha’s lips makes him hurry to her. “Hey, hey..It’s ok. You are safe, I’m here.” “Steve…”

Note: Long absence! But I’m back again with a Romanogers Artwork. I hope you will like it :)

This is for @aquajules who requested a married Steve & Natasha of @thegraytigress’ HotS Cloud Cover. I’m so sorry honey, I know you asked for this last year but took me so long to finish it. I’ve no other excuse other than life’s been really really busy for me. I thought I couldn’t finish it but then I couldn’t just let it go. Would be a waste to drop it, right? Anyway, thank you, thank you for popping into my inbox and for requesting the same. I really hope you like it! :)  And of course thanks to amazing Maggie for continuing to share us her amazing stories as always! :) P.S. Happy 2017 y’all!!!

Heart of the Storm series
Cloud Cover: Chapter 16

The sliding doors at the other end of the helipad opened.  Everyone stopped talking and turned around.  Steve looked up.  Natasha was there, hesitating at first but only for a moment.  She was dressed in white, a simple gown made of silk and organza in soft, sheer layers that flowed behind her when she walked.  Her shoulders were bare save for two thin straps, the cut of the bodice alluring but chaste, and the dress somehow hugged her slim form in all of the right places while draping around her.  She wasn’t wearing a veil, just her hair loose and free in the breeze.  She was stunning, graceful and pure, pure despite who she was and what she’d done.  Purity for him, honesty and openness.  Angelic, but wild and somehow untamed.   Everything she was.  And when she met his gaze, she smiled timidly.  He smiled back.

She came across the way, carrying bouquet of autumn flowers.  Tony, Sam, and Thor moved aside so she could stand next to Steve.  And she did, smiling more confidently now that she was there with him.  She handed her bouquet to Stark, who looked surprised but didn’t complain, and took both of Steve’s hands in her own.  “Ready?” she asked softly.

He could hardly find his voice.  “Yeah.  You?”

It was like any other day, like a thousand before this, the moments prior to a mission or just as they left his apartment to go out or when they headed into a battle.  “Yeah.”

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