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Joining The Team Pt 2 (Avengers X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Avengers X Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warning: Vivid description of torture, blood, violence, mutilation and murder


Request: Joining The Team Part 2 

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“Who’s going in first?” Tony asked. No one raised their hand, not even Natasha or Steve. No one felt safe enough, especially when they felt you staring at them, even when tied up.

“Rock paper scissors?” Clint asked.

“Shortest straw?” Tony asked.

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Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Rebecca, Clint x Nat, Sam x Wanda

Warnings: Violence, Gore, Jealousy, Possessiveness, Stalking, Language, Smut ( later chapters )

A/N: I’m going to be a bit of an asshole to you in this chapter, Y/N. There’s going to be blood and you will most likely feel a lot of pain. No, get your mind out of the gutter, we’re not at that stage yet. Although I do believe you’d taste absolutely divine, in more ways than one.


A wave of panic set in when a deep growl rumbled through the water around her. It took a moment for Y/N to figure out which way was up and which was down. The sunlight helped guide her back up to the surface. When her head popped out of the water, Nat shouted her name. Both girls leaned forward and took hold of Y/N’s arm, pulling her up to the safety of the vessel. As soon as she was able to put her hands on the railing, something grabbed one of her legs. “NO!” She was yanked so forcefully that poor Wanda was pulled into the water as well. “Y/N! Wanda!” The younger girl came up quickly, scrambling to get back to the boat. Nat helped her in, but Y/N was still nowhere to be seen.

Y/N wanted to scream as it dragged her into deeper water, but she needed to hold onto whatever breath she had left. The murky water made it impossible for her to see who the assailant was. If she didn’t act soon she would be too far in to make it back up without drowning. Remembering that she still had a free leg, Y/N kicked out at whatever was trying to drown her. To her relief, it let go and she began swimming back to the shallows. A rush of water pushed against her side as the thing seemed to have darted past her. Y/N noticed something dark shadow in the direction she was heading. The closer it appeared, the more paranoid she got and unwanted images of shark teeth flashed in her mind.

Suddenly the face of a beautiful woman peered through the murkiness. Y/N stopped moving, terrified that she had just happened to come across a corpse, but the woman blinked and smiled at her. It was almost angelic. Her long blonde hair floated around her doll like face. Bright emerald eyes stared back. The woman’s hand came to rest against Y/N’s cheek, causing her to flinch at the coldness of it. As her lovely face inched forward, her eyes changed. The pupils nearly disappeared under a thick ring of gold. Her nose scrunched up and she released a high pitched scream, large fangs protruding from her gums, as she lunged forward.

This threw Y/N into a frenzy, throwing her hands forward, one grabbing the crazy woman by the neck to keep her at a distance. Whatever she was, the strength was greater. Y/N felt something scaly wrap around her body, holding her in place. She was unable to defend herself and felt the creature claw at her flesh. Red flooded the water around them and the pain was becoming unbearable, but nothing was worse then when the female latched her mouth over the location of Y/N’s heart and bit down, almost crushing the bone beneath it. Y/N lost her breath as a scream exploded from within her. A deep, guttural snarl seemed to respond to it and the creature that had attached itself to her was suddenly ripped off of her body. More screams and snarls echoed around her and a larger amount of blood polluted the water, but this time it didn’t come from Y/N.

Y/N didn’t linger to found out what the hell just happened. She used the last bit of energy she had to swim to the surface. The possibility of dying was much higher now with the constant bleeding from her wounds. God forbid she remains in the sea any longer with that thing and whatever the fuck took her. She gasped and inhaled much needed air upon resurfacing. The ship was still nearby and she thanked the heavens that the girls hadn’t given up and just taken off without her.

“Help!” Her body was so weak after all the blood loss and she could barely raise her voice, but Y/N refused to give in. “Nat!” She noticed Wanda look over the side of the boat and watched as she darted into the cabin. A few seconds later, both of them emerged and Nat dove into the water. Oh god, Nat, no! Get back on the boat! Y/N feared that her friend was about to face the same horrors she did. Natasha noticed the blood and immediately panicked. “Lets get you out of here.” She wrapped an arm around her waist and started peddling back, inwarding praying that nothing attacked them in this vulnerable state. Wanda nearly jumped in as well when they got closer. She help Nat get Y/N back on deck. It wasn’t long before the tears came through at the realization of Y/N’s condition. “Oh my god, what the hell attacked you?” “Come on, lets get her inside and treat her injuries before we start bombarding her with questions. If we don’t go back to shore and get her real medical attention, she’s going to die.”

After the wounds were bandaged, the redhead brought up the anchor and turned the boat around, finally heading home. What the girls failed to notice was the figure in the water, watching the whole ordeal. Piercing eyes, blue as the sky, stared after the retreating boat. It had tasted her blood and found it intoxicating in the most delicious way. If he hadn’t been distracted with the trespasser, he would have most likely devoured her himself. It was a missed opportunity and he just couldn’t let it go. So he did what any predator would do…he tracked down his prey.

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For anon…reader is Nat’s older sister as requested. Enjoy!

“There’s just one thing I don’t get,” Tony piped up.
“Just one?” Nat teased.

Y/N chuckled as Tony rolled his eyes. It was the end of another Avengers party. The only ones left were Y/N, her sister Nat, and Tony. The others had gone to bed. Y/N’s husband, Nicky Fury, was currently on the phone elsewhere-business as usual.

“How did you manage to get Nick-no real life-Fury to marry you?” he asked Y/N.
She smirked slyly. “I think you’ve got the situation mixed up.”
“What do you mean?” Stark questioned.
Nat leaned forward with a laugh. “Fury asked her. Second date, I believe.”
“Second official date,” Y/N corrected, “There were some in betweens that weren’t really dates.”
“That still doesn’t answer my question,” Tony persisted, “Doesn’t matter. I just remembered I haven’t told you about the newest project.”
Y/N’s eyes lit up. “They’re in? The skin grafts?”
“That’s right, sweetheart. They’re in and ready to be transplanted. There was one thing I wanted to ask still about the nano plates.”
“Oh yeah! The nano plates were glitching a bit when they were hardwired to respond to both you and JARVIS-”
“Because I routed them as two separate channels-”
“Right! Which is why I reconfigured it to act as a singular channel. You tell JARVIS, and he activates the plates.”

Nat started chuckling. The two glanced back toward the red head. She smirked.

“I’m sorry, but I’m not exactly up to speed on your nerd rhythm,” Nat teased.
“I think Banner’s the only one that can keep up with those two,” Nick called from behind them.
Y/N scrunched her nose. “Not you too,” she playfully whined.
Nick smirked. Nat continued, “You two make us seems like clay tablets whenever you talk science.”

Nick sat next to his wife on the couch. She gripped his hand and leaned on his shoulder. Nick and Nat continued to tease you and Tony about the many projects you had going. Despite the fact that they did so anytime she rambled about them, she couldn’t help but to laugh with them. They were her family, and she was alright with that.

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He Makes Her Happy (Natasha X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Natasha X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: None


Request: YOU ARE so freakin pretty i'm😍😍 May I request a natasha x fem!reader where nat has a crush on the reader but she don’t say it first because she thinks she’s with Tony? PS: Sorry for my bad english, i’m french :(

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Natasha heard your laugh. Her heart fluttered at the melodic sound, and she smiled. The assassin had realised she had feeling for you a few months ago. She heard the familiar male voice and her smile vanished and her heart sunk. He was the reason she hadn’t admitted her feelings. Tony.

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Shadow of the Stars

A Captain America and Winter soldier story

Jaylin Rogers has always struggled with being the daughter of Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, mostly because of her lack of freedom. After a failed attempt to do something about this, her life is changes forever when a shadow from her father’s past returns to haunt her.  

Chapter One

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The morning after my great nightly promise, I woke up because dad tried to move his arm away and failed in keeping me asleep. ‘Sorry,’ he mumbled when he realised my eyes had opened.
‘It’s okay.’ With my arms stretched across the soft mattress, I arched my back like a cat, feeling stiff muscles sigh and shriek at the same time. ‘I wanted to make something of today, anyway.’
‘Really?’ Dad seemed pleased, despite the darkness underneath his eyes. ‘You’re gonna draw? Or do you want me to ask Tony if he still got those hologram-things you used to love?’
‘Dad!’ I exclaimed, chuckling as I remembered the special holograms Tony had made when I wouldn’t stop eating play dough. Dad had been extraordinarily frustrated, even though it had been nontoxic and made for children. ‘I was like three!’
‘I know,’ Dad stroked my hair, just as he’d always done when I was little. His eyes were soft and his expression open, ‘but I think he’s been upgrading them – it can do sculpting and painting and all sorts of stuff.’
‘Really?’ I liked the sound of that; despite the fact I preferred pencils above everything else, I loved trying new art forms. A long lost sensation arose within me: excited curiosity. I marvelled at its return while I lay on my belly to grab my bed slippers from the floor, so my feet wouldn’t get cold. ‘Is he trying to take over the art supply world?’ I joked with a muffled voice.
‘No, he just wanted to make you something nice. Here.’ Due to my sluggish motions while searching for my footwear, dad had already gotten the chance to walk around the bed and handing me the slippers I was looking for. ‘You seem surprised,’ dad smiled. ‘You don’t believe he would make something for you?’
‘Sure I do,’ I replied quickly, masking the jolt I had indeed felt at this revelation, ‘I just didn’t know he thinks me old enough to switch from playdough to the adult stuff.’

After a nice breakfast of pancakes and a gorgeous view of the early morning New York skyline, I made my way down to Tony’s labs, knowing he spent like 99% of his waking time in there. Seeing how he usually spent no more than 20% of his time sleeping, there was barely any chance I wouldn’t find him there. As expected, he was playing with some fancy new electronic bits for one of his suits, or possibly an upgraded coffeemaker; with Tony you could never be entirely certain.
When he heard me come in he looked up, grinning instantly. ‘Hey, Jay, what brings you here?’
I shrugged. ‘Dad mentioned some neat arty things you were working on?’
‘Oh, you’re talking about the JAM?’ Carelessly, he threw away his screwdriver and moved away from his project.
I followed him, very aware of the stuff sprawled across the floor. ‘JAM?’
‘Jay’s Art Machine,’ Tony explained, rummaging through the mess on his workstations. There seemed to be a lot of unfinished products, and I wondered how many of those could change the world, if only Tony didn’t have so many ideas, as well as some structure in his life.
Gently, I pushed away a heap of metal parts, clearing a little space, and hopped onto the worktop. ‘Don’t you think simulator would’ve been better,’ I commented slyly.
Tony smirked. ‘Yeah, but JAM sounds cooler. Besides, I first wanted to call it “The apparatus to stop the clay monster”, but that didn’t have quite the same ring to it.’ He looked up, his dark eyes glimmering.
I stuck out my tongue before I replied indignantly, ‘I was a toddler, Tony!’
‘I know,’ he grinned. ‘I told Steve a little clay wouldn’t hurt anybody. He’d rather not take the risk. So, to stop your frustrated crying, I gave you a little something to do.’ He held up a small metal pot, shimmering silver, which I vaguely remembered. ‘I kept it, so all it needed was a little upgrade.’ He showed another three of the same pods, and one slightly bigger one. Then he took a thin, smooth tablet, and with everything stacked in his arms, he told me to come along. Apparently, the living room would be more suitable for a demonstration. ‘It’s too messy, here,’ he explained.
‘Well, I’m glad you are aware,’ I grinned.

Back in the living room, Tony set up the four little pods in a square, with the bigger one in the middle. ‘If these lights are green, there’s a good distance between them. If they’re orange, it’s still possible, but not optimal. Red means they’re too far apart,’ Tony informed me. ‘You can sculpt in the middle, like so.’ A tall block of marble appeared above the coffee table, which changed colours when Tony dragged his finger across the tablet’s screen.  
‘But,’ the inventor continued, ‘you can also paint an entire room, or redecorate it, if you want.’ The walls started to flicker with different hues and patterns. ‘Here’s a library with textures and colours and shapes,’  he handed me the tablet, ‘and you can pick the mode you want to work in. That’s it, I think.’
Speechless, I stared at the technologies in my hands. I turned it around and saw the name engraved in swirly letters; “Jay’s Art Machine.”
‘That’s it…’ I repeated incoherently. ‘That’s it…’ I shook my head. ‘Seriously, Tony. I- just- gee… thank you. It’s incredible!’
Tony was smiling at me when I looked back up. There was no trace of smugness - which, honestly, would have been appropriate, seeing the awesomeness of the creation - only a happy contentment. ‘I take it you like it.’
‘I take it you have put too much effort in this, Tony. Wasted so many hours you could’ve spend saving the world.’ But I was smiling, secretly glad he put those hours into making this.
‘Saving the world becomes such a boring thing once you’ve done it a dozen times. I appreciate a good challenge.’ Tony shrugged, as if it was nothing. As if it wasn’t everything. As if it was obvious he should prefer making something for me instead of the entire planet.
‘Damn it, Tony,’ I sighed, ‘you’re supposed to be annoying…’
With arched eyebrows he gave me an uncharacteristic piercing and comprehensive look. ‘Am I supposed to, or is that how you see me?’
‘Wha-’ embarrassingly, the latter was probably true. My cheeks flushed with the realisation, and the shame about my former attitude.
Then Tony winked. ‘Though I have to admit, I have teased you in the past. I hope this can make up for it?’
‘O, for God’s sake, Tony!’ I cried out, and hugged him.
‘I should do this more often,’ Tony chuckled, ‘I usually don’t get such a response when I make something.’
‘You usually aren’t out of your workspace to see people’s reactions,’ I pointed out.
Tony padded the back of my head. ‘You’re right. And I must be getting back; my androids are missing me.’
I stepped back and looked up at him. ‘You’re a weirdo, you know that?’
Tony gave a weird little bow. ‘It’s in the job description.’

‘So…’ I muttered to myself, looking at the thin tablet I’d just been gifted, ‘let’s get down to business, shall we?’
First, however, I moved everything to my own room, so I wouldn’t be an inconvenience to anyone. Besides, I would have more privacy there. When everything was properly set up again, I mused what I would do. I didn’t really have much  inspiration, so I just started playing around with the many features on the device. The walls became a whizzing whirlpool of colour, until they became a subtle, soft tint of blue, which reminded me of something. Ah, yes: my old room. The one in the white house, hidden in the woods. The one I had run from, and started this mess.
From that moment on, my hands started to move all by themselves, scrolling through pages of previews of textures, colours, patterns. But the walls weren’t good enough, I also tried to find the perfect furniture; the closet I remembered, the desk scribbled with coloured pens from when I was a child, and of course the bed I’d lain in. Yet, it still missed something. Thus, I let the virtual ceiling come down, took an old paintbrush so I could have something in my hand, and started painting. I often closed my eyes, just to see the picture in my head I was trying to replicate. When I was finished, the night’s sky looked descent enough, though wasn’t nearly as pretty as the one dad had painted for me in our home.
Satisfied, I let the ceiling up again and sat down on my bed. I looked around, looking at the safe and familiar surroundings. Especially the stars dad had painted when I was a kid were something I’d missed since moving here. Their familiarity was just so comforting.
I stiffened. Wait. Familiar surroundings…
An idea started forming in my head, bit by bit. I could make him feel better. If only he wouldn’t feel so threatened, he might start listening.
Finally, I thought, hope rising inside me, I might have found a way.

March 28

The first time that I shot and killed someone was on a mission. I was seven. It was my first foreign mission, and also the first time that I met her. I remember sitting in the helicopter with her as we recited our names and backstories to Madam Yurievna, the language instructor. My name was Fleur Belinou, her’s was Gigi Belinou. We were recently orphaned sisters from the countryside, and we had come to Paris to meet Aunt Camille Belinou, a wealthy heiress who would become our new guardian. In reality, Madame Yurievna played Camille Belinou and was tasked with overseeing our mission. Together my partner and I were to infiltrate a concert and discreetly take out a Russian ambassador who had recently been exposed as a traitor to nation. Madame would aid us only in getting into the theatre, but we were completely on our own for the rest of the mission.

My partner’s name? 

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