natasha stark cosplay

Red is back in action! 

We had to take a break from filming since college classes got a bit hectic, but we’re back in the saddle and ready to bring you guys some Widow! Please like and share to show support for our project! 

The official title for Project: Stingers is Oktober: The Black Widow Fanfilm, and it’s coming in Spring 2016 in the form of a mini series. We’re hoping to premier it online just before Cap 3 hits theaters. The storyline follows Natasha between the events of The Winter Soldier and Civil War. 


So ends the first phase of Tarte’s journey to make the Iron Man gauntlet! Given my limited resources and tight schedule, I’m thinking it didn’t turn out too badly - I’m happy with it for a test run, but by no means as a finished product. Definitely gonna remake this one, but I’ll have fun wearing it.




1. Captain America: First Avenger back suspender buckle - $5
Base plastic is good. The cracking is in the primer, and piece just needs to be sanded down to the plastic and re-finished. Curve of the piece can be fixed by heating with a blow dryer or heat gun until flexible and then flattening. Accommodates upper straps up to 2″ and a lower strap up to 2.25″ - exterior dimensions are 5 5/8″ wide by 6″ tall

2. Captain America: First Avenger belt buckle - $5
Can accommodate up to a 3″ belt. Item was a prototype and the only flaw is slight curling on the underside of the corners - not visible from the front.

3. Captain America uniform star - $5
Prototype star finished and painted in semi-gloss white. Has loops inside that can be used to attach star to fabric or other backing. Very small pieces of two of the points have broken off.

4. Iron Man Arc Reactor faceplate and diffuser - $8
Faceplate measures 4 inches across and diffuser is printed from glow-in-the-dark translucent blue plastic. Not flawed, just selling because they’re not needed.

5. Iron Man Arc Reactor faceplate - $3
Faceplate measures 4″ across. Front side looks good but back side has flaws and areas of curling.

6. Replica Benchmade push dagger (Black Widow) - $3
Prototype. Skipped layer is visible in the side as a small split and could be filled with filler primer, bondo or other filler. Grey coloration comes from spray primer applied to the blade area.

Shipping for all items is $3.50 inside the USA and $7 international.

To buy, send an email to starkenterprisesltd(at) with your name and the item you’re interested in.

With the exception of the Captain America star, all items are unfinished and may require sanding, painting and/or other finishing for desired effect. Items come as-is and major flaws are shown in the photographs and mentioned in the descriptions. Pieces may also have small flaws and texture from the 3D printing process.

All items are 3D printed from PLA plastic.