You know how every fandom needs a Gratuitous Beach Outing? 

You know that scene in Cap 2 where Nat is like “First rule of going on the run is don’t run, walk” and then Steve is like “If I run in these shoes they’re gonna fall off”??

You know how Bucky is just generally a fucking gigantic clumsy human disaster???? 

You know that falil-walk dogs do when you put shoes on them??????

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Same exact thing happens when you put flip-flops on super soldiers.

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Steve discovers they are, in fact, still doing the Olympics

“Wait, the Olympics are still around?”

Clint cocks his head to the side. “Yeah, every four years. Or two, because there’s winter and summer.”

Steve’s eyes light up. “Are all the sports still the same?”

Natasha nudges him with the popcorn. “You should see how far women’s gymnastics has come, Steve. Some of these girls would’ve beat me hands down in the Red Room if they used those skills.”

Steve grabs a fistful of popcorn. “They still have swimming right?”

“You should see this one guy, Steve. I swear he’s Aquaman and tricking all of us,” Tony flops on the chair. 

“I always wanted to be able to do the things they did,” Steve says wistfully and Clint snorts.

“No offense, buddy, but pretty sure now you can.”

Bruce groans. “Don’t tell him that, Clint. Now he’s gonna try every stunt they do.”

Steve has a gleam in his eyes that suggests he’s about to do exactly that.

Going To IKEA With The Avengers Would Include...

-Steve, Bucky and Thor would have no idea what it was, and stick closely by you the entire time. 

-Tony is aimlessly wandering around, buying stuff which would look fancy in his house.

-Trolley races. The first one to the end of the area wins.

-Clint has a lamp obsession, and finds a new one every time he goes, but always brings you for advice.

-Finding Natasha and Bruce looking around the kitchens, trying to find something nice.

-Peitro just running around the store, but crashing into the places he can’t see.

-You, Wanda, Pepper and Natasha are literal babysitters. You each have a walkie talkie to keep track of where you are.

-Trying to pronounce what some of the items are called, but Thor getting it right.

-Steve would be looking at all the old fashioned furniture, looking to hold your hand when it reminds him of home.

-Lunchtime in the Cafe. Everybody goes for the meatballs, by a clear choice.

-Wanda loves all of the cushions. You can always find her at the end, with a trolley full of them. 

-Coulson is the driver, for you all. However, he ends up tagging alongside the sensible ones. 

-Okay, but Thor would definitely be the one to get lost, after wandering away, to the mirrors.

-’Would the Guardians of *Sigh,* Prince Thor, son of Odin, of Asgard, please come to the lost child area.

-’For God Sake, Thor!’

-Cap, Bucky, and Thor all competing to see who could carry the heaviest items from the store.

-Everybody hides in the cupboard, just to make one another jump. Steve Rogers included.

-’Oh my god, Steve came out!’ ‘Be quiet, Stark.’

-Bucky trying out all the sofas; he’s not used to something so comfortable, and begs you to come and cuddle with him.

-Wade is tagging along, making conversations with anybody he sees. 

-Wade also decides that sitting on top of the flat packs in the warehouse it the best part, too, just waving to everybody.

-Peter Parker is just loving the desk layouts. He’s a total aesthetic guy.

-In the end, somebody is going to get kicked out. Either Tony, for shamelessness, or Wade for language. 

-But its a good day out, and you all love it. 

Feel free to send requests for more ‘Would Include…’ with anybody! <3

Chapter 4: Magic {Avengers x Fem!Reader}

Prompt: The team had just been beaten, mind controlled, chewed up, and spit out by Ultron and the twins in the Salvage Yard. Now, they were flying in the Quinjet with dejection clear in their minds…what the hell do they do now?

Warnings: cursing and major fluff attack, seriously, like a Pomeranian puppy Eskimo-kissing a teddy bear at the top of a Ferris Wheel, fluff

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  “Is that…oh my, God!” Steve yelled as he bum rushed inside the Quinjet, falling to his knees beside (Y/N) whose dead eyes betrayed no emotion, only scarlet vision. “(Y/N)! (Y/N)! Please wake up!” 

  He would’ve just assumed it was only Wanda’s power that had hurt the love of his life, but the blood stain on the wall above her head, her racing pulse, and the fact that Bruce was nowhere to be found told a tragic horror story.

  Thor was right behind Steve while Clint brought up the rear, assisting a beyond-worn-for-wear Natasha. 

  “Oh, my God,” Clint gasped at the scene. “What the hell…”

  Then, (Y/N) woke up, quickly inhaling as she sat up, Steve trying give her enough space to breath, but remained close enough to where he wouldn’t go insane.

  “(Y/N), what happened?” Steve asked calmly despite his tortured mind. “(Y/N), are you okay? Are you hurt?” Dumb question, and he knew it. She could’ve been dying and she would’ve said she was fine.

  “Bruce!” (Y/N) gasped and shot up to her feet, ignoring the black ants that crawled spitefully through her vision as they ate away at her pounding brain. “Wanda! She…she turned him into the…the other guy…we gotta get the fuck out of here…we have to-”

  “Where did the twins go?” Thor asked her.

  “That doesn’t matter! The Hulk is attacking something, somewhere! And I could’ve…I could’ve stopped it…fuck!” (Y/N) punched the leather seat behind her. “We need to find him! Clint? Can you see straight?”

  “Yes?” Clint answered.

  “Then, you drive,” she ordered as she marched to the helm, blood staining the back of her long hair. “Get your ass in this chair before I freeze you to it.”

  Clint handed Natasha off to Steve, then sat next to (Y/N). He quickly placed the intercom headphones over his ears and started the jet. (Y/N) just watched below, searching for the inevitable destruction, waiting for the carnage. Steve slowly approached (Y/N), her eyes unyielding to the ground below. He assessed her head wound, but it didn’t seem to be bleeding anymore (doesn’t mean he would let it go. He would sure as shit make Bruce check it out after they found him).

  An hour of flying later, they spotted a down-sized Bruce lying in a pile of rubble beside Tony who was still inside Veronica. Tony lifted his face-plate as the Quinjet descended in the remnants of the former city of Johannesburg. (Y/N) the first to sprint out. She leaped over the police cars, pushing aside cops, until she reached Bruce who was completely out of it. His brown eyes couldn’t focus on a damn thing. All he saw was red. Thor was next to reach Bruce and he carried him into the Quinjet, a war-torn Tony right on their tail as they evaded the angry civilians and ducked inside the Quinjet. Let the soul-searching commence.

  Thor paced up and down the front of the jet, wringing his hands together, mind desperately searching for the answer to his vision…but nothing was coming together in his mind. Heimdall…eyes…gold eyes….blue eyes…the destroyer…none of it made a damn cent of sense.

  Natasha stared straight ahead, green eyes back in the Red Room as her involuntary surgery played over and over in her head. I am a killer. I am a monster. I am.

 Tony leaned his head against his fist, eyes in his lap in complete consternation as he called Maria. His mind repeatedly slapped himself, burning itself to the ground as he thought of the chaotic mess he, and he himself, had imagined and created. Peace in our time…imagine that. Stupid. That would never happen.

  Clint continued (Y/N)’s order to remain at the helm. The others may not have known where they were going, but Clint did. He needed to. He needed to see his wife and kids. He needed hope.

  (Y/N) sat and leaned against Steve’s legs as he played mindlessly with her hair. The only thing keeping him from a complete mental break down was the fact that she was still alive…despite the story that her eyes told, and the slight shaking of her spine that he felt against his legs. She stared at the black floor in front of her, pin-pointing a spot that didn’t exist. There were too many things that plagued her mind…it was all too much. All of it…it was just too much. That..that vision? Nightmare? Memory? Whatever it was, it fucked her up pretty good.

  “The news is loving you guys,” Maria announced over the intercom. “Nobody else is. There’s been no official call for Banner’s arrest, but it’s in the air.”

  “Stark Relief Foundation?” Tony asked her.

  “Already on the scene. How’s the team?” Maria asked.

  “Everyone’s…” he looked around the room, eyes immediately finding (Y/N) who was off in her own world…well, more personal hell at the time. “We took a hit today. We’ll shake it off.” (Y/N) did nothing. She didn’t hear a damn thing.

  “Well, for now I’d stay in stealth mode,” Maria advised, “and stay away from here.”

  “So, run and hide?” Tony asked her, clearly rebellious, but he knew there wasn’t much he could do about it, which only depressed him further. He was a person who did things, not watched things, obviously.

  “Until we can find Ultron, I don’t have a lot else to offer,” Maria apologized.

  “Neither do we,” Tony stated lowly, then he clicked Maria away and approached Clint, clearly looking for an escape from his own mind. “Hey, you wanna switch out?”

  “No, I’m good,” Clint answered. He knew his destination. “If you wanna get some kip, now’s a good time, cause we’re still a few hours out.”

  “A few hours to where?” Tony asked, staring out the front window, eyes as dark and cloudy as the sky before him.

  “A safe house,” Clint promised, a small smile playing in his lips in pure happiness.

  An hour from the safe house, (Y/N) decided to confront Bruce, whom she believed to have looked worse than her (which was completely debatable). She walked over to him and gracefully sat her criss-crossed legs in front of him. His eyes darted to her, then back to the ground, sweat gleaming on his tanned skin.

  “I’m sorry,” (Y/N) whispered to him. That shocked the living hell out of him.

  “You’re…you’re what?” Bruce asked her, eyebrows furrowing in confusion.

  “I could’ve stopped it…them, but I was too weak…and I’m sorry,” (Y/N) explained, her voice torn and broken by her nightmarish screams earlier in the day. And, no. She would not tell anyone about what she saw even though, literally what she saw was telling her to tell them, to confide in them, before she pushed them too far away. Yeah, sometimes, she really hated herself.

  “Oh, my God, no,” Bruce contended, shaking his head slowly. “No, it was me. Everything that happened was because I couldn’t control myself. God, (Y/N). Don’t apologize.”

  “I should because…actually,” (Y/N) hypothesized, “I think we’re both wrong. This was Ultron. Why the hell are we apologizing to each other?” (Y/N) laughed breathily and shook her head at the floor, wild hair draping over her face. 

  “I attacked a city…full of people, (Y/N). That’s who I need to apologize to,” Bruce shook his head in devastation. “Nobody’s even sure how many people I-”

  “Ultron killed,” (Y/N) finished for him, fierce eyes peering from her beneath her wavy curtain.

  “I killed,” Bruce concluded, pain rushing back to his face, but (Y/N) wouldn’t have that. Too much pain for someone who didn’t deserve it.

  ‘Alright…let me put it to you this way,” (Y/N) started as she tucked her long hair behind her ears, revealing her stunning face under the dull, blue glow of the Quinjet. “…if I had stayed in Hydra for two more days, and I had…done what I was designed to do, and then, I met you…same person I am now,” then, (Y/N) thought about it, “maybe slightly more fucked up than I am now, but…would you treat me differently?”

  Bruce just studied her, his deep brown eyes taking in the strong girl before him. Hydra did nothing, but made her stronger. Could he do the same with the monster inside himself? While he contemplated this, (Y/N) decided to break the tension.

 “Ern!” She made the sound of a buzzer. “We’re out of time. The answer was ‘no.’ Thanks for playing, but you lose.”

  “And I thought we were having a moment,” Bruce chuckled.

  “Well, you took too long,” (Y/N) shrugged. “I don’t make the rules, I just…no, actually, I guess I do make the rules. So, the rule is you can’t beat yourself up over this. You deserve so much better than that. Just, hold this feeling, this pain, and then, when it comes time to release it…angrily…at the right people,” (Y/N) smiled at him, then placed her hand under her chin, “…or, robots, I suppose. Killer robots…God, our lives are fucked.”

  “You can say that again,” Steve sighed.

  “Our lives are fucked!” (Y/N) shouted louder at him, her voice cracking like a twelve-year-old boy going through puberty, making everyone smile. Then she spun around on her butt to face Steve. “And it’s not cool to eavesdrop, Uncle Sam.”

  “My apologies, love,” Steve smiled at her as he joined (Y/N) and Bruce on the floor, (Y/N)’s hair swaying as she smiled up at him, revealing the wound on the back of her head. Obviously, Bruce freaked out as he remembered her oncoming heart attack, then her being smashed into the back of Helicarrier.

  “(Y/N), just stay there, please. Don’t move,” Bruce asked her as he pulled the blanket off of himself. But, of course, she moved.

  “What? Why?” (Y/N) asked innocently, her eyes taking in his concerned brown ones as she felt the pounding headache that she had been ignoring suddenly increase.

  “Oh, that,” (Y/N) pointed to her head. “Yeah, I’m fine. Just another battle scar. Unfortunate that my hair covers it,” she shrugged as Bruce reached for her wrist, pulse slightly off beat, but not nearly where it was when she had tried to help him….why didn’t he just listen to her and leave when they had the chance?

  “Absolutely tragic,” he stated sarcastically.

  “Is she okay? I was going to take her to the hospital, but-”

  “Ew, God, no,” (Y/N) laughed. “No, sir. I’m good. See?” Then, (Y/N) tapped her nose with both hands like a drunk trying to prove that she was sober.

  “Oh, now I’m convinced,” Bruce rolled his eyes as (Y/N) finger gunned at him and clicked her tongue. “I need more light. I’ll check her out when we get to…wherever we’re going to…” Bruce assured Steve who kissed the top of (Y/N)’s head.

  “I really hope it’s near the beach. I’d absolutely kill for a good surf right now,” (Y/N) sighed. “So, if that’s not motivation to kill of Ultron, I don’t know what is,” (Y/N) mocked herself sarcastically making Bruce and Steve laugh. “Not, you know, saving the world from destruction or saving our own live, no. The surf.”

  “Hey, (Y/N)…” Bruce chuckled.

  “Hey, Bruce,” (Y/N) restated mockingly.

  “Did you really call Thor, the human version of Chewbacca?” Bruce asked and (Y/N) burst out laughing, corralling the attention of everyone on the jet, immediately lightening the mood.

  “I think my favorite was when you called him dickless,” Natasha commended her, joining the three on the floor.

  “Um, did you not remember when she compared him to a vending machine?” Tony added, sitting across from (Y/N). “And the 666 was the perfect touch, by the way. Icing on the cake of his, personal, destruction.”

  “Whatever, that junk drawer deserved it…deserves it…as in, stay tuned, folks,” (Y/N) wiggled her eyebrows. “I got more where that came from…most of it coming from pure trash, but, hey that’s me. Who has two thumbs and an ass that won’t quit?” (Y/N) pointed her thumbs at herself.

  “You’re not trash, (Y/N),” Bruce promised her and (Y/N) raised one eyebrow at him.

  “Oh, yeah?” She challenged him. “When you turn into the other guy, you remind me of a bigger, greener, and somehow even angrier, Rosie O’ Donald,” (Y/N) admitted almost killing the team. “Or a Sharknado filled with only marijuana leaves.”

  “Thank God for you, punk,” Tony reached out and pulled (Y/N)’s forehead in for an Italian kiss while she laughed her ass off. 

  Home is where you can laugh, even when you want to break down and cry.

  “That’s where we’re going?” (Y/N) whispered excitedly to Clint as they raced over the pink clouds of the morning sunrise.

  “Yes, now sh! It’s still a surprise, child,” Clint teased her.

  “Child? Bitch, I curse more than you, Tony, and Matthew McConaughey combined, so suck a dick,” (Y/N) answered confidently, then slumped her body over the console, elbows on the dashboard, head in her hands. “I swear I’ll behave around them,” (Y/N) whispered and Clint just laughed.

  “Shut up, you’ll be great,” he assured her as the Quinjet broke through the clouds, heading for the grassy fields below.

  “Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!” (Y/N) exclaimed as she sprinted to the back of the Quinjet, waiting impatiently for the back door to open with only her toes touching the ground. Suddenly, everyone got Deja Vu from their first ride on the Quinjet with the team back before the battle in New York. And then, (Y/N) started to dance slightly while waiting with absolute excitement radiating from every cell in her body.

  “It looks like you have to pee,” Tony stated, reminiscing in the past, hoping desperately for a future with his friends and his best friend dancing right in front of him.

  “No, dumbass. I just…oh…” (Y/N) remembered and pointed to him with a cheeky smile. “I see what you did there. Ha! Oh, thanks for the memories!”

  Then, the door began to slide up, and (Y/N) ducked under it before it could even open all the way, and….whew! The relief of the cool breeze was absolutely the most refreshing thing she had felt since before Ultron. (Y/N) closed her eyes and breathed it in, all of it, her lungs opening her to the morning air, and her nose, to the invigorating smell of country wildflowers. And when she opened her eyes…the view was as if she had been reborn. Wide eyes took in the endless green fields, the vast expansion of land below a golden sky. Her feet took her nowhere as she wandered in circles, not much unlike a child, through the tall wheat fields, a glorious smile playing on her lips while the sunlight danced in her long, frizzy hair. The ash and blood that covered her face seemed to melt away as she just wandered carelessly. The wanderess had finally made her glorious reappearance.

  The team  was beyond enchanted as they watched her, especially Steve, who was in disbelief that a girl like that fell in love with a guy like him. Every move she made was beautiful. What the hell? Wasn’t she the one tortured by Hydra? Sold to them by her own father after he killed her mother and brother right in front of her? Suffered from cancer? Almost died…a lot? 

  But she didn’t care. She just smelled the wildflowers, waved to the clouds, and swayed with the breeze. It was borderline madness, but at least she was happy.

  Obviously, she reached the door first, so she hopped up on the white porch banister and chewed on a piece of wheat, waiting for everyone else to trudge up to Clint’s farm house.

  “I feel like I’ve aged seventy years,” (Y/N) stated as they walked up, then spit out the piece of wheat. “And I would not recommend those. Wheat is gross.”

  “Thanks, (Y/N). Needed the advice,” Clint rolled his eyes at her, but his smile was still clear. (Y/N) smiled back as she hopped down next to him and Nat. “You ready?” she asked.

  “As I’ll ever be,” Clint exhaled as he looked back towards the others. “Shit, okay, here we go.”

  “What is this place?” Thor asked curiously to Tony as they walked up the porch steps behind Clint, Nat, and (Y/N).

  “A safe house?” Tony questioned back as Clint opened the door.

  “Honey?” Clint called out. “I’m home!”

  Then, out came his wife, just as beautiful as the pictures Clint had shown (Y/N). She seemed overwhelmed by Clint’s entourage, but she knew it would happen eventually. That day just happened to be…that day. Her and Clint shared the sweetest kiss and hug (Y/N) had seen since…well, never. Her parents didn’t love each other…well, at least her father didn’t know how to love, but whatever. (Y/N) thought her heart would burst or melt or something because it was just so beautiful to her. So real. She needed the happiness and, by some miracle, she got it. Thank you, Clint and Laura. You don’t suck at the married life!

  “This is an agent of some kind,” Tony stated, looking towards Thor and Steve who just seemed as stunned as he was. (Y/N) simply smiled knowingly next to Nat, who tried, but the light never reached her eyes.

  “Everyone, this is Laura,” Clint introduced.

  “I know all of your names,” Laura smiled at them. “Especially yours (Y/N). You have…a lot of stories attached to your name.”

  “Is that good or bad?” (Y/N) asked her sheepishly.

  “Good…mostly,” Laura laughed.

  “Awesome,” (Y/N) congratulated herself.

  “Ooh, incoming,” Clint gasped happily, grinning ridiculously wide as his kids ran into the living space. Clint hugged them like a real father and kissed them as if he hadn’t seen them in years (because, honestly, it felt that way to him). “Hi sweetheart! Hey, buddy!” 

  “These are…smaller agents,” Tony proposed, while (Y/N) just laughed at his and Steve’s faces.

  “Did you bring Auntie Nat?” Lila asked excitedly as Nat peeked her head out from behind (Y/N).

  “Why don’t you hug her and find out?” Natasha asked, a real smile finally breaking from her face as she lifted Lila into her arms.

 “Sorry for barging in on you,” Steve apologized genuinely. And, then, there was Tony.

  “Yeah, we would’ve called ahead, but we were busy having no idea you existed,” (Y/N) flicked the back of his head as she walked by to stand next to Steve. “Ow!” he rubbed the back of his head and (Y/N) just smiled at the happy family before her.

  “Yeah, well. Fury helped me set this up when I joined . He kept it off of Shield’s files. I’d like to keep it that way,” he explained, the twinkle never leaving his eyes. “I figure it’s a good place to lay low.”

  Suddenly, Lila gasped in Natasha’s arms and pointed at (Y/N).

  “Elsa,” she whispered in awe and Tony just about lost his mind laughing. (Y/N) stared at the little girl in surprise, but she was too cute to say a flat-out ‘no’ to. She caught Clint’s eye and (Y/N) glared at him for a moment.

  “She really likes Disney,” he explained with a amused smirk and (Y/N) nodded then turned back to Lila, her eyes so big and wide with wonder, she reminded (Y/N) of herself and (Y/N) took a deep breath, shrugging her shoulders in surrender.

  “Yeah, I’m Elsa,” (Y/N) approved, then gasped with the little girl, feining shock. “I know right? Crazy stuff,” (Y/N) laughed, then did a small curtsy as Lila was released from Nat’s arms. She took ahold of (Y/N)’s hand and pulled her to the floor with the happiest smile on her little face.

  “Are you gonna do the magic?” Lila asked.

  “How could I not?” (Y/N) assented playfully, then her gaze landed on Cooper and she waved him over. “I don’t bite. I mean, occasionally I hand out sarcastic comments, but I definitely don’t bite.”

  “Hand out sarcastic comments,” Tony mocked and (Y/N) ignored him as Cooper sat down beside (Y/N)‘s criss-crossed legs on the wooden floor. (Y/N) smiled at them and took a deep breath. She pulled her hands together, then twisted them and opened her eyes. Soft, silvery light played like small sparks of moondust on a summer’s night, almost like fireflies dancing among the stars. She slowly opened her small hands to reveal a pocket-sized hurricane of glittering magic that swirled around her hand in a flurry of glitter, washing the room in it’s cool breeze and soft glow.

  “Now, hold out your hand,” (Y/N) acquiesced softly to Lila who eagerly followed her example as (Y/N) placed the magic in her petite hands. And, oh, my God! The look that came over that little girl’s face could’ve cured cancer. She was brilliantly dazzled by the light in her hands, curious eyes reflecting the silver light in beautiful color, like a mirror into (Y/N)’s childhood. The innocence was so refreshing to (Y/N) after the darkness that attached itself to her, feeding on her dark, twisted mind, warped from the years of abuse. But, damn. Lila seemed to dissolve it all away.

  (Y/N) rotated her gaze to Cooper, who was ogling just as intently at the magic in his sister’s hands. “Cooper, when I say ‘now,’ you’re gonna blow the magic, okay? Like a birthday candle.”

  “No!” Lila cried out. “Keep it! I don’t want it to go away!”

  “It’s okay,” (Y/N) assured her softly. “You’ll like it, I promise. Do you trust me?”

  Lila looked apprehensive, but nodded slowly as Cooper and (Y/N) huddled in close, the light beautifully reflecting off all of their eyes. “Okay…’now!’” Herself and Cooper blew the magic towards the ceiling where it poofed into a silver cloud and began to snow like pixie dust. 

   “I love it! I love it!” Lila exclaimed, dancing in the shower of glitter until it stopped. Then, pivoted to (Y/N) with a glowing smile. “You know, I have every Disney princess doll,” she explained proudly.

  “No way!” (Y/N) gasped animatedly at her, then turned away her nose to the sky. “Well, I don’t believe you,” she joked and Lila ran around (Y/N)’s body to face her.

  “I promise,” she stated seriously.

  “Really?” (Y/N) teased. “Well, then, I guess I’ll just have to see it.” Lila clapped and  took (Y/N)’s hand again,bounding down the hallway, leading (Y/N) excitedly to her room. (Y/N) squealed as she passed Clint and Laura. “Oh, my God. She’s so cute,” then, (Y/N) was out of the living space.

  Steve was speechless (as was Tony and Bruce, but for different reasons). (Y/N) always said she never wanted kids. Said she couldn’t handle them considering she could “hardly handle herself,” but lo-and-behold, that was a lie. Steve always knew deep down that she would be an amazing mother. He wanted desperately to some day have a family with her. The only question now was: why would she lie?

  Once (Y/N) left, Thor left as well. He needed to figure out his vision, to protect the people like (Y/N), the kids like Lila, to protect Earth. He was out the front door in an incredible rush, brushing past Tony and Bruce who stared after him while Steve chased him down.

  “Thor,” Steve called after him as he reached the porch.

  “I saw something in that dream,” Thor proclaimed as he stepped out onto the field. “I need answers. I won’t find them here,” he motioned to the house, then swung his hammer and away he went, into the sky and off to…do whatever the hell he decided to do, leaving Steve alone outside the safe house.

  Steve stood, staring off around the countryside for a moment. So peaceful, so quiet, so…safe. He completely understood Clint’s draw to such an escape. Could he see himself and (Y/N) in a place like that? Possibly. (Y/N) was a wild card. Sometimes he could read her like a book, and other times…she’s beyond belief, wonderful with kids. Steve shook his head as he attempted to enter the house again, but stopped in the door frame.

  We can go home now, Peggy echoed in his mind. It was almost as if she was warning him. But warning him of what? He thought back to when he had taken (Y/N) to meet Peggy for the first time before she even went off to Asgard, about three days after they moved into their apartment together. (Y/N) had seen the picture of Peggy and said, “oh, my gosh! I get why it took you almost seventy years to get over her. Wow! Her cheekbones could kill a man.” And Steve knew he wanted them to meet.

  Peggy gave (Y/N) feminist advice that (Y/N) was fully intrigued in, listening intently to her agent stories of bad assery, cheering whenever Peggy put down anyone, especially misogynistic men or any Hydra members. It was amazing. Once (Y/N) left, giving Peggy and Steve some privacy, Peggy had told Steve, “hang on to that one. She has a heart of gold. It may be heavy, but, oh, my gosh, is it beautiful.”

  And hang on to her he would, until the day he died.

  “Ughh….” (Y/N) moaned as she slumped into the living room, walking straight to the couch Steve was sitting and fell face-first into the pillow, her legs falling lightly onto Steve’s lap. Natasha was seated at the kitchen table while Clint made himself coffee, and Bruce calculated a long page of notes full of…whatever they were full of. Some science garbage, for sure.

  “The kids wear you out yet?” Clint asked her with a smirk while Steve rubbed her sore back. (Y/N) popped her head up and looked straight at Clint.

  “I can’t say no to them,” she explained breathlessly. “Especially Lila. I sang seven different Disney songs with her. Seven. And I let her put blue chalk in my hair!”

  “Oh, so that’s what that is,” Steve appreciated. “I don’t, uh, hate it. Looks like something you would do to yourself anyway.”

  “It is. I once dyed my whole head pink for Breast Cancer Awareness…and then blue because I lost this bet with this dickweed who said I couldn’t break into Disneyland, so…”

  “So, you couldn’t make it over the fence, or..?” Clint asked.

  “Oh, no. I made it in,” (Y/N) nodded. “Security cameras caught my ass. Literally. I hopped the fence and got stuck on the top, so I took off my pants and dropped.”

  “How drunk were you?” Clint chuckled.

  “I was thirteen,” (Y/N) answered nonchalantly.

  “Sometimes, (Y/N),” Bruce commented, eyes still on his notes, “I just have no words for you.”

  “Yeah, well I have plenty, so I’ll talk for the both of us,” (Y/N) joked, then slumped back into the pillow. “But, not now. I feel hung over,” (Y/N) muffled. Then, she flipped over to face Steve. “We can’t have kids. Ever. I will spoil them rotten. For once, I just can’t…I can’t say no…”

  “That doesn’t seem like a problem. More of an asset than anything,” Steve tried to convince her, but she was already passed out, her eyelashes resting on her cheek as her breathing slowed. Steve would talk with her more about it later, but Bruce had determined that (Y/N) did, in fact, have a minor concussion, so sleep was important. Her legs propped up on Steve’s lap as he read The Great Gatsby that (Y/N) and Laura had recommended to him, occasionally stealing glances at his love. If anyone were to make it out of the upcoming battle alive, he wished it, he would ensure it, for her.

  Later, Steve interrupted (Y/N)’s shower because Fury had made an unannounced appearance with Tony and they were calling a meeting in the kitchen. Plus, she had been in there for a good hour and a half, so he pulled back the curtains to find her asleep under the freezing cold water, completely naked, just curled in a ball. He wanted to laugh so bad, but no…he turned the facet off.

  “(Y/N). (Y/N) wake up,” Steve gently tapped her and she woke up, eyes wild, until they rested on Steve.

  “I wasn’t asleep…I was praying,” (Y/N) defended herself. Steve had to let out his laugh as he helped her up, taking in the beautiful scent of vanilla and green apples while she crossed herself and kissed her fingers.

  Together, they walked out into the kitchen, (Y/N) wearing Steve’s sweatpants, her now-clean sports bra, and one of Clint’s old flannels. 

  “Well, what do you know?” (Y/N) chided Fury. “It’s the Grimm Reaper. Who’s soul did you come to steal this time?”

  “Always nice to see you, (Y/L/N),” Fury sighed. “Always…”

  “I told Odin this, but the eye patch? Ditch it,” (Y/N) continued as she sat down. “Stop trying to make Pirate Couture happen, it’s not going to happen!”

  “Mean Girls,” Steve remembered and (Y/N) sighed.

  “Oh, my Gosh,” (Y/N) held her hands to her chest proudly and whispered, “I’ve taught you so much.”

  “Are you done yet?” Fury asked.

  “Probably not. I’ll let you talk for a while, though,” (Y/N) folded her arms under her chin with a mischievous smile. “But, don’t worry, I’ll think of something later.”

  “And we’re all on the edges if our seats in anticipation,” Fury demurred. “Ultron took you folks out of play to buy himself time. My contacts all say he’s building something. The amount of Vibranium he made off with, I don’t think it’s for just one thing.”

  In the middle of Fury’s speech, Lila brought over another drawing to Natasha to add to both hers and (Y/N)’s pile. Nat had a spider and now a butterfly while (Y/N) had received a princess crown and a bunny on a motorcycle that was clearly at (Y/N)’s request. Lila’s eyes had widened at the request as if she had just woken up to twelve times the amount to of present’s she had expected on Christmas morning, then hastened back to her crayons while (Y/N) slowly fell back asleep, elbows sliding down the table as her eyes closed. The team stifled laughs, trying to remain serious, it’s just, sometimes, (Y/N) was so distracting.

  “What about Ultron himself?” Steve asked, leaning in the door frame of the kitchen while Laura tried to gather the kids for bed, but Lila was adamant about her last drawing. Clint promised her five more minutes because he saw exactly where she was going with the drawing.

  “Ah…he’s easy to track,” Fury proposed. “He’s everywhere. Guy’s multiplying faster than a Catholic rabbit. Still doesn’t help us get an angle on any of his plans, though.”

  “He still going after launch codes?” Tony asked as he threw more darts at the dart board and never hit the bulls-eye, despite him being Iron Man. An honest shame, really.

  “Yes, he is,” Fury answered, “but he’s not making any headway.”

  “I cracked the Pentagon’s firewall in high school on a dare,” Tony stated and shit. (Y/N) barely heard it, but she appreciated the hell out of it regardless.

  “Yeah, well,” Fury continued, “I contacted our friends at Nexus about that.”

  “Nexus?” Steve, obviously, asked. He never knew shit about shit which was another reason him and (Y/N) meshed so well. Just two blind idiots traveling together, killin’ bad guys, having a lot of…cuddling time…in almost every country. They really loved to cuddle.

  “It’s the world internet hub in Oslo,” Bruce answered Steve, “every byte of data flows through there, fastest access on Earth.”

  “So, what’d they say?” Clint asked while Lila finished up her drawing with the last few shakes of silver glitter. Clint smiled down at her as he picked up a dart on the table and looked over to where Tony had missed. He couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

  “He’s fixated on the missiles, but the codes are constantly being changed,” Fury stated.

  “By whom?” Tony asked, then pulled back from the dart board as Clint hit the bullseye right by Tony’s head. The ‘bitch, really?’ look on Tony’s face was comedy gold. Clint just shrugged as Lila added more glitter. It just had to be perfect.

  “Parties unknown,” Fury answered.

  “Do we have an ally?” Natasha asked, her voice thick from her silent tears. She had wanted critically to talk to (Y/N) about her dream of the Red Room and the situation with Bruce, but (Y/N) had looked so happy with Clint’s kids…and then she literally looked like a zombie, so…not a good time. And ha, ha, Nat. No. The only allies they had were in that room…and Fury.

  “Ultron’s got an enemy, that’s not the same thing,” Fury responded. “Still I’d pay folding money to know who it is.”

  “(Y/N) and I might need to visit…” then, everyone looked over to (Y/N) who was completely bummed out, her long, wet hair beginning to dry in beachy waves as they fell over her face, sprawling over the table like a dead octopus. “…I might need to visit Oslo…alone…and find our, ‘unknown.’”

  “Well, this has been a good time, boss,” Natasha chided Fury, “but I was kind of hoping when I saw you, you’d have more than that.”

  “I do, I have you…and (Y/N),” Fury stated, eyes taking in (Y/N)’s dead face, despite the serious conversation around her, in disappointment (lol, as if she cared). “Back in the day, I had eyes everywhere, ears everywhere else. You kids had all the tech you could dream of. Here we all are, back on Earth, with nothing, but our wit, and our will to save the world. Ultron says that the Avengers are the only thing between him and his mission. And whether or not he admits it, his mission is global destruction. All this,” he motioned to Clint’s house, the safe house, safety for the world as a whole,” laid in a grave. So stand. Outwit the platinum-”

  “What!” (Y/N) woke up suddenly to Lila’s light tap on her shoulder, (Y/N)’s hair flinging over her head to her back…well, most of it. Half her hair still covered her face, as the crazy in her eyes diminished by the sight of Lila. (Y/N) shook her head while the team (not Fury) laughed, again, despite the situation as Natasha pulled the hair lightly back from (Y/N)’s face.

  “Thanks,” (Y/N) whispered to Nat as she leaned down to Lila, taking the extended picture from her baby-doll hands. “Another one! Oh, my gosh! You just continue to make my day…or night…I have no idea where I am, but it’s…” (Y/N) trailed off as she took in the picture before her with stunning eyes. Lila had drawn (Y/N) dancing on the lake just outside their house. The evening before, (Y/N) had taken the two kids out to the fields to catch fireflies in the dress Laura had given (Y/N). They ran through the tall wheat, chasing the little, balls of white light under the deep, blue sky until they had stumbled on the pond. (Y/N) had smiled down at them, then tiptoed across the water like a ballerina (as Nat had taught her). And if that wasn’t impressive enough to the kids, (Y/N) had begun to spin, her pirouettes picking up speed, as the water lifted around her, twisting in the cool breeze in light circles among the silver magic. It was a sight of pure beauty, pure bliss, just the feelings (Y/N) had inside of her in that moment, the feelings (Y/N) had needed.

  And there she was at the kitchen table, gazing with watery eyes down at the beautiful drawing in her hand. Lila had captured a moment of pure happiness in (Y/N)’s life. (Y/N) got on her knees and hugged the little girl.

  “You did the magic,” Lila whispered into (Y/N)’s hair as (Y/N) pulled back to face Clint’s beautiful daughter, smiles prominent on both of their angelic faces.

  “I sure did the magic,” (Y/N) whispered back. “Thank you, Lila.”

  Lila giggled and kissed (Y/N)’s cheek before she ran off to her bedroom to be tucked in by her mother, leaving the room speechless. (Y/N) gazed after the girl, then back down at the photo. It was something she would cherish deeply, carry with her like her late mother’s necklace. It gave (Y/N) hope. She smiled down at the drawing until she realized the others in the room who were just in awe. 

  “Nobody gives me any crap about this,” (Y/N) stated fiercely, pointing at everyone in the room, a stern look on her face, but her soft eyes gave her away. “Okay?” And everyone backed off as (Y/N) took a deep breath and sat back in her chair. “Oh, and by the way, Blackbeard, we have more than just our wit and our will to take down Ultron. At least we have your eye patch to keep us company. I mean, seriously, what. The. Actual. Hell. Why do you even have it? It’s not cool, it’s not fashionable, it’s just-

  Then, Fury flipped up the eye patch, revealing his dead, grey eye and the whole mess of other crap that surrounded it in a terrifying glare that could’ve sent a grown man crying to his mother.

  “Just necessary,” Fury finished as (Y/N) stood up and threw her hands in the air.

  “Whoo! Finally! I did it! I got you to show me your one dead eye!” (Y/N) mocked and Tony almost died behind the couter. “Whoo! You lose, bitch!” Then, she slowly calmed down and sighed, nodding proudly to herself. “Yeah, I’m done. That’s all I needed. Catch ya on the flip side, team,” (Y/N) noted with shaka signs. Then, she passed Fury and whispered, “But not you, you’re not part of the team. You suck.” Then, leapt on the couch and passed out.

  “(Y/N),” Bruce stifled his laughter, “we’re not done yet.”

  “I can hear you fine from here,” (Y/N) waved them off as she clutched Lila’s drawings in her hands.

  “Continue,” Bruce gave the floor back to Fury who looked like Squidward, completely annoyed by the little ball of shits and giggles on the couch behind him.

  “Anyway…” Fury shook his head, “so, what does he want?”

  “To become better,” Steve answered, his self-controlled soldier-qualities kicking in despite (Y/N)’s performance. “Better than us. He keeps building bodies.”

  “Person bodies,” Tony straightened himself up, becoming serious again. “The human form is inefficient, biologically-speaking, we’re outmoded. But, he keeps coming back to it.”

  During Tony’s speech, Bruce became interested in Lila’s drawing of the butterfly, ideas racing through his head (some including himself and Natasha’s non-future, but he tried to push those aside. There was a war coming).

  “When you two programmed him to protect the human race, you amazingly failed,” Natasha stated the obvious. (Y/N) couldn’t have done it better herself (although, she probably would’ve made it slightly more colorful).

  “They don’t need to be protected, they need to evolve,” Bruce concluded. “Ultron’s going to evolve.”

  “How?” Fury asked.

  “Has anyone been in contact with Helen Cho?” Bruce asked decisively. Everyone sighed. ‘Ah, fuck. Why didn’t we think of this sooner?’

  And then, there was (Y/N) who held up Lila’s drawing of the bunny on the motorcycle.

  “Can you draw any ground-breaking conclusions from this drawing?”

  Tony and Clint lost it.

  (Y/N) just smiled while the camera pulled away to Seoul, Korea (oh, shit. Was I not supposed to narrate that? Dammit).

  “I’ll take (Y/N), Natasha, and Clint,” Steve announced to Tony as he slung his shield over his shoulders.

  “Alright, strictly recon,” Tony asserted. “Anything else, and I think (Y/N) might bust a nut.”

  “Strictly recon,” Steve echoed with a smirk.

  “I’ll hit the Nexus,” Tony continued, “I’ll join you as soon as I can.”

  “If Ultron is really building a body…”

  “He’ll be more powerful than any of us. Maybe even all of us. An android designed by a robot.”

  “You know I really miss the days when the weirdest thing science ever created was me,” Steve chuckled. Seriously, though. What the actual fuck was going on.

  “I’ll drop Banner off at the tower,” Fury cut in. “Do you mind if I borrow Ms. Hill?” he asked Tony.

  “She’s all yours, apparently. What are you gonna do?” Tony asked.

  “I don’t know,” Fury smirked. “Something dramatic, I hope.”

  “Oh, my God!” (Y/N) exclaimed as she walked up to the group and Fury cursed under his breath. “Would everyone stop stealing my quippy one-liner! You and then Ultron, like shit. Get your own material, George Harrison.”

  “I can’t deal with you, (Y/L/N),” Fury muttered as he walked towards the front door to leave, Tony’s laughs filling in his wake.

  “Alright! See you never, Turanga Leela!” (Y/N) waved to him, then turned to Steve and Tony. “God, I get under that guy’s skin like fucking cancer,” she laughed. “Ugh, that was a good start to my morning. Now, let’s go kick some robot ass!” (Y/N) shouted confidently, then marched out the front door to the Quinjet, completely armored up as Steve and Tony stared in her wake.

  “I didn’t think it was possible, but I don’t think I’ve ever loved her more than I do right now,” Tony commented shaking his head at (Y/N) as she jumped and clicked her heels outside in the early morning mist.

  “Well then, lucky I got to her first,” Steve nodded as he began his march behind (Y/N) into the crack of dawn. He was never afraid to stand behind (Y/N). Never afraid to support her. Never afraid to be her sidekick.

   Natasha and (Y/N) walked over (well, (Y/N) more skipped over) to Nat’s motorcycle from inside the Quinjet.

  “You got a window,” Clint stated as he dropped the back door and Nat took the wheel, (Y/N) on her backside. “Five, four, three, two…give him to hell.”

  Natasha and (Y/N) sped out from the jet, down into the city streets below, dodging cars, weaving in and out of traffic (actually, Natasha steered, (Y/N) just stuck her tongue out like a dog and enjoyed the wind in her face).

  “It seems we’re always picking up after the boys,” Natasha shook her head as she pointed out the shield to (Y/N) who snatched it up and slung it over her back.

  “Damn right,” (Y/N) laughed as they continued the chase to Steve and Ultron.

  “They’re heading under the overpass,” Clint called over the intercom. “I’ve got no shot.”

  “Which way?” Natasha called back.

  “Hard right,” Clint ordered as Natasha whipped the motorcycle into a crowded alleyway.

  “Wow, yeah, no shit!” (Y/N) yelled. “Excuse us! Places to be, Ultron’s to kill!”

  “Hold on tight, снежинка (snowflake),” Natasha advised just as she slid the motorcycle to the side and slipped under Ultron’s truck, opening up the view to Ultron who grasped Steve in a choke-hold (instead of like, just blasting him or something, but thank God he didn’t). 

  “Steve!” (Y/N) called up to him as she tossed him his shield. He caught it, then twisted around, smashing Ultron in the face who fell on the top of truck, getting a nice view of Nat and (Y/N). He glared, then brought his hand up, lifting the pavement before Nat who pulled her motorcycle up to a stop as (Y/N) stood on the back and leapt onto the truck between Steve and Ultron. Ultron got up fast, but (Y/N) was faster. She blasted him with ice, sending him over the edge of the truck, but his thrusters kicked in, barreling him into Steve. Yeah, Steve couldn’t fly. He landed on a car windshield behind the truck, automatically beginning to stand up, but that’s all (Y/N) saw before she round-house kicked Ultron in the face, then held his limp body up in the air by magic and threw him into the side of one of the buildings, brick cascading to the sidewalk below, luckily, not on anyone, so one point (Y/N), zero Wicked Wall-E.

  “That’s right! Only I can fuck with my boyfriend!” (Y/N) yelled. “And yeah! Double-meaning, Permanent Nip-Slip!”

  Ultron shook himself off, then attacked again just as Steve climbed back onto the truck.

  “This guy just won’t quit,” Steve breathed out.

  “That’s okay,” (Y/N) smirked at Steve with her silver eyes flaring. “I guess we’ll just have to make him.”

  Then, Steve angled his shield at Ultron as (Y/N) blasted the Vibranium, creating the ultimate concentration of her magic. He shot back into the overpass, crumbling the cement like a cookie as Clint brought the Quinjet into full-view and rained hundreds of pounds of ammunition on the bastard, but two of Ultron’s little groupies attacked as Clint sped away. Ultron shook himself off again, then thrusted over to where (Y/N) was descending into the truck, Steve just behind her, but Ultron barreled into him, pushing both of them through and into the train to (Y/N)’s right.

  “Fucking shit!” (Y/N) cursed as Nat pulled up behind (Y/N). “Trade places?” (Y/N) asked Nat.

  “Deal,” she answered. (Y/N) catapulted in a black flip to straddle the motorcycle behind Nat, holding tight to the handlebars as Nat shimmied to a standing position and catapulted into the back of the truck. (Y/N) whipped the motorcycle around and turned it south where the train was headed. She revved the motorcycle (and yeah, she giggled a bit because it she knew she was about to fuck shit up), then sped down the street. Weaving, speeding, blah, blah, blah. But, just as (Y/N) almost reached the train….the fucker ran out of fucking gas like the motherfucker it was. (Y/N) was very colorful with her response as she threw down the bike, then pivoted and booked it through the city streets, her super serum speed carrying her like a gazelle. She was determined, on a mission, eyes set to kill, body on fire, feet flying….ooh! She grabbed a waffle from some random guys hand.

  “I’m about to save your city! Trust me, we’re even!” (Y/N) yelled over her back to him while she kept running.

  She continued to sprint and eat the waffle, until she spotted the train, free from it’s tracks, tearing it’s way through the city streets of Seoul while shock-stricken people disappeared directly in front of it in a blur of white light. Hopping over market stalls, sprinting past terrified people, (Y/N) stood directly in it’s reckless path and iced it to a stop, silver magic colliding with it’s metallic body in screeching agony as it, finally, halted. Steve popped his head up from behind his blackened shield to find (Y/N) eating a waffle, her left hand still glowing in wisps of silver glitter.

  “This shit is magical. It has ice-cream in the middle!” (Y/N) exclaimed. “Fucking geniuses these Koreans are,” (Y/N) appreciated as she took another bite. Steve stared at her for a good minute in shock, then shook his head as he jumped out of the smoking hole in the front of the train. “Ha, ha! Look! I stopped a train! Ultron should just surrender now.”

  “I think you had some help, (Y/N),” Steve laughed as he pointed to Wanda who’s hands were still glowing in red as she sat her brother down.

  “Damn,” (Y/N) whispered and looked down at her hand, “then, I own someone a waffle.”

  She shrugged and tossed the last bit of waffle aside into the ruble of the chaos as Steve took her by the waist and kissed her, their sweaty lips meeting among the ash and dust, almost disgustingly, but they didn’t care. Love is fucking weird like that. Eventually, they pulled apart, smiling at each other as they approached the twins.

  “I’m fine,” Pietro assured his sister, completely out of breath. “I just need to take a minute.”

  “I’m very tempted not to give you one,” Steve stated to him as Wanda stared at (Y/N) with wide, terrified eyes. (Y/N) looked behind herself, then pointed to her chest.

  “I am so sorry,” Wanda whispered quietly to her.

  “Why?” (Y/N) asked. “We stopped the train…together. I mean, I’d like to believe it was mostly me, but-”

  “No,” Wanda shook her head, her hazel eyes filled with despair, “no, I meant your dream, your past…I never would’ve…I never would’ve done what I had done…if I had known…”

  Wanda’s mind shifted her back to when she had cursed (Y/N)’s mind, the visions of (Y/N)’s past had torn at Wanda’s heart, extracting a scream of utter agony from her throat as Pietro caught her, his voice only a desperate whisper as Wanda blacked out. Pietro had seen the oncoming Avengers from the dock, cradled Wanda in his arms, then shot from the scene. He never forgot Wanda’s response, and Wanda would never forget the tragedy she had seen, the darkness she had felt, the pain that (Y/N) would never admit to. The pain she felt every day, every night, only blown away by Steve, Tony, Bruce, Natasha, Clint, and the small bits of beauty, like Lila’s drawing, in the world. She appreciated the little things in life because they were easy to focus on, easy to enjoy. They made her happy. She also loved to destroy evil things, send them straight into the pits of hell. That turned her on just as much.

  (Y/N) listened to Wanda, but her own mind traced back to the horrible, horrible dream Wanda had put her in. The way she was tortured by Hydra, the way she pushed away her own team members, the emptiness, the despair…her father…., but none of that was Wanda’s fault. Her past was fucked up by other people..too many other people. But, hey, that’s just more bad guys to fuck up.

  “Don’t be,” (Y/N) smiled reassuringly to her. “If anything, you showed me what I beat. What I will never have to deal with again. What I, as a person, need to work on,” (Y/N) smiled up to Steve who kissed her forehead and brought her waist closer to him. Then she turned back to Wanda. “So, if anything, thank you.” And yes, she was serious. The ‘thanks’ was completely genuine and Wanda could tell. In that moment, she felt like the lowest of the absolute low. It wasn’t (Y/N)’s intention, but…

  “Oh, my God,” Wanda brought her hands up to her mouth. “If I was sorry before…why would you say that? Be like that? I mean…”

  (Y/N) just laughed. “You’re fine. You’re both on our side now, I guess, right?”

  They both nodded vehemently, making Pietro’s head spin, but yes, yes, they were definitely on their side.

  “Then, no hard, no foul,” (Y/N) proposed. “Just don’t mind-fuck anyone else and I think we’ll be okay.”

  Steve just laughed as (Y/N) nodded to the twins who just couldn’t believe what (Y/N) had just said. They’d seen her fight. If anyone was to fear (besides The Hulk), it was her. Wanda shook her head, remembering the situation before them.

  “The cradle,” she asked them, “did you get it?”

  “Stark will take care of it,” Steve answered her. Wrong answer, apparently.

  “No he won’t,” Wanda shook her head, fear clear in her eyes.

  “He might be insane, at times,” (Y/N) explained, “but he’s no madman. I mean, yeah, he built Ultron, but really it was just a big mistake. His heart was in the right place, I promise.”

  “He will do anything to make things right!” Wanda contended as Steve turned and called into his intercom for Tony. No answer. “Ultron can’t tell the difference between saving the world, and destroying it,” Wanda continued. “Where do you think he gets that?”

  “Maybe Target,” (Y/N) proposed, tapping her finger on her chin. “You can get anything at Target.”

  “What target? There’s a target?” Pietro asked quickly, eyes wide in fear.

  “No!” (Y/N) backtracked, “I was kidding. Target, with a capital ‘T.’ It’s a huge department store in the states…I’ll show you eventually,” (Y/N) promised him.

  “Oh, right,” Pietro sighed in relief. “That is perfect. I would love to see it some day,” he nodded.

  “Great!” (Y/N) clapped her hands together. “Full-scale war, then a trip to Target. Just a normal day, really.”

  And she was completely serious. The life of an Avenger was…well, it was pretty screwed up. And anyone could say the worst has come, but honestly, it hasn’t. 

  Not even close.

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Steve: Lady and the Tramp

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Clint: Tangled

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Bucky: Zootopia

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Tony: Aladdin

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Sam: The Little Mermaid

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Wanda: The Fox and the Hound

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Pietro: Hercules

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Thor: Lilo and Stitch

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Natasha: Dumbo

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Bruce: The Lion King

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Vision: Big Hero 6

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tony would be harry. everybody he cares about is in constant danger cause of him and always dies.

clint would be ron. that dude is always hungry or sleepy and everybody underestimates him, but he just downplays everything and he can outdo anyone if he’s up to it.

natasha would be hermione for sure. the cleverest and the one always saying saving the day.

but while harry, ron and hermione are all gryffindors, tony would be ravenclaw, clint would be hufflepuff (i mean, hufflepuff common room is by the KITCHEN HELLO!), and nat would be slytherin.

but they would still be bffs, tony, nat and clint would find a way to be together as much as possible and they would be the scary bffs that nobody would want to mess with.


“Do you really think…?”

“There’s only one way to find out, Steve.”


  • Clint was having a mental breakdown.
  • It was like his entire world had ended.
  • “I can’t function.” 
  • “I’m tired.”
  • He had interrogated every Avenger in the tower to find out who the culprit was.


  • She wasn’t bothered about the lack of coffee.
  • Until she woke up the next morning and there still wasn’t any.
  • She had to deal with Clint’s complaining.
  • “Go back to your farm.”
  • “Shut up Clint.”
  • “I’m going to taze you.”


  • He had no idea what it was.
  • “What is this drink you speak of?”
  • Clint being disgusted that Thor has never had coffee.
  • Thor being really confused why Clint was sat on a beam clutching his bow.


  • The lack of coffee was giving him a migraine.
  • He was scared he was going to Hulk out.
  • Especially because he had to deal with Tony in the lab.
  • “Tony could you please go buy coffee?”
  • Him sighing when Tony’s response was “Busy.”  


  • Everyone pestering him to go buy more.
  • Him being to busy in the lab to do it.
  • “It’s the Avengers tower now not Stark so you do it.”
  • “Steve! Tell them!”
  • Him absentmindedly reaching for his coffee mug.


  • “I just bought some.”
  • Everyone expecting him to buy more.
  • “Clint did you drink it all?”
  • Being fed up of all the complaining so going buying more.


  • Being the one that threw it all out.
  • Glad he found their weakness.
  • Loki’d.”