Victory Never Tasted So Sweet

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x fem!Reader (ft. Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers, Wanda Maximoff, Tony Stark & friends)

Summary: Y/N returns from a year long mission, and she finally meets Bucky for the first time. They both find each other extremely attractive, so Bucky decides to make it interesting with a little bet. 

Warning: smut, swearing, oral (female receiving) 

Word Count: 1,242

A/N: Requested by @my-unique-mind. Title/last line inspired by this video. Also, I have no idea when this is set, probably post!cw. But yeah, enjoy Bucky being cocky asf.

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Cross (1/?) - Avengers x (f)Reader

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Words: 1189
Pairing: Avengers x (f)Reader
Featuring: DC characters
Warnings: none? I think, I can’t remember.
Requested: nope #moving and no internet so
Authors Note: I had this idea a while ago and wrote a few parts for it but never got around to finishing it but now I have a chance to do everything is hype. Also, I used the reader as fem because it’s really hard to do a long series with so many characters using ‘they’. Sorry. Once I have Internet back, things will be linked on Masterlist, etc.


“This is worthless.” You groaned as you fell back onto the floor.

“Come on, kid, get up.” Steve urged you.

“But, nothing is working.” You complained.

“I can feel that we’re getting close to something. Plus, you’re still too unstable, we need to keep working.” Tony told you.

You wanted to continue whining, but it would be easier just to follow what Steve and Tony were asking. “Alright, take out the targets.” Steve instructed.

You sighed and started to shoot the targets, but on the last one, a larger shot came out of your hand, and caused the three of you to fall to the ground.

“(Y/N)’s waking up.” Was the next thing you heard.

Your head was pounding and your whole body hurt like hell. “What’s, what’s going on?” You asked, holding the side of your head.

“A new power emerged.” Tony told you, he had an ice pack up to his head.

“What did it do?” You asked, trying to sit up.

“We aren’t really sure.” Steve said. “You shot that target, and all three of us were knocked out. A few others said that they felt the facility move, though.”

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drunkardonjunkyard  asked:

Imagine Bucky made Steve, & the Avengers, watching "Not Another Teen Movie" as a revenge of their movie night before

“I already know what we’re watching.  Got the DVD in my hand,” Bucky said, walking to the TV.

Sam frowned as he sat on the couch.  He looked at Steve in confusion before looking back at Bucky.  "Wait, what about pulling movies out of the hat?“

“He bought my pull for $50,” Natasha said before eating a nacho.  "If he’s willing to pay that much, the reason has gotta be good.“

With a sigh, Steve crossed his arms and shook his head in disapproval.  “The point of a hat pull was to be fair.  If we open the gates to buying movie choices, then–“

Steve was silenced with a pillow to the face.  

“Shut it, Captain Sanctimonious,” Bucky said with a grin that could rival Tony Stark.  "We all sat through that horrible wiotch movie, so now, you all are gonna sit through this.“

Natasha shrugged and put her feet up on the coffee table as Sam stole one of her nachos.  "Fair enough.  It was worth it.  What are we watching anyway?”

“Not Another Teen Movie,” Bucky said with reverence, as if he found the secret to the universe.

“Is that the title?” asked Steve.  He was answered by Sam’s laugh.

“Nice one, Barnes,” Sam said as he stood up and gave Bucky a fist bump.

Natasha made a face.  "And you said The Covenant was bad?  That movie is Citizen Kane compared to this.  Why are we–oh!”  Her face brightened in realization, earning Bucky another triumphant fist bump.  “Yes!  The banana split!  We gotta watch this!”

Steve looked at the three of them with an eerie sense of dread.  "Banana split?”

(Click Here to read about their previous movie night shenanigans.)

Nothing But A Game

hey guys! sorry i havent been posting a story every single day like i used to. summer’s been kinda rough so far and i just got off my game…but im coming back!! i’ll try to post as many fics as i can so send me some requests! other requests are in the works, sorry it’s been taking so long :)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 1k

Warnings: some angsty angst

A/N: this is inspired by Charlie Puth’s “We Don’t Talk Anymore”. love this song, i listened to it like 10 times while writing this.

“Nothing But A Game”

He knew he had made a grave, irreversible mistake leaving you.

Now, speaking to you wasn’t the same as it used to be. There was no thrill, no rush that accompanied each word. Instead, the talking was haunting, heartbreaking. Whenever the team hung out together, you laughed with the others but not with him. Your laugh rang like a holy bell, soothing Bucky’s turbulent mind but also causing him unimaginable pain: not being with you was like being without oxygen. Hearing you laugh, but not because of him, brought a searing brand to his heart.

Steve had told him that you were able to see other people: that you were going out, moving on. Steve told him that you seemed happier now, maybe even happier than you ever were with him. You seemed okay without Bucky, but why wasn’t he okay without you? Even after all this time, he wasn’t over you. He wasn’t sure he would ever move on.

One night, you walked past the sitting room where Natasha and Bucky were chilling. Your gaze was forced on anywhere but him. On the other hand, Bucky’s eyes were glued to his book, but his mind was on you. You walked in wearing that stunning gown you had worn for your and Bucky’s first date. He remembered that night. The air was warm and the breeze was fresh. The stars twinkled but not as brightly as you had that night.

“Where ya off too? A date, perhaps?” Nat inquired with a smirk.

“Out,” you smiled coyly. “And maybe…I’ll be back around 11:00, mom.”

Nat growled sassily, “Oh, okay missy. Use protection.”

After a wink, you giggled excitedly and waved goodbye. When you were outside, Nat turned to Bucky, who had been sitting there completely ignored by you. She looked at him sadly, a pitiful expression on her face.

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Cold Showers

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James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes

Prompt: #195 “I’ll protect you no matter what… even if it kills me”

Request: [Here]

List: [Here]

A/n: Idk if this is angst or fluff, it seems kind of depressing to me, but at the same time there are slight elements of fluff, so I label this somewhere in the middle, I hope you don’t hate this, I honestly feel like it’s a bit rushed, so if there are any horrible mistakes please tell me so I can correct it (Because constructive criticism is always welcome.)

Bucky had gotten better, a lot better, at least you thought so. He didn’t have as many nightmares, but occasionally they did occur. Tonight was one of those nights, he woke up- drenched in sweat, with his blankets spread across the floor. You were nowhere in sight, which caused his heart to drop, the thought of his night terrors becoming reality terrified the former soldier. He was almost at the brink of tears until his phone lit up, he almost fell off of the bed turning around to grab it.

“Hey, Bucky! Natasha and I just finished the mission, we’ll be home sometime tomorrow afternoon, see you soon, I love you, sleep well XOXO”  

He wanted to text back, but he knew it’d worry you, so he refrained from doing so. He simply picked up the fallen blankets, threw them back on the bed, and went to take a shower since he knew he wouldn’t be getting any sleep anytime soon. He sighed as the cold water made contact with his skin, cooling it considerably. This happened every time you left to go on a mission, he’d have a nightmare, in which you died or got seriously injured, he never told you because he knew it’d make you less eager to go, and more likely to get injured, your mind would be more on him than at the task at hand. It sounds quite selfish, putting him before a task that could potentially save more lives, but that’s just the person you are, you put everyone before yourself, you put him before yourself.

Compared to him you were an angel, there were many time where he cursed god for putting you in a world so damned. The poor soldier often questioned why you’d stay with someone like him, his insecurity left him questioning whether you were with him because you loved him or you pitied him- but somehow, you knew just how to make him forget about his worries.

Bucky was leaning forward, his head pressed against the cool tile that lined the wall. You helped bucky through a lot, whatever steve couldn’t be there for you were, in fact you were there for him whether steve was or not. He swore to himself he’d never let anything happen to you, especially not after all the free time you’d given up just for him. “Nothing, nothing will ever harm her” Bucky mentally swore to himself, as he let the cold water run through his hair, wishing it was your fingers instead.

After the cold water became unbearable, and he felt goose bumps trail his arms and legs, he reluctantly switched the water off, dragging himself back to bed after drying himself off thoroughly. He gave into the urge to text you back.

“Love you too, doll, be safe, see you soon.”

Bucky didn’t even wait to see if the message actually sent before throwing it to the side, and fall back onto his pillow. Just as he began to drift off he saw the light of his phone light the ceiling, though he didn’t check it he smiled knowing you’d fuss at him about it tomorrow when you returned.

Your text read: “Don’t worry Bucky! I’ll protect you no matter what, even if it kills me, no nightmare will stop me 😊😊” 

No one, including Bucky knew the lengths in which you’d go to protect him, whether it be from the tiniest nightmare or some soul eating demon.

Numb (Bucky x Reader)

Hey guys! This request contains some self harm and before you begin I just want to say a few words that I’m sure you’ve all heard a million times before but they’re still important. I’m here for you. Whether you message me or send in an ask anonymously, whatever you’re more comfortable with I’m here. I’m here to talk, to listen, to comfort, to love, but I promise I am not here to judge as I’ve been there myself and I know how hard it can be. Please don’t be afraid to talk to someone,  find someone you can trust because it’s so much better to talk it out than to keep it in and let it consume you from the inside out. 

With that said please read with caution and I hope you enjoy!(:

Warnings: Mentions of self-harm, and thoughts of suicide


“It’s kind of cold to be out here without a jacket don’t ya think?” The deep voice just made you sigh as you continued looking at the city below you. You should have figured Bucky would show up, he always managed to find you when you were feeling particularly down.

“I like the cold,” your voice was just a whisper, probably undetectable to Bucky whose feet crunched against the gravel as he made his way towards you where you stood on the two foot ledge of the upper most rooftop of Avenger’s Tower. “Makes me feel numb.”

Bucky didn’t say anything in response as he reached up and grabbed your right hand in his cybernetic left one. You looked down as he gave two small tugs, pleading with you to come down. His blue eyes looked more grey in the hazy, poorly lit night, his brows scrunched in concern, and his lips pulling down slightly at the corners. 

You looked down at the city one last time before heaving another sigh and getting off of the ledge to stand next to Bucky who let go of your hand. He looked you in the eyes as he draped the warm woolen blanket he always used over your shoulders, pulling at the edges and bringing you toe to toe so there was only a whisper of breath between your bodies. You stared up at his face, searching for the will to say the words you knew he wanted you to say, until a violent shiver crawled down your spine.

You hadn’t realized how cold you had gotten until the blanket and Bucky’s body started melting it away. The warmth only getting stronger as Bucky pulled you into a tight hug, holing your body as close to his as possible while still letting you breath. One of his hands wrapped around your waist while the other smoothed back your wind whipped hair. His lips were pressed firmly to your temple making soft “shhh” noises in response to the tears you hadn’t even realized had begun falling down your face. 

“I’m fine,” you croaked out, repeating the words you had been chanting in your head for far too long now. 

“No you’re not,” Bucky’s voice sounded just as broken as yours did as his arms tightened around you. 

“But I’m supposed to be,” you sobbed as your arms wrapped around Bucky’s waist and buried your face in his white cotton sleep shirt. His scent washed over you, adding to the warmth as a comforting mixture of laundry detergent, cinnamon, and faded cologne filled your senses.

“Says who?” Bucky asks in a soft murmur against the top of your head with a light kiss that goes unnoticed. 

“Everyone!” You choke out as the tears slow down and a strangled laugh escapes your lips. “Fuck, I’m so pathetic…”

“Hey!” Bucky’s voice is sharp and it startles you as he grabs your shoulders and pushed you back so he can look into your eyes. “Don’t you dare say that!”

“Well it’s true!” You’re crying again and you want to look anywhere but at Bucky but there’s a fire in his eyes that you can’t break away from.

“Not to me,” his voice is soft again as his hands fall from your shoulders to adjust the blanket around you. “Not to any of us.”

“Well then maybe you don’t know me,” you bite back bitterly, your eyes narrowing in defense, not wanting to believe Bucky’s words because you know if he knew everything he wouldn’t think twice about coming up here to help you. “You don’t know what I’ve gone through or what I’ve done or the things I’ve had to do to make it all feel okay.”

Bucky’s thumbs brushed the tears off of your cheeks as he stepped closer to you again. “I know that we’ve all done some pretty awful things (Y/N). I know that what you’ve done is in the past-”

Before he can continue you roll up your sleeves and show him the scars that littered your forearms. “It’s not in the past Buck…” Your voice is hoarse and ashamed as his finger tips trail across your skin, brushing across scars old and new.


“They don’t stop. The thoughts, the feelings, none of it. Every day I wake up and I know that I’m never going to be good enough to stand next to Steve or Natasha or Tony or-”

“You’re so much more than good enough (Y/N). You are the kindest, sweetest, most deserving person I have ever met. And yeah that includes Steve. And everyone in there thinks the exact same thing. You have a family in there that would do absolutely anything for you if you just asked. We want you to be safe and happy and to feel loved and to feel like you’re good enough because damn it you are.”

There’s a lump in your throat as your shake your head knowing that what Bucky is saying is true, but you’ve been too caught up in your head to notice. 

“(Y/N) I love you!” Your heart skips at his shouted proclamtion but you don’t have time to ask what he means before he quickly continues, “Not the way they do, but more than that. I want you to be so happy. Your smile sets my heart on fire. And I want to make you laugh because the way it makes your eyes crinkle sends shivers down my spine. And I want to protect you,” His voice trails off a little as his lips skim across your still exposed forearms, “whether that’s from enemy bullets or the thoughts in your head that are nothing but lies. And most of all I want you to feel loved. Because I do. I love you so fucking much it hurts sometimes and I can’t bare the thought of you feeling like this and.. and…” 

He cuts himself off as his lips find yours in a searing kiss. And it doesn’t matter that it’s cold, or that you’ve been crying, or anything else. Because right now you feel warm, and safe, and ecstatic, and loved. 

And as the kiss breaks and Bucky’s forehead rests against yours, for the first time in a long time you don’t want to feel numb. 


Hope you guys liked it! Sorry it was kinda short:/ If this was your request and you didn’t like it please let me know and I’ll try to fix it!

ALL requests are currently CLOSED! (sorry guys! but there’s a lot of requests in the que and I don’t want you to have to wait too long!) 


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Preference #4 - How Would The Avengers Comfort You After A Nightmare?

Requested by skymundane477

Tony Stark:

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You’d wake up with a strangled scream, completely tangled in the sheets and breathing heavily. Looking beside you, you’d find that Tony isn’t next to you and that’s when you’d figure out that he’s probably working late in the lab. You’d sigh and pad across your room, your hand closing around the cold handle as you get ready to go to the lab. When you eventually reach the lab, you find Tony sitting at one of the workbenches, pencil in hand, completely engrossed in whatever he is working on. Feeling your presence behind him, he’d turn around and would be met with your red eyes and tear-stained cheeks. He wouldn’t say a word and would just pull you into his arms, resting his chin on the top of your head as he tries his best to comfort you. He wouldn’t even have to ask if you had a nightmare, he would just know.

Steve Rogers:

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The moment that you jolt up, Steve is by your side. He would wrap his arms around you and would let you cry into his neck, not saying a word. He would comfort you as much as he can by rubbing soothing circles on your back and by whispering soothing words to you. He wouldn’t leave your side until you’ve calmed down and when you do, he would lie back down with you in his arms, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead before you both drift off to sleep.

Bruce Banner:

Originally posted by whadewilson

Bruce would realise that you’re having a nightmare before you even realise it yourself. He would wake you up gently and you would let out a gasp as you sit up, looking at your boyfriend with wide eyes. He would give you a soft smile and would wipe away your tears, not wanting to see you so upset. He would let you tell him about your nightmare and after you’ve finished your story, he would manage to convince you that it wasn’t real and that it was just a figment of your imagination. You’d smile as you listen to him use lots of technical terms (he is a doctor, remember) and he’d eventually press a soft kiss to your lips with the promise that he’s never going to leave your side.

Thor Odinson:

Originally posted by my-avengers-imagines

Thor would be worried at first as he would think that he’s somehow hurt you in your sleep, but his worries would eventually fade once you tell him that you had a nightmare. He would frown and hug you tightly, pressing a light kiss into your hair as he listens to you tell him what it was about. He would hush you as you start to get upset again and he would kiss you instead, immediately ridding your mind of all of the dark thoughts. He would cup your face in his big hands and kiss you until you’ve forgotten about the horrible nightmare.

Natasha Romanoff:

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Natasha knows that it takes a while for you to get over a nightmare, so she usually takes you downstairs and fixes up two hot chocolates, handing you one with a soft smile. She sits up with you until the early hours of the morning where you would both laugh as you reminisce about old memories. She has the ability to get you smiling within seconds and after a long night of kissing, smiling and laughing, you would eventually fall asleep in her arms, Natasha picking you up and carrying you back to bed.

Clint Barton: (I had to change his gif as I couldn’t find the other one)

Originally posted by skylerlockerbie

Clint would cuddle you in bed while watching TV. He would watch whatever you want to watch and would stay up with you for as long as it takes. He would press light kisses to your shoulder every now and then and would stroke your hair, little gestures like that comforting you beyond belief. You would eventually fall asleep in his arms - the nightmare now turned into sweet dreams.

Pietro Maximoff:

Originally posted by marvelheroes

Pietro would want to know what it’s about. He wouldn’t be good at the whole comforting thing and with you telling him, it would help him to make sure that you’re okay. You would tell him and he would listen, never once interrupting you. Once you’re finished, he would kiss the top of your head and thank you for trusting him as well as giving you sweet compliments in order to help you to forget. His lips would also manage to take away the bad memories and you would smile, happy that you have Pietro by your side.

Wanda Maximoff:

Originally posted by protectbuckybarnesatallcosts

Wanda would tell you stories to take your mind off your nightmare. She would tell you childhood stories about her and Pietro, but she would also tell you stories from missions that she had been on and would also remind you of some of the past memories that you have shared. She wouldn’t stop until you’re smiling and laughing, wanting to see you in a better place. You would end up staying up half the night, but neither of you would care as you’d be too busy laughing and joking to realise what time it is.


Originally posted by marvelavengers-age-of-ultron

Vision wouldn’t know what to do. He doesn’t understand the concept of nightmares due to the fact that he’s never had one, but once he sees how upset you are, he would push his confusion aside as he hugs you. Vision’s hugs would be so heartwarming and they manage to calm you down in seconds. He would try his best to think of nice things to say to you, but they all come out as gibberish as he’s nervous and not good at comforting people. You would smile and kiss him gently, thanking him for being so supportive - even if he may not think it himself.

Bucky Barnes:

Originally posted by blackinjustice

Bucky has had his fair share of nightmares, so it would be no surprise that he is good at comforting you after you have one. He would cup your cheeks in his hands - both human and metal - and would brush your hair out of your face, telling you over and over again that it was just a dream as his steel blue eyes meet your scared ones. Your breathing would eventually go back to normal and you would throw yourself at him, hugging him with everything that you’re worth.

Sam Wilson:

Originally posted by imhfily

Sam would put on a calming playlist. It would have songs from the likes of Marvin Gaye and they would somehow manage to calm you down. With the warmth of Sam’s arms and the soothing sounds of Marvin Gaye, you eventually fall back asleep, Sam smiling and kissing the top of your head.

Scott Lang:

Originally posted by theavengers

Scott would use his humour to make you feel better. He would try to tell as many bad jokes as he can until he finds one that has you laughing so hard that you have to clutch your sides as it hurts so much. Afterwards though, he would take your nightmare very seriously and would promise you that he’s going to be there for you no matter what and that he’s never going to leave you. He doesn’t want you to feel alone and you know it as he kisses you softly, mumbling how much he loves you against your lips.

T’Challa: (I changed his gif because damn)

Originally posted by miscellame

T’Challa would see your tears and would instantly know that something is wrong. You would quickly start apologising for waking him up, but he would hush you and ask you what’s wrong, using a soothing tone as he wants to calm you down as best he can. You would tell him, keeping your head down as you’d feel ashamed, but he would slowly lift your head up and give you a warm smile, wiping away your tears and giving you the most passionate kiss ever. He would make you promise to always wake him up whenever you have a nightmare and with the promise that you will, he takes you into his arms and you both fall asleep to the sound of each other’s hearts.

Peter Parker: (I had to change his gif as I couldn’t find the other one)

Originally posted by captain-pizzamaster

Peter would try his best to get you to stop crying and he would whisper soothing words into your ear. He would intertwine your fingers together and would pull you even closer to him, wrapping his arms around your frame as you tell him what your nightmare was about. He would press light kisses to your should every so often and would smile against your skin when he manages to make you laugh. Peter would be the best at comforting you after a nightmare and because of how good his comforting skills are, you would fall asleep with a huge smile on your face, your nightmare forgotten.

Rooming with Natasha would include:

Originally posted by marvelheroes

  • Always feeling protected

  • But also feeling like you’re in constant danger
  • Making breakfast for each other

  • Burning breakfast
  • Any meal for that fact

  • Take Out Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • “So Y/n… got your eye on anyone?”

  • Here we go again.
  • Her eyeing your new bf/gf when they come over

  • Looking up from her newspaper when she sees you do the walk of shame
  • Smirks, continues to read newspaper whilst sipping coffee

  • Being there for when you deal with a break up
  • Giving you time before setting you up with someone from the Avengers

  • Pranking each other while you’re sleeping
  • Her waking you up in the ungodly hours of the morning for training

  • “Nat, fuck off.”
  • Being each other’s closest friend due to your pasts

  • Once or twice a week having deep af conversations t night
  • Her getting you dressed up for one of Tony’s parties

  • Her keeping an eye on you in case some greasy ass person tries to pick you up
  • Taking care of them if they get pushy

  • Going home with the best roommate someone could have

“Do you two even know what a lazy day is?” Y/N asked as she watched the two of them train. They had been going at it for an hour and a half and Y/N was getting tired just watching them.
“If it helps,” Clint answered. “I don’t think Nat is trying that hard.”
requested by anon
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Buckynat au promts

1. American boy 1945 the war has ended. Surviving soldiers are coming back home, and the survivers are coming to make a new home. Natasha Romanov has came to Brooklyn new York to in search of a new life. Working at a hospital training to be a nurse, but foreign country foreign language, foreign people, it’s hard not to feel home sick. Until she meets an blue eyed soldier missing an arm who has a deep voice, and speaks flawless russian.

2. Beauty and the beast

1890 Russia. The romanovs are the wealthiest family in all of Russia. Their one and only daughter Natalia alianofna is the only heir of the estate. To marry her would be winning a kingdom and the princess. But there is a catch. Natalia is mad beyond reasoning, a viouc beast who scare of all her suiters, and her cousins know that. They are he’ll bent on proving that to the world. If she doesn’t find a man to before her 25 year she will be send to the asylum, and the family fortune will be out her hand.
Cue Bucky Barnes, a farmers boy forced to marry the mad woman to save his mother and sister from starving in the winter.he goes to live with her in the mansion on the hill. Can he win her heart and show her her own beauty.

3. Stevie’s girl
Best friends since childhood Bucky Barnes and Steven Rogers are roommates in college. With t'chlla and Sam. But the problem appear as Steve’s super hot girl buddy when he may or may not be dating. And Bucky may or may have a thing for. T'challa thinks Bucky is being a pussy, just talk to Steve he says. Sam says mind the bro code, Tony says make your move. Bucky is so screwed.

4. When a black cat crosses your path

Bucky has a black cat named t'challa, who runs off to sit by the fire escape of the next apartment, where lives bucky’s super hot neighbor Natasha.

5. Trofy wife
Bucky Barnes has a complicated family.His first wife Peggy was his high school sweetheart, married at 18 divorced at 26 that have two sons Tony and bruce
His second wife Wanda married at 27 divorced at 32. That have a daughter named Wednesday. His third wife or husband Steve married at 33 divorced at 38, together they adopted Peter. Now Bucky is 40 years old still trying to find true love while juggling four kids and three ex spouses, till he meets Natasha 27 beautiful intelligent ballet dancer with PhD in physics. Can she fit into his crazy family and be his forth(!) Wife.

6.In service of the king
Valiant Knight James Barnes has always been loyal to king t'chlla fough and won many battles for him. but when he comes back from the battle of north the king has a sorceress in his court named Natasha. Known to be all powerful all wise. But Bucky knows a con woman when he sees one

7.F. R. I. E. N. D. S

Bucky Barnes has many friends. And they all love him like family. But they all have someone they are married to or dating, except for bucky. So this valentines day they decide to fine bucky a girlfriend. But finding the right girl is not so easy, specially with telling bucky, she has to be flawless smart witty sensible sweet much love animals, the list of demand goes on and on, but who could possibly possess all the qualities.
8.The winters 10 trials
Winter soldier is the fiercest worrior of all the land. Who has his eyes set on the scarlet witch, princess of sokovia.but to win her hand he has to defeat her 10 guardians, there is Steve, Tony, t'challa, vision, Sam, Clint, Peter, Scott, Thor. He defeats them all but when defeating the 10th gardian Natasha soldier losses his heart. 9.curiosity kills the cat but satisfaction brought it back
Victorian era au Natasha banner is married to the respected doctor Bruce banners who spends all his time and devotion to his work. Leaving her alone and loveless. Until his new student and volunteer James Barnes shows up to learn about science and to find a way to restore his arm, but spends all his time and devotion on the puzzle that is Natasha. Can he choose between love and his well being. a mad mad world
Natasha is a physiologists at Hydra institute for criminally insane. Where her most curious patient is James Barnes, who has criminal record Buck load of baggage and problems and head full of ghosts.ghosts who has names and different personality. She can handle Jefferson, Carter blazon is a little slippery, lance is annoying little prick but really it’s the winter soldier she is worried about.

So these are my buckynat story prompts but I won’t be writing them. This is a free form anyone who wants to write these stories go a head. All the fabric writers get to your laptop get to your pen and paper or type writers cause

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