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I couldn’t help noticing the similarities between the scene where Hal fed from Natasha for the first time and the scene where he kissed Alex. Just look at the way he’s touching them. With Natasha, Hal was simply pulling back her collar so he could feed from her throat. But what was he doing with Alex?

Hal kissed her, and it was a natural thing to touch her neck while he was doing it. But afterwards, he didn’t immediately let go. Hal’s fingers stayed on Alex’s throat, and then on her collar, for a long time. Was that some feeding instinct that he couldn’t overcome, even though he knew that he couldn’t drink from Alex? Was Hal even aware that he was doing it?

Sex and blood are linked in Hal’s mind. I used to think that this was a two-sided coin – that blood lust would lead to physical lust, and vice versa – but now I’m not so sure. The way he fed from Natasha showed quite clearly that he can feed from a woman, even from a fairly intimate place, without wanting to have sex with her. But I’m not sure that Hal can get close to a woman for sex, that he can kiss her, without feeling the urge to feed.

Maybe it’s an urge that Hal can overcome. (He seemed to manage it with Sylvie, after all.) And maybe in this case Natasha’s blood was weakening Hal’s control, bringing the killer in him closer to the surface. But the temptation must always be there.


“my soul is in orbit with god”

 Dominic Rook/Natasha Myles fanfiction prompts

  • AU - where there is a war between vampires-humans; Natasha as a master spy 
  • AU - Dominic as a ghost who lives with Tasha :)
  • She introduces him as her uncle to her fiancé; Bonus point if it’s from the fiancé’s point of view
  • Tasha’s third foster home, where the father is abusive; she finally confesses to Dominic
Dominic Rook and Natasha Questions

Looking back at the series 5 deleted scene between Natasha and Rook, it’s clear they’ve spent some time together. I’m confused about how much. So he finds her in the blood bank, takes her away, and then we see her 15 years later in a weird sort of parent-child relationship.

We’ve been joking around in the fandom how hilarious Rook must have been as a father, the assumption being that he kept her and raised her during all the time we don’t see. But then I remember Rook’s behavior during Pie and Prejudice and what he says on the hotline when he’s about to kill himself. He says there is nothing in his life other than the job, no other areas to expand. If he had a daughter, even if he just considered himself her guardian and not her father, why would he say that? We saw four episodes of Rook without Natasha and they made it seem like he really didn’t do anything other than tidy up after Supernaturals and lock perfectly nice werewolves in cells. Then Natasha comes in and it’s like she’s the only thing he cared about in the world other than the job.

So here is my headcanon: Rook finds Natasha and puts her in fostercare. He runs a whole department with an annual budget of blah-de-blah and has to run around Britain trying to keep the secret things secret. He doesn’t want to raise a child. Natasha, though, having had something extremely traumatic happen to her resulting in a fair amount of psychological damage, is a difficult child to raise, especially by people who don’t understand what happened to her, and moves through several foster families through the years. Through the years, Rook has maintained contact with Natasha first just to tell her not to tell anyone what she saw and admonish any antisocial behavior, but then to just generally check in on her well being. She never integrated into any of her foster families and she doesn’t really remember what came before the blood bank because she was so young, which makes Rook the closest thing to a father-figure she has. So when she’s old enough, she finds him and asks for a job in the Archive. This leads her to offer herself to Hal to feed on at Rook’s request, which I find very strange given how much Rook seemed to care about her.

If they did have some semblance of a father-daughter relationship, it is very strange he would sort of pimp her out for blood to the most dangerous vampire around. I mean really. But Rook does consistently do skeevey and fucked up things throughout series 5 so perhaps this is right in character for him (making Crumb kill his niece and sister, locking Bobby in a cell for years and telling him he was a monster and couldn’t do anything right, telling Hal to “deal with” Crumb hoping Hal would just kill him, and he didn’t have a problem with stabbing a man in the eye and killing him, and finally sending possibly the only person he cared about into a hotel with a mysterious supernatural suicide problem and the most dangerous vampire we know of to try and tempt him to start drinking blood again).


THIS ABYSS WHERE I CANNOT FIND YOU - a Dominic Rook / Nastasha Myles fanmix

1.  the spacious firmament on high -> benjamin britten [he takes the child’s hands, lifts her up]

while all the stars that round her burn

and all the planets in their turn,

confirm the tidings as they roll,

and spread the truth from pole to pole.

2. sister -> mumford and sons [she runs away from every foster home]

there’s a chip on your shoulder, girl

and by god, it will make you fall

if you let it take a part of your soul.

3. the blower’s daughter -> damien rice [no care, all responsibility]

and so it is

the shorter story

no love, no glory;

no hero in her sky

4. you are my winter - dillon [love has blue eyes and a frown]

and i swear i tried

to kill what’s inside

i didn’t make it in time

please come take all that’s mine.

5. none can die -> anne dudley  [you made sure i was safe again and again]

6. aquarius - regina spektor [dominic at her doorstep]

and though i ask for help in riddles

it is clearer in my mind

clearer in my mind.

7.  dido’s lament - henry purcell [she will have a gravestone, i promise]

when i am laid in earth,

may my wrongs create no trouble

in thy breast,

remember me, but forget my fate

8. with eyes wide shut - blessthefall [she is just a ghost now; dominic dying]

i know i’m not there

to hold you;

look up to the sky

to see i do