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AU ideas for Tony related rare pairs

Tony Stark/Clint Barton : IronHawk :

  1. Successful animator Tony Stark is a workaholic who gets cheated on by his boyfriend. Heartbroken and stressed out, he decides to get away for Christmas and signs up for a home-swapping arrangement with Darcy, a journalist in Yorkshire. After having a terrible time in his new holiday home, Tony thinks about going back, only to bump into Darcy’s cheeky and handsome brother, Clint Barton. A little holiday romance never hurt anybody, right? - The Holiday AU
  2. Tony Stark is rich, handsome, successful and a kleptomaniac. When his kleptomania gets him entangled with a professional thief, he must decide if he wants to take the dive or run away. The only problem though, is that the thief, Clint Barton, might be the only interesting thing in Tony’s life.
  3. Archer Clint Barton and Cyclist Tony Stark are part of the same confederation sent to the Olympics, but get them in the same room and it’s cold war. It probably could be because of their disastrous break-up three years back.
  4. Tony and Clint are competitors on the track and secret lovers off it. The F1 circuit might just become hotter with the tension this situations brings with it.
  5. Clint dated Tony’s sister Natasha through college. Tony dated Clint’s sister Laura for two weeks during a business trip. Things become awkward when Natasha and Laura are getting married, and their brothers falls head over heels for each other.

Tony Stark/Natasha Romanoff: IronWidow:

  1. When Royal Advisor Virginia ‘Pepper’ Potts told King Tony that he needed a better Knight Guard, he had expected a deadly, serious, broody grump. Well, Knight Natasha was serious and deadly, but the sarcastic dorkiness might just be the King’s undoing. 
  2. Tony was trying hard to impress his new mob boss, and had taken his first kidnapping very seriously. If only he had kidnapped the right redhead, and not a rival mob boss herself.
  3. When divorce lawyer Tony Stark took on Natasha Romanoff’s case against her business tycoon husband, he hadn’t expected to fall in love with a mind far sharper than his own.
  4. Tony and Natasha are rival hackers in anonymity and dating in public. Love comes no codes barred.
  5. Pilot Natasha Romanoff has a strict no-work-romance policy. But when air-steward Tony Stark comes into the picture, things get a bit more tempting than usual.
  6. PR genius Natasha Romanoff has had many clients but Tony Stark might just be her biggest disaster.

Tony Stark/Sam Wilson: IronFalcon:

  1. Tony Stark is the new barista across the street and rival cafe owner Sam Wilson decides to scout the competition only to fall in love. With the coffee, of course.
  2. Sam and Tony are the best stand up artists in the biz. They just might not be all that funny with each other at times.
  3. Tony Stark moves into the next door apartment with his duck, and cat, and pet lizard. Sam is the veterinarian who just wants to sleep without a handsome dork knocking on his door late at night every week.
  4. Tony makes things explode or burn out or catch fire with no real effort and mostly unintentionally. Fireman Sam Wilson really wants to not be amused. 
  5. Sam is a closet opera lover and singer. Tony is not a closet anything. Meeting during opera shows might just escalate into something more.

Tony Stark/Thor: IronThunder:

  1. Prince Thor of Asgard and Prince Tony of Midgard are forcibly betrothed to keep peace between the two kingdoms. Now if only Tony would stop trying to kill Thor with strange inventions and Thor would stop trying to throw Tony for javelin practice. 
  2. When biker Thor met mechanic Tony, all he was looking for was a better engine. If he got some extra strokes, well, nobody was complaining.
  3. Thor is a Guardian Angel with wings of lightening. Tony is his charge who hates thunderstorms. 
  4. Thor is the stripper Tony hires for his best friend’s bachelor’s party. He should probably have taken his stupid romantic heart into consideration before such a decision.
  5. Thor and Tony are co-pilots who had a one-night stand that escalates into a no-strings-attached relationship that escalates into something more.

Tony Stark/Bruce Banner: Science Boyfriends:

  1. Dr. Bruce wasn’t looking for a charming flirt as a patient. He didn’t really have any control in falling for the man whose heart could give out any time.
  2. Bruce Banner was the lawyer who began working for the handsome business tycoon to save his community center. After four years though, he realizes that he has probably become a nanny instead of the legal council he signed up to be. It’s only ironic that when he quits, Tony begins to value him more. - Two Weeks Notice AU
  3. Bruce Banner was the Mage who was wary of royalty. King Tony has always been wary of magic. This doesn’t seem to stop both men from starting something intense.
  4. Tony and Bruce are employer/employee professionally. When they meet for a blind date they start a secret relationship that straddles the line between beautiful and potentially dangerous.

Tony Stark/T’Challa: IronPanther:

  1. Tony Stark might have been the worst choice as Ambassador of Peace from Midgard to Wakanda. King T’Challa would have him thrown out if he wasn’t amused and intrigued by the man’s wit.
  2. Professor T’Challa should really have thought twice before becoming the guide to Doctorate student Tony Stark.
  3. Dr. T’Challa is the historian who must take the help of adventurer to uncover the mysteries of the lost land of Wakanda.
  4. When Shuri injures a man in a car accident, her older brother agrees to take care for him till he recovers. T’Challa wasn’t expecting to fall in love with an amnesiac.
  5. T’Challa and Tony were friends at work and nothing more. But when T’Challa’s parents remind him of his promise to get married before turning 29, he panics and lies that he is engaged to Tony. Tony agrees to go along with the lie, even though he wishes it were true.

Tony Stark/Scott Lang: IronAnt:

  1. Scott Lang and Tony Stark were game developers who had once been friends and were now rivals, thanks to a misunderstanding during their first successful pitch.
  2. Tony was a man who had lost his family in a car accident and had moved away to rebuild his life. He wasn’t looking for love but his new neighbor, single dad Scott Lang, and his daughter Cassie might just be the temptation he couldn’t resist.
  3. Tony is a bee keeping assistant who goes on a blind date with Scott Lang, an ant keeper, when his best friend and boss Janet Van Dyne pushes him to it.
  4. Tony Stark is the new charming teacher in town and divorced dad Scott feels like he might be a bit over his head with this man, especially when his daughter Cassie decides to play matchmaker.
  5. Scott is a regular at Triskelion Prison. He has his cell, his favorite chipped mug and his regular bed. The new cellmate, businessman Tony Stark who is wrongfully accused of corruption, disrupts the peace of Scott’s prison life.

Let me know if you’d like to see any of them?


But I’m a Cheerleader (1999)

Everybody thinks I’m this big dyke because I wear baggy pants, and play softball. And I’m not as pretty as other girls. But that doesn’t make me gay. I like guys. I can’t help it. I want a big fat wiener up my…

This has gotta be my favorite part. People love to label things. Like thanks for figuring it out for me ya smart-ass

Break Me (4/?)

Summary: Y/N has been noticing a shift in her relationship with Bucky. A confrontation sets off a chain reaction nobody could see coming.

Relationship/Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Angst & Heartbreak.  

A/N: This is for @sexylibrarian1. There is a considerable time jump since the last chapter. 

|1| |2| |3|


Originally posted by coporolight

Chapter 4

Bucky never spoke of Y/N in front of the others, but Steve knew better. There was nothing Bucky’s mind loved more than to torment him with memories of Y/N. Eventually the rest of the team learned not to ask Bucky about Y/N. Yet Steve knew she was at the forefront of Bucky’s mind. 

It was hard for everyone to witness Bucky backtracking, not knowing how to help. 

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“Why are you naked?” Natasha asked, taking a sip from her water bottle. She didn’t sound judgmental, just curious, unlike everyone else in the stupid tower, and he appreciated it. “Can I be naked?”

“You can be naked if you want to be,” Tony said, raising a leg above his head.

If Natasha was attracted to him, it would be a very enticing position. “Do you always do yoga naked?”

“Bruce makes me wear pants,” Tony replied, tail swishing at the thought. “I agree to it because Bruce won’t let me do yoga with him if I’m naked.”

“I want to be naked,” Natasha decided, then frowned. “…I wish I didn’t have boobs.”

Tony peeked up at her from beneath an arm. “You can take your pants and underwear off. I’d say that’s what Pepper does when she works out but she always wears clothes because she doesn’t like people looking at her butt.”

“Well, it is pretty cute,” Natasha mused. “Has anyone else come in?”

“Clint, and he pretended he was gonna rut me, but I threatened to kick him in the balls if he did,” Tony replied, shrugging. He hummed thoughtfully. “…He can rut me, but not in the gym.”

Natasha heard someone choke behind her and did not turn. “What, you’d actually fuck Clint?”

“I mean, he’s got some nice muscles. And no one has my ass locked down currently.” He hummed thoughtfully. “I know he’s just playing but if he wants to dick me into next week, that’s fine too.”

“I’ll dick you into next week!” Steve blurted out, and then, “Why are you naked?”

“Not that there’s anything wrong with being naked,” Bucky added hurriedly, eyes flicking over his body to take it all in. “You’ve got a very beautiful body.”

Tony lifted his other leg so all of his weight was resting on his forearms and elbows, looking at the two wolves upside-down. “One, you may definitely dick me into next week. Two, I am naked because I want to be and I am in the privacy of my own home, which is all the reason I need. Three, I know there’s nothing wrong with being naked. Fourth, and finally, yes, I do have a very beautiful body. You may look upon it. I don’t mind.”

Natasha covered her mouth to muffle her laughs, because Steve and Bucky were definitely taking him up on the offer, looking him up and down. “I’m gonna get naked,” she decided, tugging her pants down. “But leave my sports bra on.”

“That’s the way to do it,” Tony agreed. He leered at Steve and Bucky, but it was hard to tell because he was upside down. “You guys gonna get naked, too?”

Steve dazedly began pulling his pants down. Bucky squawked and slapped his hands away. “Steve, we’re gonna spar!”

“I can spar without pants,” Steve said, before he realized what he was saying and blushed tomato red.

“Bucky’s probably got the right idea,” Tony admitted, a little disappointed. “You shouldn’t spar naked.”

“Truly a shame,” Natasha said, smirking, as she moved into the same position Tony was in. She was glad she left her sports bra on. “Maybe next time.”

Steve and Bucky looked at Tony’s body longingly as they shuffled past him to the mats designated for sparring. “Yeah…”

“I just got you laid; I just want you to appreciate that,” Natasha informed the feline.

Tony hummed thoughtfully. “…I helped.”

“Yeah, but you didn’t know they were there,” the fox replied. “I did. I just steered the conversation.”

“What I’m hearing is you want me to give you the blow-by-blow of how Steve and Bucky fuck me into the mattress.”

Natasha raised an eyebrow. “You guys going to make it to the mattress?”

“God willing, no.”

“Then no, I don’t need to know about your sex-capades.”

Tony shrugged. “Your loss.”

so in other news when are tony and nat adopting their new science spider child peter parker


no wait

Peter dragging Tony’s team round for Sunday dinner

aunt may looks at tony and rhodey bickering, vision cheerfully asking Peter a barrage of questions and nat approving peter’s nerdy film choices

bickering dorks who need love and feeding up

and she throws up her hands and adopts them all instead

connieisland  asked:

101 Kinks: 41 - BuckyNat

Prompt: gun/sword/knife play [from this list]
1,469 words; Bucky and Natasha decide to incorporate their extensive weapons arsenal into their sex life. (18+, smut; guns, knife play, rope restraints, kidnap scene, rest of the story under the cut)

Originally posted by silentlyloudthoughts

One of the more interesting aspects of dating a fellow former assassin was coming up with new and inventive ways to use their extensive collection of weaponry for more than just its intended purpose. Which is exactly what Natasha suggested when she found Bucky’s unsettlingly large hoard of knives. Bucky was all too happy to oblige.

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This basically happened

Steve: Believe it or not, it’s kind of hard to find someone with shared life experience.

Natasha: Yeah. Where could you possibly hope to find someone who was born in the same century you were, who also fought in World War II, and got the Serum and woke up in a different century? 

Steve: Gee. I don’t know Natasha. Why don’t we ask that guy in the mask over there? He looks like he might be able to help.

The Lonely Tree (Part 1)

Word Count: 923

Summary: You have a favorite tree which you make sure to pass every day on your way to class, but one day you find you’ll have to get used to sharing it. Artist Steve College AU

Warnings: I feel like Artist Steve should count as a warning, guys. I don’t know.

A/N: Well, here’s part one of my first ever drabble series! Let me know what you guys think! Part 2

Originally posted by gifkeeper

“And where do you think you’re going?” your roommate Natasha called after you as you made a break for the door.

“Going to class,” you replied innocently, silently cursing your luck that for the first time all year, Natasha was skipping her morning class.

“Going to class thirty minutes early?” She was suspicious now, slipping out of her bed and eyeing you carefully. “What’s his name?”

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there are gods inside your mind
gods and monsters, angels and devils
(it’s true what they say – where’s there’s one
there is always the other)
oh, your blood is sickly sweet to the divine
ruby rivers of sins and saints and storms
they’d eat you up for dinner, my dear
if you give them a penny, you give them a pound

your pulse purrs to pains and pleasures
such sinewy secrets slithering down your spine
your body is a dream for the demons and the deities
a cage of crimson curls and cuts all to catch
a little ballerina girl balancing on breaths

he says, trust me, trust this start, trust your heart
and you think, trust is not for a woman made weapon
here you are, sharp steep slopes and spinning stars
a heart made of hollow hopes and hissing hurts
life is limitless and loud and lonely for little girls
who only ever learned how to run

—  en pointe | m.j.commission a poem

I hope James Rupert Rhodes of some universe is respected as deserved.

I hope James Buchanan Barnes of some universe is understood as deserved.

I hope Natalia Aliana Romanova of some universe is befriended as deserved.

I hope Anthony Edward Stark of some universe is loved as deserved.

I hope Samuel Thomas Wilson of some universe is admired as deserved

I hope Steven Grant Rogers of some universe is accepted as deserved

I hope Sharon Carter of some universe is valued as deserved

I hope Wanda Maximoff of some universe is helped as deserved

I hope Pietro Maximoff of some universe is guided as deserved

I hope Pepper Potts of some universe is thanked as deserved

I hope Nicholas Fury of some universe is recognized as deserved 

I hope Clint Barton of some universe is appreciated as deserved

I hope Thor Odinson of some universe is heard as deserved

I hope Bruce Banner of some universe is freed as deserved

I hope heroes of some universe are humanized as deserved.

if  i  have  time  i’m  gonna  add  SO  many  musical  muses  tmmrw  from  great  comet  &  pippin  &  once  upon  a  mattress  .  all  3  are  relatively  unknown  shows  but  screw  it  i  love  all  of  them  .  but  oh  well  .  good  night  .  have  an  icon  of  space  dad  /  the  whistles  of  an  angel  

Perierat et Inventus est (6)

Bucky x Steve x OC


Notes: angst, fluff, smut, violence, torture/conditioning, dubious medical procedures.

A/N: Took a while, but here we are. I think you’ve noticed by now that this story revolves more around the relationship between Steve and Bucky than around the OC. Thanks for your patience! I love you guys! x

Seven years ago, 2010

“I’m sorry” Bucky whispers. “I couldn’t risk contacting you, Steve. I-.. they..” he wants to explain. He really does. But he changes his mind. There are no excuses. He’s lost his Steve, he’s messed it up, and the steel look in those beautiful blue eyes show now yielding.

“I’m sorry” he whispers again. “I shouldn’t have come” Bucky readjusts his duffel over his shoulder and turns to walk away, and never look back.

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Wrong Person - (Bucky x Reader)

Summary: Y/N’s shape shifting powers cause mayhem - and not in her and Sam’s usual way. 

Word Count - 573 

Warnings - none that I can think of?? 

A/N - This is just a catalyst, which is why part one is so short. Part two should be up soon! 

Part Two. Part Three. Part Four. Part Five.

“Y/N! Sam!” Tony screeched, emerging from his lab, looking anything but pleased. His head turned sharply both ways down the hall, looking for the culprits. You and Sam clutched each other, giggling.

“I’m changing the codes for my suits!” Tony called, stomping back into his lab. 

Sam stifled another giggle. “Hold on.” You said. You stood back slightly, shifting and shimmering. Sam watched you walk confidently towards Tony’s lab.

“What’s up Stark? Heard you screaming from the 4th floor.” You quirked an eyebrow, hearing Natasha’s sultry tones slip from between your lips. Tony eyed the red head carefully before thumbing back to his trinkets on the table. “Our resident pranksters painted my suits like the American flag.” Tony grumbled lowly. 

“Awwww, just like Cap. Steve would be so proud.” You spoke, swishing your short hair slightly. 

“Yeah, I was going to change the passcodes but it appears birdbrain already got to them." 

"Hmmm,” ‘Natasha’ mused. “Why don’t you try 'Mr Rogers’?” You spoke carefully, a smirk slipping into your face. Realisation flooded Tony’s face. 

“Y/N! Me and Steve are not getting married! Damn you and your abilities!” He screeched, throwing a screwdriver where you previously stood. You ran away, cackling. Tony was such a baby, he was by far your’s and Sam’s favourite person to screw with. 

When you got back to where you were previously, Sam was nowhere to be seen. In fact, nobody was to be seen, or so you thought. However, as you strutted down the hallway, swishing Natasha’s hips, a pair of hands shoved you against the wall from the side. You looked up into they eyes of your attacker, into the eyes of your boyfriend. His icy blue orbs scanned your face desperately, flicking quickly everywhere. 

“I’ve been looking for you.” He spoke breathlessly. His hands stayed heavy on your shoulders. 

“Why?” Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion, searching for an answer in his eyes. Why would he be looking for Natasha? 

Bucky scoffed slightly. “Because I missed you.” He leaned forward slightly, his hips pressing yours to the wall and his hand coming up to gently caress your cheek. 

“Where’s Y/N?” You asked shakily, not fully wanting to hear his answer and yet desperate to hear his explanation, his reasoning, anything. 

“I don’t know, okay? It doesn’t matter, she doesn’t matter, right now, you matter.” He exhaled. “I can’t get you off my mind after last time.” He dipped his head down, his hair tickling your collarbones as his lips pressed tenderly against your skin. Your eyes filled with tears as your chest shook. Bucky frowned as he felt your body convulse with the effort of holding in your cries. His head leaned back, seeing Natasha’s green eyes swimming in heartbreak. 

“What’s wrong, моя принцесса?” Bucky asked, grasping your pale face in his big hands, stroking your cheekbones with his thumbs. You clutched his wrists in your hands, fingers wrapping around as you let out a sob. You could feel his pulse, slightly erratic from your touch. 

Pulling his hands away from your face, you started walking fast down the hall, breaking into a run at the last few seconds. Bucky stood where you left him, stunned, watching as Natasha’s red head bobbed away and transformed into Y/H/C locks. His eyes widened in realisation as you turned into the wrong bedroom - your bedroom. 

He heard the lock click. 

And then his heart shattered. 

Part two should be up really soon, any feedback would be wonderful bc I am smol and new to writing