Natasha Lyonne Arrive Magazine July/Aug 2015
A lone wolf, Nichols remains intent on trying to stay away from narcotics and not disappoint the person who holds her most accountable, maternal figure “Red,” played by Kate Mulgrew. The actresses behind the characters have been in show business longer than just about everyone else on OITNB and have developed a friendship off the set.

“Usually, when the young girls come to me about the acting, it’s for tips,” says Mulgrew. “Not Natasha. She wanted to know how we together could transcend a scene. I think she felt a freedom with me—and I certainly feel it with her—when we are acting, which is the acid test of trust.”

Mulgrew describes the early days of the show as the Wild West.

“Everyone was given a pony and a stake, and someone slapped your pony’s rump and you were off to stake your claim,” she says.