natasha kuc


You were something that seems to be cast out of a dream. To think back on all the memories of you makes me find it all surreal. You came and broke away all the rough tragedies of life and made everything so much lighter. We all know what hardships you went through even though every time we saw you, you were like a ray of sunshine. Smiling as if you had the brightest future, but lingering inside you was a lost soul. One that in those lucky moments a few of us were able to see. I remember the first time I caught a glimpse of your inner world - it was that night in the winter of grade ten when we were walking back to my house and we were trudging through falling snow and I told you all the things I had never told anyone before and you told me things that I never knew. Things that still stay with me forever, things I will never tell another soul. There are a few other things I wish I had said to you but I know that regardless of that you had made a decision. The decision to leave and you were happy with it, I can still imagine you dancing around Caity’s kitchen that morning as we were making breakfast. I can still imagine you laying beside me in the morning, your chest slowly rising up and down with every single breathe. Your face completely at peace, I rolled over and woke up to see your lips curled up in a smile, and I try to convince myself that you were having sweet dreams in your last slumber. Even though the words we shared that night still taunt me to this day, I would not ever regret hearing them and being with you the last night you were alive. It will always be with me and so shall you darling. These memories I wouldn’t trade for the world.

It’s been one year, since one of the most amazing people i have ever met passed away.
One of my bestfriends Natasha Kuc.

She was an inspiring person, reminding you to always be true to yourself , be yourself, never give up.

She took her life, in result to her own pain , she couldn’t stand anymore , and every day we mourn the loss.

I have to say , i have never met anyone like her, and probably never will again.

She was the light to my candle , and now that she’s gone it’s hard.

It’s a hard road to follow , but you have to remember the memories , all the things you shared with her. Things she shared with us.

I hope she knows i love her , with all my heart. I never wanted her to suffer any of this pain. 

We had some tough times, in middle school . But things were getting better.

I Just hope she’s happy now ..

i love you tash, i really do.

<3 Rest In Peace.