natasha is shipping

Oh my god can I just like?? Say how ABSOLUTELY FUCKING AMAZING it is that in Avengers Assemble STEVE has a PAINTING of NATASHA SMILING.

Like a GENUINE smile not a smirk which is what’s usually on her face. It’s like, he got to see her smile so genuine and bright and he. Just. Had. To. Paint it.


  • Me: *sees two characters that would make a cute couple *
  • Me: would you look at that, my fleet of ships has gotten larger

I am honestly just really dissapointed in some creampuffs… Shipping Natasha and Elise is all fine and shit but don’t take it over board?!?! You can’t really help who you ship but you can help what you do about it. Don’t tweet and comment on their profiles telling them to date or claiming “They are obviously in love because neither of them are that good at acting” Yea? Tell that to the puddle of tears I left on the floor after the season 3 finale?!?! You are not only insulting them but you are really crossing boundaries and you could be effecting their friendship negatively and making it awkward and uncomfortable for them!!! The cast is extremely interactive with fans and they see your posts about how they are “dating” and “obviously in love” It’s just not cool of you guys to go over stepping and crossing lines like you have been. Natasha and Elise have helped give us amazing content and we are so grateful for it! The least they deserve is our respect! I’m not telling you who to ship I’m just saying that we need to calm down about it and become more aware of how this effects Natasha and Elise. If you have been doing stuff like that then all I ask is that you realize how it effects others and stop crossing lines. Their chemistry is amazing and I love that they are friends! Don’t go driving a wedge in between that. They deserve better from us.

Okay okay so once in my life I bingewatched Avengers Assemble (NO REGRETS!!!) and it recently came back to me and can I just??? Natasha and Steve??? THEY’RE TOO CUTE I MEAN HE’S THE FIRST TO REACT WHEN SHE FUCKING FALLS AND THE OTHERS JUST BE STANDING THERE AND AJDBDKSNAKABAKDBAKABDK

This scene pretty much sums up their relationship okay nobody can tell me otherwise


You know how in the Avengers (2012) Natasha and Loki talk about Barton? And Loki says “Oh. Is this love, Agent Romanoff?

So I have this headcanon that Loki is a massive Clintasha shipper and whatever he saw in Nat’s head made him think they are together.

And now someone (tbh probably Thor) tells him that Clint has a wife and Loki is all smiles and asks: “Oh, so Romanoff finally said yes?” and Thor sadly shakes head and expalin that Barton’s wife is not Natasha and LOKI IS SO MAD AND CONFUSED. 

Like how are they not together? How Barton could’ve take another wife? And children??? Dishonor! Dishonor on his whole family! Dishonor on him, dishonor on his cow! And Natasha??? How could she ever let Barton be with anyone that isn’t her? HOW ARE THEY SO STUPID?!

Loki is livid. 

He goes to the earth to talk with them, to make them explain HOW COULD THIS HAPPENED.  And Thor tries to stop him, bc Loki on Earth is never a good idea, but Loki is a man on a misson. HE NEEDS ANSWERS GODDAMIT.