natasha is shipping

Bruce Is Flying Nat’s Colors Again: Black and Red!!

Look very carefully at the Bruce Banner in the Mystery Minis above. He’s wearing red and black shoes just like the Bruce Banner in the Funko Pops! Black Widow-colors!!! 

Imagine Natasha wearing her Hulk-Gem necklace and Green and Purple wardrobe to remind her of Bruce (“Thinking about ya, Doc!”) while he’s lightyears away on Sakaar strapping on his red and black cross-trainers and a red and white t-shirt under his black and gray suit and thinking of her, “Gotta stay tough for Nat!”

  • Clint: Good job, gays!
  • Bruce: Don't you mean guy-
  • Clint: Did I fucking stutter
  • Wade, Peter, Bucky, Tony, Steve, Natasha: [nervously sweat]

Carmilla in three words / Carmilla in one body movement

Accurate representation of me whenever somebody mentions Hollence: