natasha corbett

‘One thing you must know: You can never escape from my eye…’

(Finally! I’m done with this. Took me almost three in a half days. A day for that drawing and lineart and another two in a half days to color it. Natasha just have kinda have long hair but just past the shoulders and she doesn’t wear bandages on her left arm anymore so her prosthetic metal arm is shown and now wearing a black glove on it. Now I need to draw the other teammates, if I can…)

To all the new followers who have followed my twin brother, Nathan, let me introduce myself. I am Natasha Corbett, the RED Sniper and the rightful owner of this blog. To the lads and laddies, welcome and thank you for the follow and to my friends…Miss Me?

(Finally!! My real OC is back from her journey and with new scars and a new tattoo on her arm. It says ‘Black Raven’. Somebody give Natasha a hug to welcome her back into Tumblrfort!!)

Return from the past...

“Voodoo!” Natasha yelled his name from the past. She hates to say his name or anything that is related to his name It sickens hers. “Voodoo! Where the fuck are you!! Show your goddamn self here!!”

‘Well-fixed on stage, broken off stage. Tough in battle, soft off battle. Who are you? What are you?’ She could hear his voice whispers in the air. “You’re dead! I killed you! You’re not real!” 'You think I’m dead, but I’m still alive. I want what you have Raven….’ Voodoo’s voice said and Natasha scowls behind her mask to hear that name. “I will find a way to kill you again Voodoo! Even if you are an animated blind puppet! You will never have my eye!”

'Your eye is very genuine to me…’ “Find another buyer. My real eye is not for sell, asshole!!” Natasha yelled, whether he’s here or not. “Beside! I have nothing what I wish for!” 'But you do…And I have what you buried away…’ Voodoo’s voice cackled and Natasha frown. “No…you didn’t…That is his resting place! No one is allowed to dig him out!!” 'Oh but I did…I can bring him back to life. Make him the same man you knew and who he once is…’ “Even if you do that, there is always a price to pay to make you human. And my eye is the payment. Isn’t it Voodoo!!?” Voodoo didn’t respond. “Answer me jackass!!”

In the end, she could hear him chuckling. 'Tell you what Raven…If you find me and try to defeat me…I’ll let this one free…’ “And if I don’t…?” 'Then it means I have defeated you and your eye is mine…’ Natasha frowned again. 'Deal…?’

“Where you will be?” 'Where Revolution was once held…I even brought in…new comrades…’ Voodoo answered and his laugh echoes in the wind.

Natasha opens her eyes and found herself in her bedroom, in her house, in England. She started to breathe heavily and wipes the cold sweat off her face with her only hand and notice Nathan sleeping soundly in his bed. “It was all a dream…” She whispered and manage to smile but then she frowns to see something written on the full length mirror. 'Remember our deal Raven…-Voodoo’ “Oh how I hated that bloody bastard…” She growled.