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What’s That Supposed To Mean? (Steve Rogers x Reader)

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Request; Could u do an imagine about a scene in the Winter Solider? Like the one scene where Steve and Nat r kissing @ the mall to make Rumlow feel uncomfortable but u see Steve and like ur heart breaks a little because u and Steve are ‘flirting’ w/ eachother

Other characters featured; black widow/natasha, brock rumlow/the dick that tried to kill my fave sam 


Y/N - Your name

Y/L/N - Your Last Name

Word count; 736 

(this was written from memory of what what I remember from TWS, i’ve seen it so many times so hopefully this is sort of correct, and also if you get the how i met your mother reference then ily) 

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‘I’m on the top level, guys.’  You murmured, ducking behind a bench. ‘Three STRIKE’s are on the North part, right outside Target.’

You could see Steve and Natasha on the level below, quickly walking, disguised by clothes they stole from lost property. You were relying on old, dodgy earpieces you found in your jacket pocket. The sound was scratchy, but SHIELD (more likely, HYDRA) were tracking your texts and calls, and you had little means of other communication. Shouting ‘Rogers, STRIKE on your left!’ across a public mall wasn’t generally considered discreet.

‘Think you can escape?’ Steve replied.

‘Are you doubting me, Rogers?’ You scoffed in reply. ‘Gimme five minutes. I’ll meet you by the top of the escalators on the west side. Have you got the memory stick?’

‘Affirmative.’ Natasha replied.

You pulled your hood up and stalked off from the bench, joining a crowd of architecture students from the nearby college. Their professor was pointing out all the different features of the mall, so you feigned an interested look  and pretended to be part of the group.

Rumlow was now circling your area, and you glanced to the side, noticing that his eye were dancing between your group and a picture, presumably one of you, on his phone.

Your breath caught in your throat as he moved closer to the group, and you jumped even more when the students burst out laughing at a cheesy architecure joke, one you didn’t understand, that the professor had just told.

Seeing it as your only option, you burst out into fake laughter. ‘Oh, professor, you’re so funny!’ You pretended to clutch your sides. ‘Oh you crack me up..’ You squinted closer at his name tag. ‘You crack me up, Professor Mosby! Wow!

‘10/10 on subtlety, Y/N.’ Steve muttered through the earpiece.

‘Oh hush, I have to be convincing. Rumlow’s off my back now, anyways, thank you very much.’ You murmured back, beginning to walk away from the crowd of confused, mildly started students. 

‘Probably because you scared him off.’

‘Shut it, Rogers!’ You hissed, but smiled to yourself. You and Steve had a strange, love-hate relationship. He was undoubtedly one of your closest friends, but you were always flirting on and off with one another.

‘Meet us by the escalators now, we’re our way up.’ Natasha interjected.

You speed-walked towards the top of the stairs, spotting the ginger hair poking out Nat’s hoodie. Panic rose in your chest upon seeing Rumlow on the other side of the escalator. Natasha saw him too, and gave you a sort of ‘don’t worry, I’ve got this’ look.

She then murmured something to Steve and within seconds, she leaned in to kiss him. It took you offguard, and you suddenly felt overwhelmed with about six emotions at once. Anger, jealousy, confusion-

You turned on your heel and stormed off, leaving a confused assassin and a slightly uncomfortable soldier to follow you and work out what was going through the ever-understanble Y/N’s mind.

Taking a left to avoid some STRIKE agents, you pulled open the door that lead to the multi-story parking lot and began storming up the stairs. You heard the door open after you and two pairs of footsteps echo after yours.

‘Y/N!’ Natasha called. ‘What’s up with you?’

You ignored her, kicking open the door onto the second parking level. You spotted an older guy climb out his car, forgetting to lock it behind him as he wandered towards the lift. You mentally noted to make sure that would be your getaway vehicle.

‘Natasha, go and get that car. You see that blue truck over? It’s unlocked. I need to discuss a, uh, plan with Cap.’

Natasha nodded and made her way over to the car, casually opening the door and sliding in as if she owned it.

‘What plan?’ Steve frowned.

You ignored his question, asking your own. ‘So, you and Nat, huh?’ You raised your eyebrows, trying to seem playful, but failing miserably.  

‘What? Oh, no! I mean, Natasha’ great and all. Very badass, still very helpful. She kissed me to distract Rumlow. Public displays of affection make people very uncomfortable.’

‘Oh, so you’re still…independent?’

‘If you mean single, then I am very much so.’

You smiled to yourself, nodding. ‘Oh good.’ You turned on your heel, having heard the engine of the truck spring to life.

‘Good?’ Steve called after you. ‘What’s that supposed to mean?’

“Six” part 12: Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone

The Avengers, Steve in particular, deal with the fallout of your apparent death. Phase 2 is carried out. Surprises are in store for our heroes.

Spinoff of the Mayday series.

Captain America x Reader

Warnings: Language, feels, awesomness

Steve felt his heart plummet as he saw the remnants of the burning car. He momentarily went blank. Then he dropped his shield and tore towards the burning pile, just as Bucky, Mayday, Natasha, and Wade rounded the corner of the barn.

“Oh my God.” Mayday stated in a low voice, screeching to a halt and taking in the scene before her.

“Was Six in the car?” Bucky asked, not even giving it a second thought before racing after Cap. They began pulling jagged pieces of metal from the wreckage, burning through their gloves.

“I think so.” Steve replied, trying his hardest to see if there was any trace of her in the vehicle. He kicked a piece of the car roof out of the way. He couldn’t see her. He couldn’t see much of anything. His heart sank.

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AOU Deleted Scene: brucenat

When this scene was talked about way back in May, I knew it was going to break my heart. And it did. The character work and acting is so, so good

For the record: I can see why the latter half got chopped off, and I’m glad it was. It is confusing and requires more depth and explanation to connect that scene to the Sokovia “rescue” scene. Once the scripted “fakeout Hulkout” idea was cut, Bruce was always going to end up in Sokovia giving Natasha that glorious little speech about how she’s done enough. Having Bruce reject and then accept her offer to run away together only for Natasha to reject it for different reasons requires two solid scenes for both of them to change their minds and there just wasn’t time.

That said, I actually love, love this character work. It captures Bruce and Natasha at a moment where they are both the best and worst versions of themselves. The angst of it all. Lord help me. 

Essentially, I believe the deleted scene enhances their journey together rather than negates it. Let’s discuss.

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Title: Sacrifice {Part 2}

Characters: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff, Sam Wilson, Bruce Banner, Brock Rumlow 

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Words: 1,519

Previously: “She stayed behind at the base so I could escape.” Bucky takes a deep breath before he continues. “Hydra’s got her.”

Steve knew the answer to his question before he had asked, but hearing Bucky say it out loud he feels his knees buckle, dread filling his entire being as his worst nightmare becomes reality. He can’t believe that you went to save his best friend without him and stayed behind, willingly sacrificing your freedom and endangering your life, to make sure Bucky would get here.

He’s proud of what you’d done, knowing you did it out of love for him, but his pride is overshadowed by worry and anger. Anger mostly directed at himself for yelling at you, for suspending you, for making you feel like you needed to do this on your own. He should have been with you. He should have protected you.

“So you’re telling me,” Natasha is the first one to find her voice again. “That she broke into a high security Hydra base, alone, to save your sorry ass and you left her there?” Her voice holds no emotion, her expression as cold as ice.

“Natasha!” Steve steps in, immediately defending his best friend.

“This one’s on you.” She turns to face Steve, glaring daggers at him. If looks could kill he would be dead on the floor by now. “If you hadn’t been a total asshole to her for no reason she would have been here. She wouldn’t have been able to leave without anyone knowing about it.” Steve sighs, knowing it’s his fault. He’s blaming himself more than anyone else.

“Nat, come on.” Clint steps forward, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder. “It’s not his fault. He couldn’t have known she would run off on her own.” Natasha pushes Clint’s hand off her shoulder and continues.

“We all know she did it for him.”

“We don’t have time for this.” Tony interrupts their little fight. “It’s not anybody’s fault. We all know nothing could have prevented her from going, not even him.” He says, gesturing towards Steve. “Let’s get moving and get her the hell out of there.”

“He’s right.” Sam agrees. “We need to get her out of there as fast as possible.” Sam looks at their Captain, waiting for instructions.

“Suit up. We’re leaving in ten.” The team leaves the landing field to suit up, leaving Bucky and Steve behind.

“You really lover her, don’t you?” Bucky doesn’t know how he knows, he just does.

Turning to look at his best friend Steve nods. “I love her more than words could ever say.” Bucky wordlessly hands Steve your engagement ring before he follows the others inside, knowing that Steve needs a moment to himself. 

Looking at your ring he takes a deep breath. “Hang in there, doll. I’m coming.”

Sitting on the floor inside whatever room they threw you in after they took you down you try to focus on not passing out. Being the stubborn person you are you had refused to go down without a fight. You took down several of the Hydra soldiers surrounding you before you caught yourself a bullet to the side.

You managed to get the bullet out and slow the bleeding, but you’re still losing a lot of blood. Pressing your hands on your wound you bite your lip to keep yourself from screaming. Breathing through the pain and the tears burning behind your eyes you pray to every god there is that Bucky made it out, that all this is worth it. 

Hearing the door being unlocked you sit up straighter, ignoring the pain tearing through your entire body. Seconds later the door opens and a tall figure walks inside the room. Rumlow.

“Now would you look at that.” He grins, slowly approaching you. “It’s Miss America herself.”

You glare at him, disgusted with the man standing in front of you. “Look it’s the disloyal traitorous bastard.” His cocky smile immediately fades, anger replacing his satisfaction.

Grabbing your arm he roughly pulls you to your feet. “I’d be more careful if I were you.” He threatens, a dangerous gleam shining in his eyes. “We wouldn’t want anything to happen to the Captain’s best girl, would we?”

Before you even know what’s happening you’re thrown into the nearest wall. Unable to break your fall you crash to the floor, an ear-shattering scream escaping your lips. Breathing heavily you quickly press your hand on your wound again, sweat running down your forehead.

“How did you even know he was here?”

“Go to hell!” You answer through clenched teeth, fighting the pain that’s taking over your entire body.

“It’s almost fascinating.” He smiles, pacing around the room like a predator circling his prey. “You’ve never even met him before today and yet you risked everything to save him. Why is that?”

“It’s called loyalty.” You support yourself on one elbow, still applying pressure to your wound with your other hand. “You should try it sometime.”

“How come, if you’re so loyal to each other, that you’re on your own? Where are your precious Avengers? Where is that star spangled boyfriend of yours?”

Your silence tells him everything he needs to know. “He doesn’t know you’re here, does he?”

Before you get the chance to say even a single word a familiar noise echoes through the entire building, the alarm. “I’m pretty sure that means he knows exactly where I am.”

Tony triggered he alarm when he decided to make a big entrance, just like he usually does, by blowing up the front gate. While Tony and the Hulk are keeping the guards outside busy Steve, Natasha and the others are turning the Hydra base upside down, trying to find you.

Getting more anxious with every minute that you’re not by his side Steve rounds another corner, taking down every Hydra soldier in his way.

“I found her.” Clint informs the team, making Steve freeze mid-step. Pressing his hand to his ear, activating his intercom, he responds immediately. “Where is she?”

“It looks like they’re taking her to the basement. They’re trying to take off.” Steve’s body reacts on pure instinct as he turns around, running back the way he came from.

“I’m on my way.” Natasha confirms.

Steve heads straight down to the basement, taking a couple stairs at a time. “They’re in the garage.” Natasha appears by his side, pointing to a big door at the end of the hallway.

Getting closer to the door Steve doesn’t slow down for even one second. He puts his shield in front of him and throws his entire bodyweight against the door, successfully breaking the lock and bursting straight into the room behind it.

Steve’s however not prepared for what he finds behind that door. Taking in the scene in front of him he feels his heart skip a beat, his blood running cold. Rumlow is standing behind you, his arm across your chest holding you to his body as he presses a gun to your temple with a big smile on his face.

You’re incredibly pale and barley standing on your own feet, your shirt stained a deep scarlet. Steve’s blue eyes lock with yours, shock written all over his face. No.

“Steve…” You whisper, tears brimming in your eyes.

Clenching his jaw Steve takes a step towards you, his expression changing from shocked to absolutely deadly. “Let her go.”

“Stay where you are.” Rumlow demands, pushing the barrel of the gun harder against your temple. Steve immediately stops moving. “You don’t have to do this.”

“I think you have something that belongs to us.” Rumlow speaks. “And we want it back.”

“He’s not an object and he doesn’t belong to you.”

“Well, I’ll just have to keep her then. If she lives that long.” Rumlow is pushing Steve’s buttons, trying to get to him. Steve can see right through what he’s doing, but he can’t help reacting anyway. He tenses, raising his arm to throw his shield, but stops mid-movement when he realizes that he could never hit Rumlow without hurting you. 

Rumlow is too focused on Steve to notice you silently communicating with Natasha. Giving her a signal with your eyes she shoots his leg while you let yourself fall, putting your entire weight on his arm, causing Rumlow to lose his hold on you. Seconds later Steve’s shield hits him with incredible force, knocking him out cold.

Steve is by your side instantly, taking you into his arms. “Y/N?” His voice his shaking, unshed tears shining in his eyes.

“Steve..” You whisper, holding on to his arm.

“Natasha get Bruce here, now!” Steve yells over his shoulder. “She needs medical attention.” A few moments later a half-naked, freshly de-hulked Bruce Banner appears by your side. He patches you up as best as he can, giving the order to get you back to the tower immediately.

Steve carefully picks you up, holding you close to his chest. “I got you. You’re safe. I got you.” He mumbles over and over, being able to breathe again now that you’re with him.

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