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Imagine Peter Parker

Imagine sitting through a boring lecture with Peter Parker who makes it fun.

Because I’m currently sitting through a boring lecture that has nothing to do with my class soooo why not?

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(Y/N) yawned as the gray picture continued to play across the protecter at the front of the class. It would be an understatement to say that she was unimpressed with the content playing. The grayness of the picture caused her eyes to become heavy

Her interest suddenly peaked when she felt a light buzz come from her pocket. Anything was better then what was happening right now. 

(Y/N) quickly scanned her eyes around the room so she could locate where her teacher was. She found him still sitting at his desk, looking over some papers they had probably done in the last few days. Which may have been the reason for the video. A good excuse to catch up on paper work…

Regardless, he was hardly paying attention to anything that was happening in the room. So (Y/N) took out her phone, laying it flat on the table to hide it behind the thickness of her binder. Just in case her teacher decided it was time to take a peek at his oh so wonderful students.

(Y/N) smiled lightly at the name that appeared on the screen. Things were about to get interesting, because the name that appeared was none other then Peter Parker. And he was only sitting a few tables back from her current position.

Peter: You look like your just have the time of your life up there. 

(Y/N) chucked at the comment. She though of a something clever to reply with and typed it onto her phone screen. 

(Y/N): Totally, I just love low quality black and gray pictures to stare at for an hour.

Peter: Aww, I knew those were your favorite. 

(Y/N) had to stifle a giggle before she would alert her teacher of what she was really doing. A few minutes passed by when the urge finally subsided and she again began typing away at her phone. 

(Y/N): What about you Peter? What kind of movies do you like?

A few several minutes passed by before the reply came and during that time you could have sworn you could hear Peter arguing with his friend Ned.

Peter: I like the one where theres a girl sitting in a boring class and she accepts an invitation to dinner from her friend. Just because she’s so bored.

(Y/N) froze in her seat. She re-read the message across the screen and did so a thousands times over just to make sure she wasn’t misunderstanding what Peter was implying. 

She took the leap and replied back between shaking fingers. 

(Y/N): I like that one. I heard in ends with some really delicious food. 

Next, (Y/N) heard Peter Parker and Ned high five in the back, drawing the attention of the teacher. Luckily you were quick enough to hide you phone before he saw.The boys weren’t as lucky. 

But at least you had a promise of dinner that night. 

Heeeey! So I was literally in my History class watching an old black and white video that I didn’t have to take notes one or was going to be on a test. Soooo I decided to entertain myself in other ways! I hope this was okay and enjoy! 

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but most importantly

he want his uncle back…

just saying


Natasha’s boobs: food for thought in two gifs

TWS: Natasha saves Steve, by pressing him into her chest. She has to act fast to save both him and Sam, because she is the only one who saw Bucky’s gun and was able to correctly and timely predict where he will shoot. This moment is not even aknowledged, as it’s just a thing that happens. She literally is sitting in Steve’s lap for the rest of that scene, feeling around between his legs for her guns, yet nothing, no tee-hee, she is sitting on Steve’s dick ~u guys~

AOU: Natasha saves Bruce by pulling him into her chest. The camera lingers, the shot goes on and on, everything is telling “LOOK, he is ON HER it’s like they ARE HAVING SEX and his face is in HER BOOBS GUUUUUUYSSSSS THEY LOOK LIKE THEY WILL DO THE DO”. Nothing about this shows her competence, nothing about this presents her as more than an object.