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Being Natasha Romanov's disabled girlfriend headcanons.

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(Thank you for the request! We all need more Natasha in our lives. I went for disabled as meaning in a wheelchair. If you meant something else please request again.)

  • Always being around for when you know she’s going to return from a mission.
  • Getting takeaway in ready for her when she’ll return so you don’t have to be apart from her so soon.
  • Just being next to her and holding her when she comes back from missions to bring her back to reality with you.
  • Her having the strength to carry you bridal style around your flat when she wants to.
  • You spinning her around in your wheelchair with her sat on your lap to make her laugh.
  • Always trying to reach up to give her kisses even though you both know that you can’t reach her. 
  • Pulling her down into your wheelchair to give her kisses and hold her close to you.
  • Her never really mentioning that you’re disabled to anyone and so everyone being surprised when they see you. 
  • Everyone saying just how cute a couple you are when you’re together
  • Not really liking a lot of help from people but her being able to tell exactly when you’re struggling.
  • Running her hands through your hair when she stands behind you. 
  • Her moving your legs to wherever she wants you to be when you’re in bed, in an unspoken truce that she could do that. 
  • Her always helping you to undress in a completely platonic manner because she knows you get almost too exhausted when you’re tired.
  • Being the best at pleasuring her because you’re able to give her all of the attention that she could handle.

A/N: I’m sorry this is super cringe and my friend wanted me to write this so

Also this is the closest I will write to smut.

You were sitting on a couch in the living room. Everyone except you and Natasha were on a mission. You had gotten injured on the last mission, and Tony didn’t want you to go with them. Nat was sick, and Tony had also forced her to stay at the base. You had gotten up early to watch the sunrise. It was still dark, but the sun was slowly starting to rise. Everything was peaceful.
Then, you sneezed.
First off, it ruined your mood. Second off, after you sneezed, you heard someone laughing behind you.
Natasha was leaning against the door frame, trying to stop laughing.
“Stop laughing at me damn it.”
Natasha walked over and sat next to you.
“I’m sorry, but that was adorable.”
You glared at Natasha.
“What are you doing up anyway? I didn’t wake you up, did I?”
“No, I woke up a while ago. I heard you come out here and followed you.”
You turned towards Natasha.
“How long were you watching me?”
Natasha smirked.
“Not long.”
You rolled your eyes and turned back towards the window.
“What? I can’t help that you’re cute.”
You blushed at Nat’s comment.
“Whatever Nat.”
You both sat there for awhile. Natasha put her head on your shoulder.
“You’re cute too, Nat.”
Natasha laughed.
“I’m not cute, I’m fricking sexy.”
Before you could laugh, Nat sneezed.
“I’d say god bless you, but he already did.”
Nat sat up and turned to you.
“Cheesy pick up lines? Two can play that game.”
She leaned forward and whispered in your ear.
“You look nice, but you’d look even better on my bed.”
You blushed and pushed her head away from yours.
“Nat! Stop it.”
She grabbed you and pulled you towards her room.
“We are still alone.”
She walked into her room, giving you a look that said, ‘you coming or not?’ You smirked, following her into her room, closing the door behind you.

Marvel Aesthetics: Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) - requested by anonymous

“I’m sorry. Did I step on your moment?”


i kind of thought you’d change
in the years since we last met
but you still take your coffee black,
swing your right fist first,
left eye shut as you pull the trigger
remember me?
i’m gone
the ledger’s burned
and i’m sitting in the ashes
the nights are worse for me now
i’m choking on kindness and you 
- you hold me like i matter
—  my nightmares are memories and you. (l.p.)