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My true OTP is Stucky but I love these two. If they give me some Winterwidow shit I’ll be blessed and happy.

Thank you.


Summary: congrats on the 1k!!! could i please get a bucky x reader thing where the reader has been feeling anxious all day and bucky helps them feel a little better? (can it please be where bucky and the reader aren’t together yet?) thank you :)

A/N: Here’s a short and sweet one for the 1K asks!! I’m still accepting prompts but I’ll do the one’s I feel I can execute well first

Word Count: 1218

Warnings: anxiety, mainly just fluffy and cute Bucky being all adorable xx

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Your heart was pounding. Your palms were sweating and you couldn’t think straight. Your mind felt like a jumble of a thousand emotions and feelings that were all warring with each other and your stomach churned in response to the turmoil in your brain.

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I love the way the guys use their natural instincts in this scene.

Cap makes a makeshift shield to protect himself, Tony grabs a screwdriver and uses his engineering brain to take them down, Clint uses his aim to throw Steve his shield to support him and Natasha grabs a gun she taped beforehand because she is prepared like a god damn professional.


This is so messy I apologize

Tom Holland is officially now the greatest Spiderman of Spiderman’s in my book.

View Tom Holland’s lip synce performacne here