Imagine Being Adopted By The Avengers Away From Your Abusive Family

For Anon (Keep your chin up honey bear)

Warning for mentions of abuse and self harm

You sit at the bar counter with a frown on your face and short sleeves. You’re perfectly aware that your scars are showing and you couldn’t give a shit. You know people stare you know what they think. You’re just too tired to care.

“Are you twenty one?” the bartender asks and you shake your head.

“No. I’m just here to get a soda and stay as late as I can,” you answer. You need to escape your family for as long as possible. You don’t want to see the abusive assholes ever again.

“Well I’m afraid I’m renting my bar the rest of the night,” an unfamiliar voice says and you turn around.

“So I can’t stay?” you ask the shorter brunette man. The tall blonde standing behind him eyes the scars and the red head looks into your eyes.

“She can stay,” the red headed women states.

“We’re happy to have you,” the blind man says.

“Oh great well the more the merrier. I’m Tony Stark, the blonde buff behind me is Steve Rogers, the fierce red head is Natasah Romanoff, the nervous man in the corner is Bruce Banner, the big blonde giant over there is Thor, those girls are Jane and Darcy, as well as the guy crawling in the vents he’s Clint Barton,” the brunette rattles off pointing to each person as he goes.

“Did you forget us Tony?” two people with heavy accents question appearing behind him.

“Oh I’m sorry. The twins are new to the gang. Here’s Wanda and Pietro,” Tony adds gesturing to the man and woman. Wanda has a concerned look on her face and Pietro a kind smile.

“So you guys are the Avengers? What are you doing out of the tower?” you inquire and tilt your head.

“We are celebrating Clint’s supposed birthday,” Darcy replies. It seems she was listening.

“I’ll never tell you my real birthday!” Clint yells from the vents. You chuckle and smile.

“So how old are you?” Natasha asks.

“Fifteen years young,” you joke in response.

“I assume from those marks you’re a lot older in your mind,” Wanda murmurs. Normally you’d be offended at her for blurting it out but she does it in a way you feel more safe than mad.

“Well yes. Sometimes the world forces you to grow up faster than you’d want,” you explain with a shrug.

“You poor little puppy. Tony can we keep her?” Clint asks and you look up to find his head sticking out of the vent in the ceiling.

“We can’t adopt someone who already has parents Clint,” Tony argues and crosses his arms.

“We can if the parents aren’t fit,” Wanda mumbles. “Your parents aren’t fit. They are the reason for the scars and bruises.” You gasp in shock and stare at her wide eyed. How’d she know that?

“How’d you know that?”

“Sorry. I can’t help it. I read your mind and saw your fears. I’m sorry I should have asked,” Wanda continues with a kicked puppy look.

“It’s fine. It’s obvious anyway,” you sigh. She meant well so you can’t be mad.

“Yes we’re keeping her,” Natasha states and actually pulls you into a hug. These perfect strangers kindness shocks you to the core. You can hardly believe they’ve just decided to adopt you. They don’t even know you.

“You guys don’t even know me and now you’re suddenly adopting me!” you exclaim in surprise.

“Oh please we are heroes and we are in danger of dying any second this is hardly the most surprising decision we’ve made,” Tony huffs and shakes his head.

“We did think this out. Lady Wanda has been feeling your mind around this tavern of late and she told us of you,” Thor explains. Darcy and Jane nod rapidly with big smiles.

“We are just sorry we couldn’t come sooner,” Pietro says and catches a falling Clint.

“You’ve been looking for me? You care?” You’re bewildered and ever so hopeful.

“Yeah and we aren’t gonna let anyone hurt you ever again.”

“Not even yourself,” Wanda adds and gently grabs your arm. “I will do everything in my power to keep any bruise or cut from marring your skin ever again.”


The Five Times You Fell A Little Bit In Love With Natasha Romanoff And The Time Natasha Fell

For Anon

(So yeah I know you wanted an imagine but I got inspired sorry. Also feel happier!)

“This is Agent Romanoff your handler. Romanoff this is Agent (Y/L/N) your trainee” Maria Hill says gesturing to the both of you. You look up and come face to face with green eyes full of secrets, blood colored hair, and a body that cools and has killed. You choke on air.

“Hello!” you squeak and Maria chuckles.

“Hi” she returns nonchalant and unaffected by you.

“Now usually I don’t assign new trainers to such high level agents but you have quite a gift that I think Natasha will handle best” Maria explains and Agent Romanoff nods.

“Be ready to train hard” Agent Romanoff states in a clipped tone. You just nod mute and watch as she stalks away.

Natasha heaves you over and grabs your hands holding you down.

“I yield” you pout and Natasha lets go.

“That was better but learn to not rely on your gift. You need to better your fighting technique. Use your opponents weight, height, and own moves against them” Natasha instructs while you get to your feet. You look at her examining her. She’s tall an light can that be abused? Might as well try.

You move up to her and grab her waist tackling her to the ground. She grunts and throws you off then launches herself at you. You duck between we long legs and grab her from behind. With a fear of strength you fall back and hold her against you with her legs.

“Yield” you order into her ear.

“You’re good I yield” she says and you let go. “I’m proud of you.” You blush bright red and she pays not attention to your new shade.

“(Y/L/N) this has what we’ve been training for. It’s a simple mission it’ll be a breeze I promise” Natasha vows.

“Okay I’ll be okay it’s level one no big deal. I just have to stand and look intimidating” you recount a little nervous.

“Good now what do we remember if it comes to fighting?” she asks.

“Use your opponents strengths and weaken eases against them” you repeat.

“Perfect. Good luck” Natasha remarks and hugs you. You freeze at first but melt into it.

“So who’d you do to climbs the ranks so quickly” a man snides. You look up from the paperwork you were finishing to turn it in at Coulsons office. The other agent is standing there with a file as well.

“No one” you reply and return to your work.

“Really are you just special then?” he snaps and you glare.

“I just work hard” you lie. Your gift got you up but he didn’t need to k is that. You worked just as hard if not harder than everyone else.

“Sure” he mutters. “Slut.” You whip around gritting your teeth and clenching your hands. Out of the corner of your eye and see Natasha standing there. You take deep breath and try to calm down. There’s a strict rule about assaulting other agents outside pre agreed combat. Natasha raises and eyebrow and put early turns the other way. You grin and hit the agent square in the face with your ring covered hand.

“Rumors aren’t nice” you whisper tersely.

“Agent Hoff did you hit your nose on the table? I’d get that checked out. (Y/L/N) ready to turn that work in?” You beam at Natasha and nod. You’ve got the best handler.

“Hey (Y/N) come out tonight. Let’s celebrate you graduating from level three” Natasha suggests. You just left the assistant directors office where you received a new ID card.

“Sure!” you chirp.

Later when you’re dressed to the nines you meet Natasha at your favorite bar. She’s brought you there each time you graduate into a new level.

“To (Y/N)” her and Clint cheer when you enter. She introduced you to Clint soon after you became level two.

“Thanks guys” you giggle.

“Have a drink (Y/N)” Maria orders and hands you a martini. Outside work Maria hangs out with you Nat and Clint. Hanging with them feels nice. You feel accepted into their tight knit group.

“Okay” you say and drink it down in one gulp. “Get me something stronger.”

“You are my kind of person (Y/N.) you know I am so glad I asked Maria to let me train you” Natasah slurs drunkenly hours later.

“I’m glad too! You’re so pretty and amazing” you gush. You’re drunk too.

“You’re gorgeous and strong and sober Natasha would hate me saying this but we think you’re the best thing to happen to us since we joined SHIELD.” You giggle and flush while your heart flip flops. God you love Natasha Romanoff.

“Nat hang in there please” you beg while holding up you hand to keep the oncoming bullets and attackers at bay.

“Mhh” she moans and clutches her side tighter. Blood is seeping through her catsuit and you pale at the sight of it.

“Please Nat” you plead and send a wave of air at more attacked to knock them back. Your energy is depleting as you manipulate the air and wind.

“(Y/N) come here.” You slowly back away still facing front. It’s quit for now.

“Yes” you say and kneel by her. You keep one hand up defensively and use the other to cup her face. You swallow thickly when you see her unfocused eyes and fluttering lashes. She’s white as a sheet and choking on blood.

“I love you and I want you to know that incase-incase I-I die” she coughs with the hint of a smile. You are taken aback then upset. She can’t say I love you then die!

“Natasha Romanoff I love you too and I swear to god if you die on-” she cuts you off with a kiss. It tastes like metal and dirt but it makes fireworks go off in your brain. When you pull away she smiles and then let’s et eyes shut. “NO!” You scream and let out a burst of air so strong it knocks out all the remaining enemies.

“WE NEED A MED TEAM!” Maria screams when she runs up to see you holding your hands against Natasha’s wounds and crying her name.

The rest is a blur. You remember being ranked from her and taken to your own hospital room then sneaking back into hers and waiting for her to rise.

You waited for days in that room refusing to budge except for using the bathroom and eating.

“(Y/N)?” Nat murmurs on the third day. You are up instantly and rush over.

“Don’t ever do that to me again. I love you too much to lose you” you say quickly and dive in for a kiss. She kisses back with ferocity clutching your shirt to keep you close. You both feel the terror of almost losing each other.

“I love you too. So much (Y/N).”


Imagine finding out you’re pregnant after several failed attempts and telling your fiancé Natasha the good news.

For agentorphanblackwidow

Holding the positive pregnancy test at hand you hold in an excited scream. It took the procedure finally took and you are pregnant! You and Natasha had been trying for months with artificial insemination. Steve was actually the sperm donor. He was really close to you and Natasha now. Bucky, Steve, Natasha and you all share a floor of the tower together.

“NATASAH STEVE BUCKY!” you scream and run into the kitchen.

“What are you okay!? Are you hurt?” Natasha asks frantically and grabs both of your hands.

“(Y/N) what’s going on?’ Steve questions and strolls into the kitchen followed by Bucky.

"It took five tries but I’m pregnant! We’re having a baby!” you exclaim and hold up the test. Natasha breaks into an infectious grin and kisses you all over the face.

“We are having a baby! YES!” she cheers and picks you up to twirl you around.

“That’s so awesome congratulations you too and Steve whose swimmers finally worked” Bucky teases and elbows Steve.

“Aw Buck that hurts! But yes cheers to you two soon to be three” Steve agrees and kisses Bucky on the cheek.

“I thought we’d be five and you guys would be kind of like fathers” you say.

“That would be our honor.”

All of the avengers have rooms at stark tower. Tony, Pepper, Happy, Rhodey, and Bruce live their. Although he does not officially live there, Clint stays over more than any of the other avengers. Natasha, Steve, Sam, and Bucky rarely stay over, usually in between missions. Thor only stays over the night before missions.