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1. If you were the new Doctor and could choose a companion out of all fictional characters, who would you pick?


Just because.

2. How would you react if your OTP happened?

It would probably be a mixture of


3. A book you want to see as a movie?

If and only if it was done well, The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness.

Or a better version of Percy Jackson.

Still with Jake Abel though.

4. Someone burned all books in this world, what will you do?



External image

5. In which realm/universe would you like to live?

Prooobably the Skulduggery Pleasant series.

6. What are your favorite cookies?

When I was little my mom would make mint chocolate chocolate chip chip cookies and they were and continue to be my favorite thing in the world.

7. Sex or cuddling?


8. Where do you want to live later in life?

I think I’d really like to live in Seattle but to be honest there are a lot of places I could see myself being happy in.

9. If you could act in any movie of your choice, which would it be and which part would you like to act?

Supernatural movie.

As a badass hunter chick.

Hell yeah motherfuckers.

10. Day or night?


11. I wanna go out with…[continue]

Like every male fictional character ever. And maybe Jennifer Lawrence.

My questions:

1. What’s your favorite fanfiction (or book, if you don’t read fanfics)?

2. Cake or pie?

3. What’s your favorite color of horse?

4. Favorite possession?

5. If you could go to any planet in the solar system, which one would you go to?

6. Which show or movie would you want to be in?

7. Tea or coffee?

8. Favorite poem?

9. Which landmark or monument or national park or what have you would you most like to go to in the world?

10. What are you going to do for Halloween?

11. If you could only bring one fictional character on a year long trip around the continental US, who would you bring?



It seems like each month, I am particularly affected by the works of a certain Youtuber. Most recently, I have drawn a lot of inspiration from Jamie Swarbrick, who is JamieVsTheUniverse on Youtube.

When I watch his videos, I am filled with an incredible sense of peace. I relax, and can empty my mind and cares away for the duration of the video. And what seems ordinary before becomes magical afterwards.

Pairing beautiful cinematography with the perfect music to fit the video, he not only sees, but captures and augments the beauty in moments. Color and texture are emphasized to the point where I can imagine that my senses have been heightened, and I’m looking at the world anew.

Sometimes I am so immersed in the video that I wish that I could experience that life firsthand. I want to wander in fields and forests with my friends, to look at a piece of cloth and see infinite possibilities, to capture a genuine smile and moment of joy.

This quick drawing that I have done of Jamie does not do justice to the inspiration and creativity that I feel because of his videos. My creative baseline is like this picture; two-dimensional and black-and-white. But I am working at seeing the world differently and at creating. I already have many multicolored ideas swimming in my head. I just need to bring them to life.

What an inspiration.