From the moment I laid eyes on natalyawk ’s beautiful vision of Sailor Neptune, I just knew I had to bring her art to life (and am so happy you gave me permission to! I really hope you like everything)

Everything vintage / antique is my life and this was just the perfect fit. I didn’t have time to find a proper mirror to alter, so this antique one will do! The pictures of me in the costume are pretty bad quality since they were taken from my computer and bad lighting in my room.. but I really hope you guys love this costume as much as I do! Everything was made entirely by me :)

This is an illustration for a poem written/requested by:

atonguewithbutsixwords (I hope I did your poem justice!)

My interpretation is as follows:

“ Being engulfed by feelings of inadequacy and intimidation— it is a veil that casts a dark shadow upon her— it dissipates above, yet at the same time can’t be relinquished…
She is being consumed by that which envelopes her with fright… The faint spectre of crows caught in the veil are forever bound…”

Haven’t posted anything in a week or so…
SO, here is a watercolor/ graphite illustration I did. It’s a beautiful dress from the Marchesa *fall/winter 2014/2015 collection. Ofcourse I had to paint if in my own style ;) I always want to capture a bit of the nostalgic … Because I’m kind of a vintage girl like that :p

*Correction: I have been informed this is actually from Spring2014 ;p