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What name do you use for Belarus?

|| Ivan, Natalya (Belarus) share the surname Braginsky

While Kalyna (Ukraine) shares a different surname, Lukomskiy.
They each come from different mothers but same father. Natalya stayed with Ivan for awhile and feels closer to him thus wants to share the same last name. He is her home. While Ukraine rather take on her mothers last name since she was always closer to her mother.

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hello! i am plain russian girl and i'm here to say, that Nikolai and Kolya are the same russian name. Kolya is a short form. i should say the same about Natalya and Natasha. live with it. bye

[Ah yeah- That was actually my intention. 

I gave him the name Kolya to make it easier to separate the two when talking about them. It used to be a common fad in the fandom to give 2ps the same name as their respective 1ps (often shortened like alfie/matt rather than alfred and matthew) so I just went with that.