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“Australian actors are so masculine, so great. And with that Aussie humour and warmth, you know you’re going to have fun on set.“

–  Natalie Portman

“Maybe it’s a cultural thing, but all the Australian actors I’ve worked with share this unique combination of being easy-going, hardworking, down for anything, and super funny.”

–  Jennifer Garner

Photo: Australian actors Luke Bracey, Jai Courtney, Joel Edgerton, and Patrick Brammall exhibiting a bit of that bright antipodean charm at the 2016 Australians in Film Gala


PROMPT: “Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore.”

Requested?: Yes.

Triggers; mention of abuse.

“Female, potential victim of abuse. Broken ribs and fractured wrist.” Halstead was pulled out of his daze as his eyes averted to the female laying on the stretcher.“No, no. I can’t be here. Take me back. Please.” Halstead heard the female.

“Calm down, sweetheart. What’s your name?” April asked her, head tilted to the side.“Y/N. Look. Just make them take me back. Please. I’m fine. It doesn’t even hur-  ah.” She whined out, hand gripping onto her side.“Yeah, totally looks like it doesnt hurt.” Will commented. Earning a glare from Y/N, he smiled sadly.

Moving her from the stretcher to the bed, the paramedics left.“Wanna tell me what happened, Y/N?” Halstead asked, an eyebrow quirked. Snorting, she looked up at him.“I just fell down the steps.” Shaking his head, he spoke,“You sure about that?” He sat down on the chair, taking a look at her ribs.“Positive. I’m not in an abusive relationship. Shit, i’m just clumsy.”

Taking her wrist in his hand, he looked up at her.“You get a handprint on your wrist from falling down the stairs?” Gritting her teeth, she stayed silent.“Look, it’s none of my business-” “Damn right it isn’t. Just stay out of it.” She told him, tears burning in her eyes.“Look, my brother’s a detective. The best. He can help you” “I don’t need any help. God. Don’t you people listen?” Halstead stood up with a sigh.“Some one will be in her to wrap you up. No serious injuries.”

With that, Halstead left. That was the last time he expected to see her, but oh boy was he wrong.

“Female, twenties, broken nose, broken jaw, suspected concussion, unconscious upon arrival.” April looked at her before looking at Halstead.“I guess she fell down the stairs again?” Halstead bit down on his lip before moving her back to the bed.

After a few hours of multiple x-rays and surgery, Y/N finally fluttered her eyes open, both of the Halstead’s standing over her. Her swelling in her face had finally subsided, but the bruises were nasty. “Y/N. This is my brother, Detective Halstead. You NEED to tell us what’s going on, Y/N. We can help.” Jay looked at her with sad eyes.

After a long explanation of her boyfriend using her as quite the punching bag, Halstead left, ready to take the asswad down.

“You okay?” He asked her as she sobbed her little heart out.“Hey, hey. Calm down. He can’t hurt you anymore.” With that, her wrapped her into a tight hug.

hahaha Idk why i wrote this but I found it in my googledocs today, based on the sprogs from @mcgregorswench‘s prompt

Here’s the story of the time Steve tried to take his family camping, when Maggie is 12, Jay is 8, and Natalie is 4:

Darcy is completely against this idea. She does not like camping. She tries to tell Steve that he ought to go with Sam and Bucky, but Bucky doesn’t want to go either. He says he did enough camping in the war and he doesn’t see why Steve isn’t sick of it. Steve says it’ll be a good experience for the kids so fine, grumble grumble, we’ll go. Darcy and Steve have differing definitions of ‘good’ experiences.

Maggie is probably the one who’ll enjoy it the most. She has no expectations but isn’t dreading it. She’s adaptable.

Jay Jay hates the idea. Ew, no way. He has allergies, he hates being cold, he gets the sniffles, ugh. Steve puppy-eyes him into it, “c’mon, buddy. I know it’s not your thing but I really want us to spend some time together as a family.” Ugh, fine, Dad. He puts up with it until about five minutes after they get to the campsite, “MOM! Maggie’s throwing lake water at me!!”

Natalie looks forward to it, she’s very excited to sing Disney princess songs, prance about in the woods and have birds help her put up the tent. But she is quickly disillusioned: the princess songs in the car go on for hours until Steve gently suggests they give it a rest, with his eyelid twitching. And the only bird she saw did not help her with the tent, it pooped on her. So she retreated to the safety of Mom’s cuddles, alongside Jay Jay, severely regretting her choice and adamant that next time she’ll take up Aunt Tasha’s offer of a tea party instead.

Steve wants to enjoy it, he tries and he tries and he tries. He tries too hard really. Steve is a city boy, let’s be real. He’s forcibly upbeat about going fishing, and canoeing, and hiking. But he’s not a good fisherman, and only Maggie braved the canoe with him. And in her exuberance to examine the fish in the water, she tipped over the canoe. Darcy got the kids to ‘hike’ back up the path to the playground, and then ordered pizza.

And frankly the weather doesn’t owe anyone shit, not even Captain America. Day three of their trip, it starts raining and raining and raining. Everyone’s cold and unhappy. Steve sighs and packs everything back up and heads home. The kids fall asleep in the car and Darcy mutters into her Starbucks, “honest to god, Steve, next time just take them to Coney Island.”

I love the chicago shows, I really do. But med and pd continuously spend too much time on cases and patients, and the character development suffers. Fire does a much better job of creating a balance between work and off-work plot lines.

I’ll use the last episode as an example (spoilers btw): Anna deteriorated and then died, Casey was trying to help his friend the entire time, Severide helped the widow move on, AND they had multiple calls.

In pd, they spend so much time on the case. I know it’s a police drama, but think about it: how many times has there been a plotline for a character that doesn’t directly tie in with the case? Sure, we got Jay’s wife (I’m still bitter about that omg) but even that hasn’t really continued. They started a storyline for him, then immediately spent the next two episodes focusing on burgess and bought. (Ik that marina is pregnant and needed to be written off, but it was poor timing.)

Med did a bit better in the last episode—there were the patients, but Connor and Dr. Charles were mainly doing stuff to do with Robyn. However, most of the time they have at least three patients: Choi has one, Will and Natalie either have their own or the same one, Noah or Jeff (but he’s in Hawaii now) had one, Connor usually has one unless he’s operating on someone else’s, and Sarah/Charles ether have their own or go in for a psych eval somewhere else. This doesn’t leave much time for character development.

Example: what do we know about Will? His mom died of cancer, he was doing plastic surgery in New York (we might’ve even learned that from pd), his dad is stubborn, and he grew up in cannaryville. There might be more than that, but if I can’t think of anything else off the top of my head then my point stands.

Connor: Remember in the first season when we learned his mom committed suicide, and he was sort of blaming his dad for it, then they never mentioned it again? I’d thought that Wheeler’s death might trigger him a bit (him and Connors mom both jumped off a building for crying out loud it seemed like set up) but then he spent the entire episode trying to make Reese feel better. He said that Wheeler came to him too, but that’s as close as he got to seeming upset.

I can’t really say for justice yet, but I hope they don’t make the same mistakes.

Sorry for the long post, I really had to get that off my chest.


designs of different ages for my shieldshock babbies: Maggie, Jay Jay, & Natalie. The layout kind of makes it look like they’re triplets or something. They’re not, they’re each 4 years apart.  

Natalie starts off looking like a miniature Lucy Worsley, goes through an emo phase, and then turns out to look a bit like @usedkarma. In-universe I’d say she looks most like Darcy’s mother. 

Jay Jay begins life as the Milky Bar Kid, worries about not measuring up to Steve during his adolescence, then winds up looking like Dr Daniel Jackson out of SG-1 (HEART. EYES.)

Maggie is a pretty steady mix of both her parents. Nobody really explains who she’s named after until she’s in her 20s, then she starts taking little cues in her hair and make-up from Peggy. 

Also featured is Maggie’s gf, Nura. She’s a race car driver and snorts when she laughs. 

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“the Will-Nina-Natalie love triangle experiences a major shakeup. “There are some big changes in that area that we’ve been hinting at,” Schneider says. “There’s something that acts as a trigger in the last episode that changes things for Will.”

- from TV Guide

over here praying the writer’s won’t be stupid. this makes it sound better to me though because if Jay is like “I’m going back to Erin because I love her and she’s the one and I’m gonna fix things” idk maybe Will’s like “yeah screw this I love Nat” idk let me dream.