natasha romanoff - black widow throughout the movies


Our favourite two killer assassins…..

Clintasha = Brotp

Does anybody else see the smile from Steve/Chris at the very end? How he tries to hide the enjoyment by ducking his head behind his shoulder?
His hand wrapping around her entire body to pull her to him….The way Natasha reaches her arms out for him and her fingers grasp onto the material of his shirt as Steve slams their body’s together?
Her burying her head in his chest….
The sway and jerk from their hips upon force of impact…

“Swhhh I’m getting all hot and flustered….”

I think Age of Ultron ending with Nat and Steve together was a key factor in their relationship.
Whether that evolves into something romantic or not doesn’t matter to this scene at least.

I just feel, with how everything has been shown in the marvel universe one thing Romanoff and Rogers have become used to is having each other there.
In their life, I feel that they are the only consistent parts.

They trust each other and so far, have always been there when the other has felt alone.

No matter what directors or writers, producers do to these two characters, I think so much is an unknown that their presence in each other’s life will remain the same.