natasha romanoff - black widow throughout the movies

Natasha Romanoff/1. If you walk out right now, it's over for us.

Every-time the team when out for missions you became a wreck, the fear of one or all of them not coming back was too much for you to handle. Now imagine how much worse this fear was when you fell in love with Nat, she was so confident that she could handle all the missions she went on but she also knew the possibility that one day she might not come home to you, she accepted that fact. You on the other hand could not comprehend how she simply accepted that she might die and never see you or anyone else ever again. You never imagined loving someone as much as you loved her and every-time she walks out the door it hurts, deep inside you, it feels like a piece of you breaks and there is no one on the earth that can fix it besides the person that breaks it. Nat.

You had been pacing anxiously ever since J.A.R.V.I.S had informed you that the quinjet was a few minutes out, Was anyone hurt? Was everyone alive? Was Nat alive?  You were so caught up in your thoughts you didn’t even hear them come into the building until Pietro sped into the room, almost knocking you over in his hurry to get ‘his’ chair.

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Clint stalked in next, saying nothing except that Nat was with Bruce and Dr. Cho in the lab, thanking him you basically ran down the hallways and rushed into the lab.

Nat heard footsteps rapidly moving towards the lab and could only guess that it was you. Once you entered, worry clouding your face she immediately got up and embraced you in a hug which stunned everyone else in the room but you, She buried her face in your neck and told you that she was there in your arms and that she was alright.

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Dr. Cho confirmed this to you when you didn’t believe Nat as she would probably say that a gunshot wound was only a little injury, Nat was allowed to leave the lab and the doctor moved on to clean Thor’s bleeding arm, blushing at his physique as she did so.

That night you and Nat were all cuddled up in bed, worry free, stress free when her phone rang. No, not her normal ringtone either, but that one the one that she got before she left to put her life at risk for others who were completely oblivious to it. She left the room only after promising that she would be back in a few minutes, you were exhausted and you felt drained so you closed your eyes and drifted into sleep not knowing that your girlfriend was being given a mission for the very next day…

That leads up to this moment. You arguing about her leaving after just coming back home, Nat packing clothes into her duffel bag while staying silent. “Would you please just say SOMETHING!”          "Like WHAT? Huh? What could I possibly say that would make this situation any better? I love you, but this is my job and I’m sorry that it worries you but I will come back to you, I promise I will be back in three days.“          

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Tears were threatening to rain down from your eyes like a fountain, “No you won’t. I know that you go out and risk your life, ok, I know that you could die but every-time you leave you not only risk your life but mine as well. Every-time you leave I feel like I’m the one that’s dying. I c-can’t do this anymore, I can’t-”      "Babe, I’m so sorry that I put you through this, but I swear I will be back.“       “Tasha. I love you. I do but if you walk out right now, it’s over for us. I just can’t do this anymore, I need you to understand.”

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Nat’s eyes softened before she pulled out her phone and sent a quick text putting it away shortly after, walking towards you slowly while speaking, “Babe, I love you and I don’t ever want to lose you, so I’m going to stay with you today and we will spend some time together and work things out, ok?”       You nodded your head before leaning into her awaiting arms, you leant up to her kiss her while murmuring “I love you Tasha.”

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Our favourite two killer assassins…..

Clintasha = Brotp