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Model and Sk8-Hi ambassador Natalie Westling is adding shoe designer to her resume with a Sk8-Hi Reissue DX that she designed exclusively for  Opening Ceremony.

Photos: Christin Rose c/o Opening Ceremony

Natalie to Bronte: You have a dream body. Your body’s a body that I want.
Corey: You wanna hook up with her or something? Give her a kiss. Give her a kiss.

Natalie: No, I’m just saying I want her body. I admire it. I admire beauty and I’m very open about it. If you’re beautiful, you’re beautiful. 

title » I Love You (Too)

pairing » Natan

summary » Satan gets a little carried away tracing letters on Natalie’s back while she sleeps.

warnings » None tbh?

author’s note » Thank you all so so much for 50 followers ahhhh omfg!!!!!! I wrote this in celebration and I’m really sorry it’s kinda short but I hope you like it?

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At first I was shocked and really surprised that Bridgette voted Paul to win the game. I mean the other queens voted Nicole (apart from Meech. But that was a give me because we all know how Meech feels about Nicole).  So I was like, “Why on earth would she vote Paul. When her best friend voted Nicole? Why Paul when he had said nothing but vulgar, un called for things, and just a down right awful mess. Why Bridg?” Than it hit me like a brick wall! 

Bridgette, Natalie, and Da’vonne set it up so it looked like Paul was going to win. They knew Corey would vote Nicole. Paulie I feel like he voted Nicole because of his brother, Corey and apart of Paul betrayal. They knew Zaykiah was going to vote with Paulie. And James was a total toss up but I think they knew he was going to vote Paul. 

So in conclusion Bridgette voted the opposite of the other two so Paul would think he had won this game when it finally came down to Da’vonne’s key.  It was all the work of three genius queens working together. They wanted to make it look like he was going to win. And BAM! Da’vonne is like, 

So that is what I think happened with Bridgette’s vote. I could be wrong but I don’t care.