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Natalie Rose LeBrecht, a New York musician and artist who also is known under the performance name of Greenpot Bluepot, has a curious skill beyond most of our own nameable talents.  For the past eight years or so she has been finessing her knowledge of palmistry, a practice that dates back several thousand years and is thought to have originated in India.  LeBrecht has formulated her own modern remix based on years of fastidious field studies where she tested out varying theories - discarding information she found to be “bull shit," and retaining what she found to systematically hold true.  She describes her experience to me below.

Tell me about the type of palmistry you practice. How did you become adept in reading palms?

I learned palmistry about eight years ago from reading every book I could find on the subject and then testing the information out in the field.  I approached strangers in restaurants, on the subway, etc., explaining that I was learning about palmistry.  I would ask if I could look at their hands and test the information.  People were always willing and thought it fun and interesting.  When I first began, I was skeptical and wanted to know if there was any validity to the idea that the lines on a hand are a life-map.  I learned in a self-motivated scientific way - reading theory and testing it, searching for truth.  

A lot of what I read was bull shit or fluff - but I persisted, and eventually did find a few doctrines that were completely legit.  However, they weren’t contemporary or relevant to modern-day globalized Western culture - they were actually quite historic and dated, so I had to take the skeletons and figure out how to translate the information and update it to make sense in our contemporary cultural context.  I feel like what I practice is really my own amalgamated system, since I never had a living teacher and I’m self-taught in this way.

You continued palmistry professionally for a bit. What was this experience like?

I read hands and tarot cards at Employees Only for about a year and was their first "psychic” (back in 2004 when they opened).  I loved giving readings to people, but disliked being around drunk people and being treated as a spectacle which is what lead to my departure.  I continued to work privately for while, doing private parties and taking on private clients.  Eventually, I moved upstate and went through a reclusive stage and stopped giving readings.

What specifics of the hand do you examine?

Everything about the hand, every minute detail means something - the size, shape, color, texture, elasticity, flexibility, lines, markings…down to the actual fingerprints!  It’s like EVERYTHING is a code that reveals all to someone who knows how to read such codes. 

One interesting and complex thing about all this is that, from what I gather, different cultures’ hands would sort of evolve in different ways.  Collective realities evolving in regions with societies that have the same genetics - the hand takes on that evolutionary patterning with it.  So because of airplanes and modern day technology that has led to globalization and new races of ethnically mixed humans (such as myself), well, this makes contemporary palm reading more complex as well.  This is the reason why I cannot read children or lover lines accurately.  I found those areas of the hand to be completely inconsistent in the general NYC populace and haven’t done enough testing to figure it out.  The only things I can read are details that I found to be consistent with everyone I came across.  Every new set of palms I read is another opportunity to learn the language better.

Which hand of a person do you read? Is there a different message between the dominant and non-dominant hand?

I like to read them both if time allows.  The non-dominant hand is more the blueprint or inheritance hand, showing your natal karma, what you inherited from your parents, your deepest spiritual self, the natural potential you were born with, etc.  The dominant hand shows how one has molded their life due to circumstances and/or will power.  The dominant hand is what I use to predict upcoming trajectories, and I use the non-dominant hand as a reference to determine progress.  

I remember you telling me that your palm lines can change over the course of your life. Can you elaborate on this? 

Yes, the lines on the hand can dramatically change.  I’ve experienced it on my own hand.  When I was 18 my first love and I ended our relationship instead of getting married like we both thought would happen, and overnight, my lifeline faded out and became very short.  I got really freaked out that I was going to die by the time I was 24.  In fact, I had to stop looking at my palms for a few years.  Eventually the life line grew back, but very differently than how it was in my childhood.  Anyhow, for the record, I now know that just because a lifeline appears short, it does not necessarily mean the person will die young. There’s a lot more to it, so don’t freak out if your lifeline is short!

The way I see it is that the lines on the hand reveal trajectories due to current habits.  I think people can develop will power and change habits if they become conscious of it and make the decision to change…but I do not claim to know the mysteries of the universe!   All I can say is that I know from first hand experience that the lines on the hand can dramatically change, so fate must not be fixed.  

In the Vedic sciences they say there are different types of karma - some that are so heavy there is literally nothing you can do to change it until you have exhausted it, usually by dying.  Then there is karma that is really light, and it does not take much effort to change it…and then there’s all the variations in between.  This definitely accords with my own experience.  I would recommend for anyone to make prints of their hand with the date for record.  Most likely if a person makes a radical left-of-field life change, something about their hand will noticeably change as well.

Are there instances where you choose not to tell someone what their palm potentially predicts?

I think it’s really important to focus on the positive and help people think positively.  That’s one of my top rules.  However, I do see a lot of suffering on some hands and it is extremely difficult sometimes to know how to frame things or how I can translate the information into something inspirational and beneficial for the person.  In the end, I only tell people unpleasant things if I think it will help them get a more positive perspective from the larger picture (I am looking at the whole life map); or else if I think hearing a warning could help prevent the misfortune… I always emphasize that I read current trajectories, but they can change - especially via awareness of them.

What type of hand is the most fascinating for you to read? 

It’s more interesting for me to read an older person’s past then a young person’s future.  Many times I will look at an older person’s hand and see in many places that there was an obvious change at a certain age, like 30 for example.  On the palm it looks so obvious and multiple lines will reinforce the data, but then sometimes it takes the person a few minutes to figure out what happened when they were 30 that made such a huge impact on them.  Other people know immediately, “That’s when I got divorced and moved to another country,” or “That’s when I was in a coma."  Anyhow, it must be major - even if not conscious - if it appears so blatantly on a palm!

26 July, 2012.

Photos by Holland Brown