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                    The six wives of Henry VIII + moden au aesthetic

                                  {Requested by thetudorslovers}


♔ So I let myself going crazy…♔ Remember, all of us, women, girls, are queens!

                            Women of the Tudor era (re-uploading)



The 8 court ladies were each cast as one of the qualities of the perfect mistress of chivalric tradition: Beauty, Honour, Perseverance, Kindness, Constancy, Bounty, Mercy, Pity

The ladies were protected from assault by 8 choristers of the Royal Chapel manning the lower walls and dressed as Indian women, each depicting one of the contrary feminine vices or virtues: Danger, Disdain, Jealousy, Unkindness, Scorn, Malebouche (Sharp tongue), Strangeness (Off-handedness)

All women speak two languages: the language of men and the language of silent suffering.