natalie jade best

It is interesting how over 23 years I have changed and the world I live in changes so quickly. 

The photographs above range from when I was six until just a couple of days ago, wow. The hairstyles have developed. I went from bobbles, to extensions - that was a long phase -, to weave and then just got shorter and shorter and shorter.

When I was preteen and younger I always, always wanted long hair. I hated having shorter hair then all my friends, the whole blowing in the wind thing you know? My mother always had shoulder length hair, until the last couple of years since she has chopped it all off, and I that didn’t help my dreams of long locks. 

Throughout my time at secondary school (high school to the non-UKers) the majority of the time I had extensions and unlike the majority of the black girls in my hair, the relaxer had not touch my virgin hair. 

Off to college it was hot combing every minute and then eventually straighteners and extensions, until the WEAVE CAME. Of course I loved the feeling of hair down to my back and finally getting the who hair in the wind thing - that’s where the positives stopped.  Itching scalp, hair everywhere, the weight of the hair on my little head. 

After three attempts, it came to what I deal with now. I relaxed my hair at 17, which is late compared to the majority of girls (and guys) I know. Had my first hair cut EVER - not including when i was little and did a DIY. I haven’t looked back every since. 

It’s funny how my hair timeline looks and then look at some for instance, Rihanna who’s hair has gone through such drastic changes I’m sure she either has more wigs than the Braxton Family, or she has so tuff tuff hair. 

Unlike Rihanna, I don’t have a hairstylist on call twenty four hours a day - what should I do next?