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My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.

Natalie Dormer as Alice and Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter

I was so excited to see Natalie Robinson and her dad after the Rebels panel at SWCO! I had been following their Sabine build for a while over and Twitter, and it was just as amazing in real life. I wasn’t proud, I was impressed!

Natalie won first place in the 13 and under Cosplay Competition!

Good Christian people, I am come hither to die for according to the law and by the law I am judgedto die and therefore I will speak nothing against it. I am accused and condemed to die. But I pray God save the King and send him long reign over you, for amore gentler nor a merciful prince was there never, and to me he was a good, a gentle and a soverign lord. And if any person will meddle of my cause I require them to judge the best. Thus I take my leave of the world and of you all. And I heartly desire you all to pray for me.

O lord have mercy on me, to God I commend my soul

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Who are the "overnerds" and who came up with that name because it's very funny

The overnerds are my group of friends and I! I believe @too-much-gayhem came up with the name?

Some of us don’t play or talk together as much as we used to but our group consists of: Viviana, Yasmine, Natalie (Grandma Nat), Me (Baby Nat), Vanessa, Kay, Rin, Katie, and Joyce.

We all became a friendgroup when Overwatch came out! I’m too lazy to link everyones tumblr urls but pretty much its just our groupchat name


“When I was auditioning for Joffrey. I only had one audition, and the producers and writers were laughing at my performance because I was being so snotty and arrogant. They found it comical. I thought that was good.” –Jack Gleeson

“Jack is gorgeous – a wonderfully sensitive, quiet, intelligent scholar. He’s the antithesis of that character.” –Michelle Fairley

“Jack, who plays Joffrey is such a lovely fellow.” --Ian McElhinney

“He’s this really contemplative, erudite, really gorgeous, generous human being, and he plays Joffrey so well.  It’s very disturbing.” –Natalie Dormer

“Jack Gleeson, who plays Joffrey is an absolute sweetheart in real life, you know what I mean. He’s such a brilliant actor. I think he’s a genius.” –Mark Addy

“He’s the most polite, lovely, intelligent person in the whole cast! He’s just so humble and everyone loves him. There’s nothing anyone can say bad about Jack. He literally just turns it on. As soon as they go, “Action!” he goes from lovely Jack to the most sadistic, horrible creep on television.” –Sophie Turner

“Jack Gleeson is really a very nice young man, charming and friendly.” –George R.R. Martin

“I kind of wish he would do more television interviews so that people can see what he’s really like, because there is so much hate for Joffrey, I feel protective of Jack now. If I were him, I’d be petrified that people would come up and slap me on the street! I should be his bodyguard.” –Sophie Turner

“Jack is actually a very sweet boy and very bright, very intelligent young man with a natural talent.” –Charles Dance

“Jack! He’s the coolest. He smokes a pipe, people. Talk about great acting for somebody who’s so different from the part he plays. I love that guy.” –Peter Dinklage

The Theatre// Josh Dun

Requested: Hi!! Can I request a Josh Dun imagine where you’re in a Broadway show and Josh said he was going to pick you up from the theatre after your show, and once you think the coast is clear at the stage door, some fans stick around and bombard Josh? Thank you so much :) I love your stuff!


              You were currently at rehearsal with your theatre group; it had been a stressful few months of preparation and practice as this was your first leading role. You’ve always dreamed of being a lead, ever since you joined 3 years ago. This was a dream come true, and you knew nothing could ruin it for you.

              Singing the last line, of the last song you smiled. Making your way off stage, smiling at the rest of the cast as you did so.

              “That. Was..AMAZING!” The director smiled, pulling you into a hug. “You’ve grown so much as an actress Y/N since you first joined. I’m so proud of you.” She gushed, causing a blush to rise in your cheeks. She had been the director of the group for years before you started, so she had seen you go from minor roles with only 2 lines, to being the lead in the current production. “Now go get changed and prepare for tonight. Is Josh coming to see his leading lady?” She nudged your arm, causing your smile to widen and face to turn a brighter shade of red. Josh was your boyfriend of 3 years now; you two had grown up knowing each other through Tyler. So you got to see him grow into the passionate drummer he is today, and he saw you grow into the actress you are. You were really hoping that Josh would make it to opening night tonight, considering the European leg of his tour had just finished last night. You were beyond supportive of his dream, and loved watching him preform his heart out at any point you could; so him missing a couple of your shows never bothered you. His mom had been a fan of yours since you began, so you knew if he missed a show she would have a recording for him to see the next day. Though, thinking about it you knew it would hurt a little bit of he missed tonight. It was your first leading role, and he knew how much this meant to you. It was your dream that you had always strived for.

              Shaking your head softly you walked over to the female dressing room. There were some people from the cast in there, cleaning off the make-up that had been applied for the dress rehearsal and buzzing about how crazy tonight would be. Everyone put in months of practice, giving up free time to memorize lines, songs and choreography. It was always a big deal when you could all show off what you had been preparing for. Walking over to the spot where you had left your bag to practice, you grabbed out your grey Twenty One Pilots shirt, and a plain pair of jeans. Nothing too fancy, unlike the outfits you found yourself preforming in. This year, everyone had chosen to preform ‘Black Swan’; so needless to say your costumes were far from plain.

              “Hey Y/N, are you ready for tonight?” One of the newer girls, Natalie asked shyly. If you remembered correctly this would be her first Broadway performance. She was probably nervous beyond belief and looking for some reassurance; like you had done before your first show.

              “I’m nervous, considering its opening night.” You began, walking over to a change room with the girl right on your heels. Curious as to what you were going to say next. “But I’m excited. I love preforming, I love entertaining the audience. The theatre has kind of become a second home to me, you know?” You had begun sliding out of the costume you were dressed in, wishing you had help with it as you struggled not to break anything on it.

              “I know, well I can see how you guys love this place so much. I finally got the confidence to pursue acting, I want to get over my shyness and social anxiety.” Natalie explained, most likely playing nervously with the hem of her shirt while she spoke. “So after tonight, maybe I won’t be so shy with who I am.” You couldn’t help but smile at her words; she reminded you a lot of herself back when you first began. Except you hid yourself in the storage closet at this time your first opening night; having to be coaxed out by Josh.

              “You’ll do great Nat. You haven’t cried, puked, or locked yourself in any closets yet. That is a very good sign.” You joked, stepping out of the change room, placing your costume back in its designated spot. “Ask around sometime about how people reacted before their first show. You will get some pretty funny stories.” You smiled, listening to a small, yet shy giggle escape her lips.

              “So which one were you? Puking, crying or the closet?” Before you could answer, you heard a familiar voice speak up from behind you.

              “If I remember right, you were in the storage closet refusing to come out. Saying you weren’t able to go on, and that you made a mistake? Something about being too shy and I had to talk you into unlocking the door.” Looking behind you, your eyes met with deep brown ones filled with a familiar love. “Hey, Y/N….uh, surprise?” Josh laughed, holding his arms out. You took no time at all to launch yourself into his comforting embrace.

              “I thought you wouldn’t be able to make it.” You mumbled against his chest, smiling so wide that your cheeks began to get sore. “You were out in Europe somewhere tonight, and now you’re here?” You asked, pulling away to look up at his face, memorizing all the familiar features once again.

              “I took the first flight back that I could after our show. I wasn’t about to miss your first show as the lead.” Josh smiled, pulling you into a gentle kiss. One filled with love, and a feeling of making up for lost moments together. “Though I may not be in the front, I will be cheering you on from the back. I refuse to take any of the attention of my beautiful girl.” His words caused your face to flare up a deep red colour, he knew how much you loved hearing “my beautiful girl”. So he would always say them at every opportunity.

              “I am so sorry, we were in the middle of talking. Then I forgot you were here.” You began to ramble, pulling away from Josh when you remembered Natalie was standing right beside you guys, not knowing if she should leave, or wait for you to say something.

              “It’s alright, it was cute to see. I see the stuff Josh posts about you on his twitter all the time, and it was awesome to see it in real life.” Natalie smiled, “Now I will be off to prepare myself for the night ahead of me, and to slightly fangirl to myself that I was in the presence of my favorite drummer.” You laughed quietly, she was probably one of the most composed fans you’ve seen in a long time. Usually they at least gasp a little when Josh comes up. “See you tonight, Y/N.” She waved before walking out of the dressing room, leaving you and Josh alone.

              “How about some pre-show ice cream and catching up?” He offered, taking your hand and leading you out of the empty dressing room.


              You had a wonderful day with Josh, through eating ice-cream in the sun, to curling up in your air conditioned apartment (which felt very nice after walking through the blazing heat to get ice cream). Now you were having a shower, singing gently to yourself. Repeating the words and dance moves to yourself as the lyrics passed your lips. 2 hours until ShowTime. With a soft breath, you turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. You felt relaxed and clean, and ready to preform your heart out. Swiftly drying off you got dressed and made your way to the theatre. Though you wished Josh could have accompanied you, deep down you knew it was better if he didn’t. As he always said before your shows when the two of you would split ways, tonight was about you. About the theater group and the production all of you had worked so hard on perfecting. If he had joined, any fans in the lineup may begin to focus on Josh Dun of Twenty One Pilots, rather than the performance they were about to see. Needless to say, Josh worried about that and took all precautions not to let it happen. Which is why you sat back stage, watching everyone prepare for the night alone.

              “Ready?” Your director whispered to you, currently you stood side stage. Waiting for the que for you to make your first appearance. It was nerve wracking, but you knew your friends, family and people who loved theater were waiting in the audience, ready to cheer you on with their smiles and interest.


              Walking out with the rest of the cast, everyone stood in a line across the stage. Smiles adorned your faces as everyone took one last bow. Listening to the cheer from the audience. Opening night could not have gone better, you rocked your part as the lead. You felt weight lifted off your shoulders happily as you danced and acted. It was euphoric.

              “You did it, you did amazing Y/N!!” Natalie squealed in excitement. “I did it too, we did it!” She smiled wider than you’ve ever seen her, with a new confidence burning bright in her eyes.

              “For your first time debut, you were amazing.” You weren’t being sarcastic there, when she hit the stage it was like she had been acting for her whole life. “You better be joining again for the next one!” You smiled, giving her a tight hug before you made your way to the dressing room.

              “These are for you, dear.” Jenna, Tyler’s wife had walked over. Placing a small bouquet in your arms. “You guys did great, Tyler really wanted to be here. But his grandma got sick. He did say he was going to watch the recording though, or come out for another night. And, before I forget. Josh said meet him out back by the stage doors. You know how he is with your performances, refuses to let anyone notice him.” She smiled, giving you a tight hug.

              “Thank you Jenna. Tell Tyler I’m sorry to hear about his grandma.” You gave her a small smile at the end of your sentence before parting ways to change and see Josh. You knew to take your time getting changed, and allow for the crowd to dissipate a little before going to meet him. Otherwise, who knew what would happen?

              After a good 20 minutes, you couldn’t contain your excitement any longer and made your way to the back stage door. Wanting to hear how Josh would react about your performance. Peeking out the door from side you side, you didn’t see anyone. Well besides the few people talking amongst themselves here and there. No big deal though, they would hopefully mind their own business while you minded yours. Taking a small step outside, and walking over to the spot you and Josh always met at, you couldn’t help but smile to yourself. Especially not when you saw him holding a single flower for you, your favorite flower.

              “I would’ve gotten more, but I felt this would be romantic too.” He smiled down to you, pulling you into a tight embrace. “God you did amazing out there.” He mumbled into your hair, pressing a soft kiss to your head.

              “Thank yo-“Your sentence got cut off when a group of people approached you. By the looks on their faces, and the fact that they seemed to be staring at Josh made it clear that they weren’t about to applaud you for your acting.

              “You’re THE Josh Dun, from Twenty One Pilots.” One of the girls gasped, causing the group to erupt in excited chatters and questions for Josh. You felt your heart fall a little, you knew this wasn’t Josh’s fault; but you felt slightly overshadowed. Like your performance tonight didn’t matter because of who you were dating. You must’ve unconsciously let your face match your emotion as Josh began to speak up.

              “Hey guys, I know you’re excited because you’re a fan of Tyler and I. But we aren’t the center of attention tonight, we shouldn’t even be acknowledged right now.” Josh began in a calm tone. “Tonight was about the amazing theatrical crew that preformed tonight. They were the stars, they should be getting asked questions, and being applauded. They are the celebrities right now, not me. Not Tyler. Nobody else besides the amazing guys and girls who performed tonight. Like my beautiful girlfriend, Y/N.” Josh slipped his arms around your shoulders pulling you close. You felt a feeling of complete love and compassion wash over you as he continued. “If you guys want to hang out and talk to Ty and I, then do it at a Twenty One Pilots gig. We’ll be happy to hang out with any of you who stick around after we’re done preforming, just please not tonight. Or on any night that I come to see my girlfriend preform her heart out. You guys understand right?” Some of the fans nodded and slowly left, others looked offended and stormed off. While there was a couple fans who stuck around, asking you about your acting career and how you got to where you were.

              “Hey Josh?” You tiredly asked, as the two of you ventured home after talking to fans after the show. “Thank you for what you did tonight. For me, and for everyone else.” You smiled, getting a smile in return.

              “It really isn’t a problem. This is the dream that you all share, preforming for people night after night. You deserve the recognition for it. Not to be overshadowed by us. If it ever happens again, I’ll gladly repeat what I said tonight.” He smiled, leaning down to press his lips against yours lovingly.

              It was an indescribable feeling for you from that night on, the clique understood that Josh was at the theater to see you; not take over the spotlight. So your future shows, he sat front row and center, smiling up at you the entire time.

Cast Member of the Month |  Natalie Dormer

“You learn to navigate it. I’ve never come across a director, or a co-star, who’s disrespectful or insensitive about it. You can only take it on a case-by-case basis. As for Game of Thrones, where you’re rarely far from exposed female flesh, the nudity is at least equal opportunity. There’s plenty of male nudity in Game of Thrones, too. Sex is part of life, ergo it’s part of art. If you’re representing real life, then you will represent sex.’

Your Fave is Problematic


  • Spends way too long looking at cheese in the grocery store
  • Wears hipster shirts and W I L L  N O T admit that they are hipster
  • Likes capers???? honestly why
  • Saw Actual Real Life Tyrannus Basiltion Grimm-Pitch at the airport and DID NOT SPEAK TO HIM
  • Literally every other word is a swear word when she’s driving
  • Keeps sticks of butter in the freezer for emergencies??? I am p sure she’s actually Simon Snow in disguise
  • Wanted me to get her “leather scraps” or “bulk bee charms” for Christmas???? Honestly wtf
  • Sings along to Wildest Dreams in the car but pretends she does not like Tswift
  • One time she threw a cat at my head
  • Like seriously
  • (not really)
  • (but it did scratch me)
  • Only went Black Friday shopping to go to Hot Topic
  • Has actual real-life Natalie Dormer hair
  • Wants game of thrones inspired underwear for her birthday
  • (she’s getting something EVEN COOLER so it’s all good)
  • Takes naps in my bed like a cat (like the cat she THREW AT MY HEAD)
  • Doesn’t understand memes 

natalie dormer as the sphinx, the dangerous monster from greek mythology;

it has the haunches of a lion, sometimes with the wings of a great bird, and the face of a beautiful woman. it is mythicised as treacherous and merciless. those who cannot answer its riddle suffer a fate typical in such mythological stories, as they are killed and eaten by this ravenous monster.