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“A reader lives a thousand lives before they die. A man who never reads lives only one.”


Blake McGrath | Swish Swish Choreography

Featuring: Janelle Ginestra, Noelle Marsh, Ava Bernstine-Mitchell, Kaelynn Harris, Zachary Venegas, Sean Lew, Maddie Ziegler, Larsen Thompson, Kaycee Rice, Charlize Glass, Tori Caro, Noelle Marsh, Nicole Smith, Natalie Bebko, Madelyne Spang and Samantha Long


“My problem isn’t that my favorite characters aren’t real; it’s that I’m not fictional.  I don’t want them to be real.  What I desperately wish is that I could be fictional with them.  It’s not that I want them here with me in this mundane and ordinary world; it’s that I want to join them in their extraordinary one.”


The Marauders era+Instagram!Au

Karen Gillan as Lily Evans, Aaron Johnson as James Potter, Andrew Garfield as Remus Lupin, Ben Barnes as Sirius Black, Natalie Dormer as Narcissa Black, Carey Mulligan as Alice Longbottom, Rose Leslie as Molly Weasley.
(Molly is 11 years older than everyone above. They’re all 21 except Molly, who is 32.)


100 Days Of Heath Ledger – Day 34

The Four Feathers (2002)

“We had one sequence where I get shot off my horse. I stand up and look behind me and there are about a hundred horses heading towards me. There is one horse with no-one in the saddle and as they come towards me I have to run, grab the saddle, bounce off the ground and onto the horse …  I got a real kick out of that.” — Heath Ledger on doing the stunt himself

“I said, “Heath, you could die.” We had just done the scene the day before in which another character says, “I will die if it’s God’s will” So Heath said to me. “Shеkhar, I will die if it’s God’s will.” — Shеkhar Kapur, director 

Imagine the wry contempt Moriarty, the master criminal must have felt for Holmes, living at the centre of the brutal British empire and imagining that Moriarty’s little crimes were the worst thing in the world.
—  Frankie Boyle