natalie dupres


Joshua and Natalie rendezvous at the Old House (oh, OK, meet…lol). He reveals that Barnabas is under a curse—Angelique’s curse–and is hoping she can help him find another witch to remove it. Natalie agrees to send a psychic message, but warns him that whoever answers her summons could be either a friend or an enemy. 

*lol at Joshua doing the Barnabas thing at the window


Josette begs Vicki to release Barnabas from her power. Her life is meaningless without Barnabas. Vicki insists that she is not a witch, and it is Josette for whom a terrible fate awaits. If she needs proof, read the Collins Family History book. Josette and Natalie find the book. They are startled to see that it was published in 1965 in Bangor, Maine (not Massachusetts) and shows a photograph of Josette’s portrait, which only recently arrived from France. Miss Winters must be a witch! Josette gasps when she reads the entry under her name, Josette DuPres Collins:

“Died by her own hand, winter of 1795.”

*Shouldn’t they be startled to see any photograph? The first photographic image wasn’t produced until 1826.

*They need to be moving the calendar along. It should be early 1796 by now.


Josette doesn’t feel like accompanying Barnabas to the cabinet maker. Will Natalie go with him instead? Her aunt is concerned. All brides are terrified.  Is Josette becoming frightened of her new life…of marriage? Of Barnabas? No. Josette would happily marry Barnabas tonight if she could. Natalie is relieved to hear it.

Five minutes with Mr. Collins Senior would be enough to make me call the carriage and leave.”



Natalie dresses nervous bride Josette. Enter Angelique with her “amulet.” Josette doesn’t want to wear the tacky flower on her pretty bridal gown, so Angelique turns on the tears. She has nothing else to give mademoiselle (boo hoo). Natalie convinces Josette to wear it.

“What harm can it do?”

*Uh-oh. Even on a “regular” soap opera, those words are the harbinger of doom.


I love him. Do you hear? I love him! I couldn’t say that before, even to you, when he was alive. But I do. I love him. I’ve loved him since the first time I ever saw him!”

Natalie tries to console an inconsolable Josette. Fearing an adverse effect on the Collins Shipyard should Barnabas’ death from the plague become public knowledge, Joshua will say that Barnabas went to England on business and decided to stay. Josette is stunned to realize that this matches, more or less, the entry in the Collins Family History.


“Barnabas really. What do you want to tell Josette? That you are sorry you married her maid? I should think you would be.”

Barnabas and Natalie go ten rounds about his wanting to see Josette. Josette is unhappy enough without seeing him again. Barnabas tries to tell Natalie that Josette’s life is in danger and she must take her niece out of town…to Boston. Natalie accuses him of speaking in riddles and having a curious morality. He thought they were friends, but she no longer respects him after his “ridiculous marriage”. Barnabas takes his leave, but tells Natalie that she will be responsible if anything happens to Josette.

*Good scene between Grayson Hall and Jonathan Frid, but still lacking in the oomph or magnetism that exists in Barnabas and Julia scenes *sigh* Chemistry is often very character oriented, imo.


Josette freaks when she sees Barnabas’ coffin being carried out. Joshua escorts Natalie and Josette out to their carriage and finds Ben sneaking in. Ben is shocked to learn Barnabas is dead. Joshua must allow Ben to grieve for his friend. Angelique defends Ben to Joshua.

You forget that we were servants together.”

That, madam, I will never forget!”