natalie christine

i’m so fucking mad. there seems to be this never ending trend with eviction interviews and only women being called out, and we all know only 3 people have been booed in this shows history and all of them have been women.  2/3 [aaryn/amanda] who actually deserved to be raked over coals [but so did spencer, caleb, cody, paulie, etc.]

it honestlly pisses me off that paulie who was a raging sexist and was emotionally abusive to zakiyah and was using her wasn’t called out during his interview with julie. he had been awful all season making sexist comments. but is he dragged? nope. but natalie has a bad week on the block and is given direct quotes about james.

why the fuck does production and this show continue to shit on women? zakiyah got dragged more than paulie and she was the victim. meech got dragged. natalie got dragged. christine got dragged, etc.

not to mention natalie’s edit these past couple nights. before she was the stupid ditzy bubbly girl [even though she was behind paulie being exposed, and of course was never credited for this, james got ore credit then she did. and if that doesn’t scream misogyny idk what does.]

compared this to the paulie edits, yes the sunday episode of his last week destroyed him but cbs went right  back on that with the redemption arc they gave him. refusing to show the fact he was refusing to go to jury, and using his aunt’s sympathy as a play, and making the blatant rule breaking seem like less than it was.

but none of his behavior even got called out in the his exit interview. yet natalie got aaryn level treatment with direct quotes of what she said.
why does production continue to hate women? it’s so tiring .