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‘a historical ship’
↳ Henry & Anne (The Tudors)

I beg you, my entirely beloved, not to frighten yourself nor be too uneasy at our absence, for wherever I am, I am yours. No more at present, from lack of time, but that I wish you in my arms, that I might a little dispel your unreasonable thoughts. Written by the hand of him who is and always will be yours.


And will you leave me thus? Say nay, say nay, for shame To save you from the blame Of all my grief and grame And will you leave me so? Say no, say no And will you leave me thus? And have no more pity Of he that loves thee? Alas, your cruelty! And will you leave me thus? Say no, say no Well, do you like it? - Should I like something that accuses me of being cruel? - You are cruel, Mistress Anne. - Am I? 

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December 4, 2016

Kitsis and Horowtiz interview post 6.10


                    The six wives of Henry VIII + moden au aesthetic

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♔ The D O W N F A L L of A N N E  B O L E Y N.

  • January 29th 1536 - Anne Boleyn suffered a tragic miscarriage, losing a baby boy, which she is believed to have carried for but fifteen weeks.
  • March 1536 - Anne Boleyn argued with Thomas Cromwell, stating that monastic assets should be redistributed to charitable and educational causes.
  • April 1st 1536 - Henry VIII sent Jane Seymour a letter and purse of gold, which she asked to be given to her only when she made an honourable match.
  • April 2nd 1536 - Anne Boleyn’s almoner, John Skip, preached a sermon that attacked Cromwell’s ideas about the dissolution of the monasteries.
  • April 24th 1536 - Thomas Cromwell and Sir Thomas Audley set up two commissions of oyer and terminer to investigate alleged acts of treason.
  • April 26th 1536 - Anne Boleyn entrusted her chaplain, Matthew Parker, with the spiritual care of her little daughter, should anything happen to her.
  • April 29th 1536 - Anne Boleyn quarrelled with Sir Henry Norris, accusing him of being in love with her, and thus looking for “dead men’s shoes”.
  • April 30th 1536 - Carrying her infant daughter in her arms, Anne Boleyn made her final, most desperate appeal to her estranged husband.
  • May 1st 1536 - Henry VIII received a letter at the May Day joust, which led him to abruptly leave Anne Boleyn at the joust, and interrogate Sir Henry Norris.
  • May 2nd 1536 - Accused of committing adultery with at least three different men, Anne Boleyn was arrested, and thus imprisoned in the Tower of London.

So I was watching Next To Normal again, and something caught my eye. In an interview, Aaron mentioned how he had to occupy himself so often because he had to be on stage a lot, but not saying anything or interacting with anyone. So he imagined that he was hovering around and causing chaos by simply touching parts of the house.

Well, after Henry’s line, “So don’t give up on me.” Gabe touches a part of the house that’s right beside Natalie, and that’s when she turns a cold shoulder to Henry and says her famous line, “Goodbye, Henry.”

Just… Aaron Tveit.