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Pink; a delicate color that means sweet, nice, playful, cute, romantic, charming, feminine, and tenderness, is associated with bubble gum, flowers, cotton candy, and sweetness. The color pink is the color of universal love of oneself and of others.

the signs as female indie pop artists
  • Aries: Meg Myers
  • Taurus: Sky Ferreira
  • Gemini: Charli XCX
  • Cancer: Foxes
  • Leo: Ryn Weaver
  • Virgo: Marina and the Diamonds
  • Libra: Betty Who
  • Scorpio: Natalia Kills
  • Sagittarius: Zella Day
  • Capricorn: Tove Lo
  • Aquarius: Halsey
  • Pisces: Melanie Martinez
  • based on the music of each artist, not their actual sun signs

the dysfunctional family playlist 

1. dollhouse- melanie martinez || 2. self-fulfilling prophecy- maria mena || 3. seventeen- marina & the diamonds || 4. television- natalia kills || 5. family portrait- pink || 6. because of you- kelly clarkson || 7. saturday night- natalia kills || 8. cause and effect- maria mena || 9. for the love of a daughter- demi lovato 

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McFarland is one of those feel good movies from Disney that makes you want to do something more with your life. Kevin Costner plays Coach Jim White aka Blanco who sees the potential in a group of kids from one of the poorest towns in America. He notices that these kids seem to be able to run forever - from the picking farms to school and back to the farms after school. So he decides to create a cross-country team. This is their story. It’s a beautifully shot film about resilience and self-discovery. And some of the jokes aren’t half bad either. Like I said, Disney always knows how to create films that make you feel like you’ve wasted your entire life. So here’s a list of 10 ways the boys of McFarland made me feel completely inadequate.

1) When I found out that this movie was based on a true story.
“Based on a true story” usually always means that this person’s life was amazing and yours will never live up to it. Great.

2) When the boys’ alarm clocks go off at the ass crack of dawn.
They literally wake up at satan o’clock to go pick on the farms to make some extra money for their families. Makes me feel incredibly blessed to have the life I have.

3) They go to a full day of school after spending all morning picking cotton.
Damn these are some hard workers. I am seriously slacking.

4) They run 8-10 miles a day.
“They about that #fitlife,” I write while sitting on my couch after eating ice cream out of the tub.

5) They return to the farms after school to pick some more cotton.
They’ve probably been up for about 16 hours by this point or something. They only thing I can do in 16 hours is marathon tv shows.

6) No matter how bad their day was, they all sit down together to eat dinner as a family.
My family can watch tv together for about 30 minutes before everyone decides they’re sick of breathing the same air.

7) Not only do they all eat dinner together, they eat delicious home cooked Mexican food.
The rest of us can just give up now because none of us have enchiladas waiting for us at home.

8) They can get the entire town to rally together to support their cross-country team.
This one time I got 94 RTs on a tweet about Kristen Stewart. So I guess that’s kind of the same thing.

9) Did I mention they run 8-10 miles a day?
With hill training. And they don’t even have good running shoes or even real hills! 

10) Their coach really believes in them and actually wants them to succeed.
Last night my mother accidentally locked me out of the house.


Common Ground Presents: “Battle Royale”

Making this set was a bit stressful for us. We didn’t want to disappoint the die hard fans of this film so we tried our best to summarize the whole film in under 5 minutes. It was definitely risky making this set because we were scared that no one would know this movie and plus it was Japanese. Regardless, Common Ground likes to take those risks and show our hard work to the dance community. I hope you guys enjoy and like it! [=

Directed by: Anthony Ray Martinez & Natalia Garcia

Mitsuko: Angela Banzon
Nanahara: Marvin Poquiz
Kiriyama: Marvie Solis
Nakagawa (Noriko): Leary Salupen
Kawada: Francis Bonilla
Kitano: Stefan Caderao

Medley by
: Marvie Solis
Subtitles: Frankie Nguyen


Daniela Ospina in Colombian “Dancing with the Stars”.

It’s official, Daniela Ospina, wife of footballer James Rodriguez, will compete in Bailando con las estrellas, which transmits the RCN Television. Female volleyball player will compete among others with a model Natalia Paris, actress Flora Martinez and singer Galy Galiano. Ospina prepared in Spain, where she will remain until Christmas.