natalia heel

A Little Lesson in Easter Eggs

Authors’ Note: Happy Easter and Happy Sunday!!! @vintagemichelle91 and I hope that you had a wonderful day! We are backtracking in our timeline just a tad to bring you a brief glimpse of the Barba Family getting into the holiday spirit! Enjoy!!!

Mami? What we doing?”

Natalia smiled as she set down the carton of hard-boiled eggs, her watercolor pencils, and several sorts of glitter. Kissing Violetta’s plump, pink cheek, she dropped the food coloring into cups of warm water mixed with vinegar and handed her daughter a small spoon.

“We’re dyeing Easter eggs, sweet pea,” Natalia explained. “You can make them any color you like, and then we get to decorate them!”

Having always enjoyed the activity as a child and even more so with her students, Natalia rose early and began boiling the eggs before her baby’s breakfast was even underway. Now, after they had sat in the refrigerator and were more than safe to touch, she placed four eggs on Violetta’s dish, took four for her herself, and set the rest aside for her slumbering husband.

Why we doing this?” Violetta asked.

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