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My Top 10 Favourite Actresses

#10: Gal Gadot                           #5: Margot Robbie

#9: Gemma Arterton                  #4: Emma Stone

#8: Mila Kunis                            #3: Natalie Portman

#7: Emily Blunt                          #2: Olga Kurylenko

#6: Keira Knightley                   #1: Jennifer Lawrence

#Bonus: Emily Ratajkowski


I want a Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy movie titled “Gal Pals” with them dealing with whatever threat that turns out to be a hilarious misunderstanding and Ivy tells Harley that she needs to get home and check on her babies, Harley assumes that she means her plants and gives her a loving kiss on the cheek farewell and midway through the end credits Ivy arrives at her lab and kisses a large rosebud which opens to reveal a baby, Ivy picks up the child and the camera zooms out revealing two others and hinting at a Poison Ivy movie

why i'm shitting on wonder woman already.  a fat rant.

The whole point of wonder woman is that shes hench as fuck.

I don’t mean toned I’m talking about Serena Williams, female body builders, women in the army.


 I don’t want another female superhero who looks dainty with a bit of muscle. You can have smaller built  superheroes like RDJ and Ant Man  then HENCH like all of the Chris’. but for women…they all look pretty much the same..

BEFORE I START I LOVE THE LOOK OF HER, GADOT SEEMS TO HAVE THE “you really think this impresses me, me? An amazon?!* look down.  I just wanted her more .. .bigger.

The point of Wonder Woman is that she is able to look imposing. Not stealthy deadly like Black Widow or Wasp. I mean you look at her and you shit yourself.

And she doesn’t.

To me.

I wanted her muscles to be a part of her beauty.

But you know DC fanboys need something to wank over..

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anonymous asked:

I wonder when will the happy announcement? Natalie Portman, Marion Cotillard, Gal Gadot and many others who announced the pregnancy in October and November have already given birth to children. Ben is waiting for a convenient information period, as it was the first time?

Or they’re gonna play the privacy card.

Considering how Pilo’s birth announcement was handled, both options are beyond fishy at this point…