Reviews for Lea Michele Scream Queens 1x1 and 1x2.

I’ll just say, she (Lea) RULED many of the jokes. So funny! She’s giddy and a little naive seeming so far!  Natalaya Liainahrt FOX TV 28

“- Which actor/actress surprised you the most in it? - Hands down, that title belongs to Lea Michele as the neckbrace-bound nerd Hester. Glee’s former queen-bee promised ET back in March that this new role would be nothing like Rachel Berry, and she was most certainly telling the truth. Michele – who barely says more than six words in the entire first hour! – is an undeniable scene stealer as the overly-knowledgeable Kappa pledge who doesn’t let Chanel’s intensity stifle her enthusiasm to support her sisters.” ET 

Lea Michele Is Everything and Nothing. As Hester, the neck-braced KKT pledge who doesn’t utter a single line really in the pilot, Lea kills it, doing more with a few facial expressions that many actresses do in a few seasons. This is no Rachel Berry. Such a smart post-Glee role. E! online

Lea Michele (who is very funny in her limited screen time as Hester).. tvovermind

Lea Michele is hilarious.

And so NOT Rachel Berry. As Hester, Michele is able to tap into her macabre side, portraying a character with uncanny knowledge of the dead. Hester will do anything Chanel #1 (aka MOM) says, which makes her a prime candidate for being Chanel #6. We see a makeover montage to ’80s music in her future. MTV

Toss in Lea Michele slaying an against-type performance as a neckbrace-wearing nerd , The Daily Beast

And God help, Lea Michele is REALLY REALLY funny in her small role here, and along with Glen Powell as the Stereotypically Jock Dude seem truly locked into the potential of this series’ tone. Boobtube Dude

The Chanels are amusing, but the real laughs come from the Kappa pledges, including Glee alum Lea Michele as the hilarious and overeager Hester. Nerd Repository

Standouts from the first two episodes are … Lea Michele as Hester, a neckbrace-wearing KKT pledge who is obsessed with death.. IGN

A special mention to Lea Michele, whose character is so different from Glee’s Rachel Berry and she will make you laugh a lot because she’s so goofy. Spoiler TV

As the aggressively bizarre Hester, Lea Michele gets to remind people that she is seriously good at playing unhinged characters. She has chased a more glamorous aesthetic since her early days on Glee, likely to purposefully distance herself from Rachel Berry’s square wardrobe, but her turn as Hester joyfully undoes that work. Hester’s manic mumblings, constantly buzzing energy, and alarming asides make her stand out. Vox

On Lea Michele. She does well (and gets some laughs), but this just feels like such an odd role for her. A resentful glee fan questioned more and he answered.. They’re lucky to get someone with Lea’s presence in this sort of role. Brian Cantor

Best of all is Lea Michele of “Glee,” who plays an affirmative-action pledge who’s locked into a neck brace and can make you laugh simply by darting her eyes helplessly around her limited field of vision. NY Times