Your Eyes || Natalark

Maybe it was because she knew. Maybe that was why the time had seemed to have gone by so quickly. She’d die tonight. Without pain. In her sleep. The doctors said so. Of course…they only’d said that to Clark. They told her she was coming in for a routine, one week check up that’d have to run overnight. She hated that they were bullshitting her, but Natalie went along with it. She and Clark had walked in silence to the hospital after spending their last times in the house they’d briefly shared, taking a picture for memory’s sake–two copies, one for him to keep, and the other for her to keep on her person–and grasping each others’ hand as if it were life; partially because it practically was.

He’d taken her down to the infirmary ward and into the room she’d be staying in, the blonde immediately taking refuge in the bed, her head and chest pounding. The doctors had initially warned Clark that he couldn’t go in with her; however, after seeing the patient with him’s name, they relented and permitted him until visiting hours were through. “Clarky…” She whispers softly, the white sheet pulled over her head to block out the lighting. Her small hand emerges from the fabric, patting the spot next to her for him to come over.

To Be Loved || Natalark

The glowing buttons stared Natalie in the face, mockingly, after what seemed like ages of sitting and staring at them. It was considerably late at night, probably into the A.M. hours at this point, and even after ages of lying in the large, plush bed on her own, the blonde couldn’t manage to get to sleep. Clark’d said that they’d be on separate floors, but hadn’t completely explained how to get from one to the other. She’d come this way. So Natalie figured that, somehow, this was meant to take her back. Two buttons. Could set off an alarm. Could do anything. The day’d been long enough, with people she’d never met poking and prodding. This was the last thing she needed.