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10 Things To Know About Castle Season Seven Premiere “Driven”
  1. Kate Beckett can both have total faith and loose it in Richard Castle at the same time.
  2. Kate Beckett trades her mother’s old murder board for a missing person board.
  3. Sometimes the evidence can be too overwhelming to deny
  4. That feeling of family Kate Beckett had with Martha and Alexis at the end of season six becomes strained in the season seven premiere – there is unconditional love and then there is a feeling of abandonment
  5. Javier Esposito’s looking at the dark side of things, and continued Castle bashing, is getting old.
  6. Two months is a long time
  7. The first 30 minutes of the season seven premiere is kind of tedious and you want to speed it up
  8. Kate Beckett still has her apartment
  9. Lanie Parish can get evidence from a live body just like a dead one
  10. Sometimes you just can’t pick up where you left off.

Extra Credit: Who wanted to see a scruffy Castle?

“I did loose hope. But I would get it back. Developed rituals in order to hang onto it.” - Kate Beckett

Castle Ep - Dressed to Kill (6x14) - Quick Thoughts

My full review will appear next Monday night on Pop Insomniacs, but here are a few thoughts on the episode as I saw the screener tonight.

Where has writer Elizabeth Beall been? She painted a great portrayal of Castle and Beckett as a couple. There was heart-felt conversations, sharing and kisses.

The closing scene was like reading a fan fiction story. I had to remind myself it wasn’t - what Kate Beckett said to Castle was cannon. 

There was so much heart and longing. And though there was a stretch, in the middle of the episode, where Castle and Beckett were not in scenes together, the balance in the rest of the episode made the absence less noticeable.

Balance, that is the word I would use for this episode. Many of the other Castle writers should take note on how Beall wrote Castle and Beckett and copy it. I felt a real connection between the two, and we also got some amazing scenes with Martha - both with Castle and Beckett and with Castle and herself.

Another note on the balance, Ryan and Esposito were used the way they are supposed to be used, as supporting characters. AND the episode flowed so much better when the writers didn’t have to try and shoe-horn Alexis in an ep. Oh, wait, you mean she wasn’t instantly interested in fashion and happened to show up interning at the magazine? Thank goodness she wasn’t.

Some things to look out for:

Beckett in a wedding dress

Wedding venue talk

Beckett back at her apartment

The heart-breaking look on Beckett’s face when she misses her mom

Understanding Castle

The end scene - pure shpper gold.

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