Nate: “Oh wow, a doormat.”

Arabella: “Yeah… welcome”

Nate: “Hm. I was more looking forward to what’s under the doormat, though.”

Arabella: “…What?”

Nate: “I’m kidding.”

Arabella: “Okay, now give me your jacket.”

Arabella: “…and your pants.”

Nate: “The ja-”

Arabella: “Your pants, Nathaniel.”

Nate: "You know, that feistiness was so much better in bed last week.“

Arabella: "I love you but please, shut up and take the pants off already.”

Nate: "Thank God I chose to wear underwear today.“


Arabella is the girlfriend Nate loved the most and that’s why he let her go, because he knew that Reid would make her happier. Even in 2016, I’m convinced that he was still very much in love with her, only he knew his boundaries and truly allowed himself to be happy for her. That’s how he grew. He wasn’t being childish when it came to how the person he loved was happy.

He shut her out during rehab because she made him feel better back then and he didn’t want her to think that all of her hard work went to nothing.

Arabella: “Thanks for dropping me off”
Nate: “Yeah sure… Bella, wait…”
Arabella: “Is everything okay?”
Nate: “I’m so sorry… for all of the pain I caused you”
Arabella: “Nate, you don’t have-”
Nate: “No, please. I have to. I was an asshole and I had no reason to be”
Arabella: “It’s okay, I know you didn’t mean it. I understand you better than you think I do, trust me”
Nate: “I love you. I love you so much. More than anyone or anything in the world. I do”
Arabella: “So you finally say it… Wait, more than Mia?”
Nate: “She doesn’t even come close”
Arabella: “I love you so much, Nathaniel James”

Nate: “Hey, Bella, you had a good summer?”
Arabella: “You left…”
Nate: “No, I went to my mo-”
Arabella: “You left and I needed you!”


To be honest, yes he did leave. It wasn’t only because his mom had practically begged his dad to let Nate stay over during the summer, but it was also because Nate needed some time to get away…mostly from Arabella. The fact of her loving him scared the crap out of him and who could blame him, really? He was in a relationship with Harper in the first place because he knew that there wasn’t any ‘love’ there. Sure, they liked each other but that didn’t mean that they were going to end up falling in love. With Arabella, though, he felt like that feeling was real, that the word love was too honest and he wasn’t ready for such a thing. In other words, he didn’t have the guts to admit to loving someone right now. So yes, he did leave, but he felt more terrible about it now that Arabella has brought up the fact that he left her in her time of need. He wasn’t a hundred per cent well too, you know?

Arabella: "Nate, I’m swimming in your robe.“
Nate: *laughs* 
Arabella: "Oh, so you’re going to laugh at me instead of help me…”
Nate: "Baby, the only way I could help you is to get you out of that robe and find you something else to sleep in.“
Arabella: "I want that plaid shirt you never let anyone wear.”
Nate: "Oh, so you’re going to choose now…“

Nate: “you know I heard you that night”
Arabella: “what night?”
Nate: “the night I stayed with you and you told me you loved me?”
Arabella: “no I didn-”
Nate: “no no no…we’re not doing this. I love you”
Arabella: “you what?”
Nate: “I love you and I failed myself so I can stay with you for another year so we’re done running around this. I love you and you love me and that’s all that matters”

Nate: “You’re still super pretty…”
Arabella: “And you’re drunk as hell”
Nate: “Mhm, Blaine’s fault”
Arabella: “Well, I’m just going to call him or Harper or anyone to get you out of here”
Nate: “I can make it back to my dorm on my own…”
Arabella: “More like get yourself killed. I mean, look at you!”
Nate: “So you still care, baby?”
Arabella: “Shut up, Nathaniel!”
Nate: “Oh you’re so cute when you call me that”