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 Your name is GABRIEL, but is also known by the Winchesters as the TRICKSTER. You have just sent them to a CSI MIAMI parody channel, on which you would follow shortly.

 First, you are going to go visit your younger brother, CASTIEL.

=>Visit Castiel

If you remember correctly, which if course you do because you’re an angel and angels have perfect memory, Castiel stood high upon your list of “Very Tight Angels.” However, at this moment Castiel (or his vessel) has incredibly messy hair, and in the sun light that reflects on the dust on his head, and he seems very human. You find it amusing.

=> Snap away the duct tape from his mouth

(For the Gabriel Monthly Challenge: May)

Prompts are “He looked at me. His hair was a mess, and in the morning sun he looked more handsome and human than I’ve ever seen”-Statement and “Stop laughing at me and help me out of this trashcan. I think my foot is stuck in a coffee cup”-Dialogue

Okay, I tweaked the dialogue prompt a liiiiiiiiitle bit

I actually just forgot the word-to-word prompt aha

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Based on a conversation between leviathanteacups and myself earlier this evening. I TOLD YOU I WOULD DO IT.