Nate Parker’s Film, Birth of a Nation, premiered this past Monday. He recently sat down and commented on the racism in this country and why he chose that film title.

“This is what I think: that we as artists have to understand that there is pervasive racism in Hollywood and in America, and we can either pick the weed, or we can roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty and get into the root. Our problem, what we’re dealing with right now, is foundational. The business of Hollywood was built on the propaganda of D.W. Griffith and [1915’s] The Birth of a Nation. It was the very first feature film that played in the White House and it was an enormous success, yet it said one thing: Embrace white supremacy, and you will survive. That was his message. And America embraced it.

It was critical that I use this title. I wanted to put a spotlight on this film — what it did to America, what it did to our film industry, what it did to people of color with respect for domestic terrorism. There’s blood on that title, so I wanted to repurpose it. From now on, The Birth of a Nation is attached to Nat Turner, one of the bravest revolutionaries this country has ever seen.”
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Slave rebellions are difficult things for mainstream america to grapple with because they involve dealing with a part of history that western nations have relegated to the dark corners of their collective history. The Nat Turner rebellion is one of those moments that when I read about I felt like the Haitian revolution this was ripe for cinematic depiction but is america ready for such a tale? I think america is and has been for a while. In confronting slavery and in essence weaving it into the fabric of western history and in sense allowing these nations to really grapple with slavery. So I am super excited about this movie.
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This is a film about the slave rebellion led by Nat Turner. Not to be confused with the old pro-klan movie birth of a nation.