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i didnt expect to love the idea of trans nat so much but,, i do??? peter and nat become Ultimate Trans Buds and she gives pete so much hope for the future w how comfortable she's become w her body and he can be okay

leaked script from infinity war:

tony, over an intercom:hey, kid, i’m gonna need you to help me out with this fight in the middle of the city. thanos is tougher than we expected.

peter: okay!!!!!11!1!!

natasha: i thought you said this was too dangerous for him

tony: nah, it’ll be fine

peter: sweet!! lemme just go suit up and – hey what’s that noise

steve, from across the room, standing in the shadows while combing his beard: that’s natasha growling. she gets protective over you.


170701 - astro twitter update

더운 날씨에 핑크카로 시원하게 팬미팅 할수있게해준 배스킨라빈스♡ 고마워요^^ 마싯닿😆 헤헿 다음에 또>< #baskinrobbins
아로하 사랑해😚

there’s a pink car during our fanmeeting in a hot weather and baskin robbins makes our fanmeeting become so cool♡ thank you^^ it’s delicious😆 Heheh next time (let’s eat baskin robbins) again>< #baskinrobbins
AROHA we love you😚

trans by nat @ fyeahsanwoo. take out with full credits