Rec: Rock and Riot

“Rock and Riot follows the tale of two opposing teenage gangs in the 1950s with an LGBTQ theme!”

(slice of life)

89 episodes, 9 chapters; ongoing.

Can be found on Tumblr (rockandriotcomic) and on Tapastic.

Rock and Riot, by Chelsea Furedi on Tapastic, is about a girl gang, Jacquettes, led by Connie, and a boy gang, the Rollers, led by Frankie. They are rival gangs, and as such very competitive, but what happens when members from each gang discover that they may not have as much differences as they previously thought?

Many different races represented.
MLM, WLW, and trans and nonbinary characters represented.


Growing Up Transgender and Mormon | Short Film Showcase

Eri Hayward was born as a boy in Utah and raised in the Church of Latter-Day Saints. Filmmaker Torben Bernhard shot this poignant short, Transmormon, just before Eri flew to Thailand for sexual reassignment surgery. In the piece, she and her family talk about the long and often painful journey it took to recognize and embrace her transgender identity and the role their faith played along the way. “Being LDS was our life,” she says. “It’s one of the reasons I didn’t find out about what being trans was until I was an adult.” - Nat Geo


can you tell what angle i like to photograph natalie best…… its also coincidently the side with the better eyeliner asfykhfjk. i traded out her regular eyes for naomi’s and theyre cute, but they reflect better in naomi.

im also getting a better feel for her personality, and i feel like shes kind of devious; her appearance and behaviour is very composed and monitered, but she loves to playfully insult others and can be like a shark out for blood when she finds something that works other people up. definitely can get a little carried away, but ultimately shes very loyal.

Avengers/Hogwarts Crossover


Heads of house:

Peggy teaches Transfiguration, Fury teaches Alchemy, Frigga teaches Charms and Hill teaches Apparition. 

We also have the potions teacher

and astronomy teacher

That’s about it for staff so far, other than the lovable and incredibly patient nurse

But anyway who cares about the staff? Nobody. We care about the students. 

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holyliving  asked:

🌟🌟🌟 please!!

  • you seem like a jonesy or a quantum teens are go kind a gal? the first one’s about a bi latina girl w/ the power to make ppl fall in love w/ anything (not herself though) there’s a real sweet wlw subplot throughout, and recently they did an issue about the power of protesting against political authorities that i thought was really well handled
  • quantum teens are go is abt a couple trying to make a time machine (for reasons i dont quite remember, i think mostly bc theyre dissatisfied w/ their current lives) nat’s a trans girl and she’s great i love her lots

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