nat taking her femininity and owning it and turning it into a weapon


Request- 12 and 13, the reader and Peter are dating, and reader gets taken by HYDRA and is now fighting against Peter/the avengers ( thank you @andy-winchester-67​ the request was so good )

AN- sorry I didn’t fit 12 in, but I hope you enjoy. ps this is really long.


“Ok, so meet at four and then we can go training, yeah?”

You pulled away from Peters lips, asking him, double checking. Well, more like triple checking, it was a habit to check everything as you knew you were very forgetful at the best of times, and with Peter it was even worse.

With Peter nothing else was important, everything else just seemed to melt away. Anything that had been stressing you out, any worries. He was perfect in your eyes, always there for you even when you were freaking out over some test, he’d help you revise, though usually he’d help you de stress in another way.

“Mm hmm.”

He mumbled, trying to press his lips back to yours, but you turned you head so his lips only connected with your cheek.

Peter let out a little groan at your stunt, he was in those moods where he just wanted attention, any kind whether you were playing with his hair or running your fingertips over his arm gently, making a slight massage sensation.


You pulled his arms off you, so he pulled a small pout, that he knew you couldn’t resist, but you had to this time.

“I have to get home, and you need to study.”

Falling back on his bed you had been previously sitting on, he said something that was muffled by his pillow covering his mouth. Reaching over, you pulled the pillow pecked him on the lips, making sure that you didn’t let Peter pull you in for another.

“But I don’t want you to go, I’ll miss you too much.”

It took a lot for the grin not to take over, biting your gums to stop it.

“Meet you at four, I promise.”

Walking out of Peters room, you said goodbye to Aunt May, taking a cookie she offered you. She had always like you, from the second Peter came home talking about the ‘pretty girl who sits next to me in Physics’. May took even more of a liking to you when you first met her, the way Peter looked at you made her heart melt, he looked at you as if you were his whole world.

The air was crisp when you walked outside, a typical winter afternoon in New York. You quickly wrapped the scarf, which was a gift from your grandmother, shortly before she passed away a few months ago.

The streets were mainly empty, which was quite unusual for a Saturday. Usually people would be rushing around, either running to work or trying to rush to get food. New York was always busy, but now there was only two or three people lingering around.

At first you didn’t think much of it, until the closest person raised his sleeve to his mouth, speaking to a comm. You then noticed how instantly the other two people locked their eyes on you, like a target.

You were outnumbered, and unarmed.

You had no idea who these people were, or which organisation they were working for, but they knew how you were and what you were capable of. They were on edge, you could tell by their body language. Their shoulders rolled back, to make them look bigger and more intimidating.

You couldn’t look scared now, you couldn’t let them have the upper hand, because if you showed weakness for even a slight second, then you would be the one to pay.

The closest man to you began to walk towards you, at a slow pace, but began to speed up at a rapid pace. Not exactly hiding his intentions. But then he walked past you, brushing your shoulders slightly.

Stopping in your tracks, you turned to see the man turn the corner, not looking back at you for a single second. 

It was in the moment when you let your guard down, someone wrapped a cloth around your mouth from behind. Arm wrapped around your neck, not letting you move, and forcing you to breathe the chemicals on the handkerchief.

The last thing you heard before everyone went black was a deep voice, whispering into your ear,

“Hail Hydra.”

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