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“Go to Bible School to Get a Husband,” and other things you shouldn’t tell little girls

“Go to Bible School to get a husband.”

→ How about, “Go to Bible School to deepen your relationship with Christ?”
→ Why not, “Go to Bible School to explore intellectually what you have felt emotionally/spiritually?”
→ What if we said, “Go to Bible School to seek out God’s leading and calling on your life?”

     2. “Be careful not to cause your brothers in Christ to stumble.”
→ How about, “Be careful to surround yourself with men/women who build you up and don’t tear you down.”
→ Why not, “Watch out for the men/women who view your virginity as the validity for you to be a part of the body of Christ.”
→ What if we said, “Protect yourself from men/women who blame their lust on your body.”

     3. “It’s okay, Jesus is your boyfriend.”
→ How about, “You don’t need a boyfriend to make you valuable to the Kingdom of God.”
→ Why not, “Look for your worth in God’s love for you vs. finding your worth in the love and acceptance of a significant other.”
→ What if we said, “You are still living in relationship, even if you are ‘single’. You are in relationship with God, yourself, and the people around you. Romantic relationships do not trump the importance of these relationships.”

      4. “Guard your heart.”
→ How about, “It’s okay to be soft. Do not fear your own tenderness, God has not given you a spirit of fear.”
→ Why not, “It’s not your fault. Guarding your heart doesn’t always save you from bad stuff happening.”
→ What if we said, “We all make mistakes, it’s okay to feel this hurt, God is with you in this hurt.”

      5. “Wait for the man you will marry.”
→ How about, “It’s okay to hold off on sexual activity, but don’t hold off on living your life before you (potentially) meet the man of your dreams.”
→ Why not, “There’s more to focus on than waiting for a future mate.”
→ What if we said, “God has good work for you to do now that you can’t wait on.”



Bout time i drew some shiratorizawas

Tendou is kinda nightmare fuel half the time and idek how his face does the things it does but also,,,, hes weirdly adorable,,,,,
Also ushiwaka what a megadork i love

So, thanks to the New England weather, I have a snow day in mid-March. I found this in my drafts and thought this was perfect timing.

To create the scene, Natris are gettin’ frisky in bed the morning of a blizzard. No school for Nat. Unfortunately, that also means no school for the kids who have taken upon themselves to get up early to check out the snow and bang on their parents’ bedroom door.


A growl vibrated against her neck, but not before she let out a sexually frustrated sigh. “Is it too late to sell them?” She whispered, half-joking.

Chris’s answering laugh tickled her skin. “We could get a good penny if we sell them as a package deal. I know a guy.”

Nat rolled her eyes, a smile tugging on her lips. “You always know a guy-”

“Connections, baby. Gotta make friends in all the right places.”

“You’re starting to creep me the fuck out,” she said around a giggle.

Dear people who miss someone,

Listen to me right now. It is perfectly ok to miss someone, even if you just saw them today. Even if you’ve only met them once. Even if it’s your significant other. Even if it’s your past significant other. You’re allowed to miss them. But, don’t let it own you. Go, live your life! Make something crazy, bake a cake, take a walk outside, watch a movie, do something for you. Don’t let your longing own you, especially if the person you miss is no longer in your life or wasn’t good to you. Remember the good times, and move forward! Nobody can invalidate your feelings, but be sure to take care of yourself and live your life too. Also, please feel free to drop me a message if you need to talk! I’m always here for you guys, even if you don’t follow me.

Rain’s dating profile (based on facts)

Name: Jung Ji-hoon (Rain or Bi Rain)

Age: 33

I absolutely: love Black music, R&B, Rap, Hip Hop. I also like old school like  Nat King Cole! I saw Beyonce’ in concert, I was so into her, I couldn’t close my mouth. One of my favorite movies is Dreamgirls, I also love the soundtrack. I was once in a lead role and I acted along side Naomie Harris in Ninja Assassin, people speculated we dated, we had a lot of romantic chemistry. I also like Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama, inspirational Black women, I want to meet them.


*takes journal to school so she can take loads of pictures with the pretty plants there*
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Boarding School AU

Dirk Strider is the private school prince of Dersian Prep. Jane Crocker is the queen bee of Prospitian High. The two schools are relentless rivals. Academics, sports, pranks—nothing is safe from their historically noted competition.

Jake English is assisting with the petty theft of the Dersian school mascot, a small pony by the name of Maplehoof, when he runs smack dab into the Prince of Prep himself. While Jake reels and scrambles to get away, Dirk casually asks him to return his pony and—if not—to expect Dersian repercussions and at the very least feed her some sugar cubes to bring down her stress until he can get together a preppy teenaged militia to retrieve her.

Jake nods frantically and takes off. Trips on a sidewalk crack. Falls flat on his face. Skids his knees and forearms and lets out a groan and then Dirk is there. Next to him. Picking him up by the shoulder and asking if he’s okay. Telling him to relax and that Dirk is still in his pajamas and not in the mood to take on a whole group of Prospitian pissbabies.

He invites Jake into his dorm for tea. Which is such a smarmy prep thing to do. But Jake accepts and washes his cuts off in Dirk’s sink and is gifted a few My Little Pony bandaids. Dirk jokes about Jake’s Prospitian friends abandoning him and Jake says that they know he can handle himself while on important pranking field missions. But after an hour or so of joking around Jake excuses himself and says that Jane probably is getting worried and Dirk nods, understanding.

Asks him if he maybe wants to visit again.

When Jake wakes up the next morning in his dormroom the Prospitian quad is absolutely covered in purple spraypaint. On one particular wall there is a telephone number sprayed right alongside a rather garish heart decal and a crude drawing of a pony, and deep down Jake knows it’s for him.